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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 76 - 79 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
Gillis, Thomas HeadMM26
Gillis, AlfredaWifeFM25
Gillis, VeraDauFS3
Gillis, HughieSonMS1

McEachren, ArchibaldHeadMM47
McEachren, ElizabethWifeFM4?
McEachren, AlexanderSonMS2?
McEachren, John J.SonMS1?
McEachren, Annie MaryDauFS1?
McEachren, Richard J.SonMS?
McEachren, CatherineDauFS?
McEachren, NicholasSonMS?
McEachren, WalterSonMS?

Gillis, Alexander J.HeadMM?
Gillis, JaneWifeFM?
Gillis, AngusSonMS?
Gillis, JohnSonMS?
Gillis, JosephSonMS23
Gillis, MichaelSonMS21
Gillis, AgnesDauFS19
Gillis, ChristinaDauFS17

McPherson, RoderickHeadMM56
McPherson, JaneWifeFM48
McPherson, AlexanderSonMS25
McPherson, DuncanSonMS16
McPherson, MargaretDauFS11
McPherson, ChristinaDauFS8
McPherson, HughieSonMS6

Flynn, WilliamHeadMM59
Flynn, CatherineWifeFM50
Flynn, JohnSonMS33
Flynn, MargaretDauFS26
Flynn, MaryDauFS15
Flynn, BernardSonMS2?
Flynn, MichaelSonMS19
Flynn, DanielSonMS14

Quilty, MichaelHeadMM4?
Quilty, MargaretWifeFM4?
Quilty, ArthurSonMS2?
Quilty, AlexanderSonMS1?
Quilty, WilliamSonMS1?
Quilty, AnnieDauFS1?
Quilty, JosephSonMS1?
Quilty, VeronicaDauFS1?
Quilty, ThomasSonMS?
Quilty, MaryDauFS?
Quilty, CyrilSonMS?
Quilty, NicholasFatherMW?

Quilty, John J.HeadMM?
Quilty, Mary JaneWifeFM?
Quilty, John L.SonMS22
Quilty, BenedictSonMS18
Quilty, M. BeatriceDauFS14

Gillis, J. AlexanderHeadMW74
Gillis, HughSonMS29
Gillis, CatherineDauFS25
Gillis, DominicSonMS23
Gillis, J. AlexanderSonMS22

Gillis, FrancisHeadMS30
Gillis, ArnoldBrotherMS24
Gillis, AlexanderFatherMM84
Gillis, ElizabethMotherFS72

Gillis, RoderickHeadMM48
Gillis, MaryWifeFM39
Gillis, MaryDauFS12
Gillis, CatherineDauFS10
Gillis, RobertSonMS5
Gillis, FrederickSonMS3
Gillis, EileenDauFS7m
Gillis, ArchieFatherMM77
Gillis, ChristinaMotherFM83

McArthur, LockieHeadMS39

MacInnis, JamesHeadMM6?
MacInnis, MariahWifeFM5?
MacInnis, AlexanderSonMS3?
MacInnis, Ed JosephSonMS2?
MacInnis, JuliaDauFS?

MacPherson, CharlesHeadMM?
MacPherson, ElizabethWifeFM?
MacPherson, MichaelSonMS?
MacPherson, John R.SonMS?
MacPherson, Roderick J.SonMS?
MacPherson, GeneveiveDauFS8
MacPherson, Mary J.DauFS6
MacPherson, FintanSonMS4

Quilty, PatrickHeadMM26
Quilty, IdaWifeFM25
Quilty, LeoSonMS7m
Jennings, Sarah JaneMILFW63
Jennings, EdwardBILMS30

Gillis, MichaelHeadMS57
McInnis, AngusFILMW82
Chisholm, MarySisterFW54
Gillis, LizzieSisterFS49
Pumphrey, StatiaSisterFW46
Pumphrey, Michael V.NephewMS21
Pumphrey, EllaNieceFS19
Pumphrey, RetaNieceFS16

McInnis, JosephHeadMM35
McInnis, PatriciaWifeFM23

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