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1935 Census


Microfilm M-8050 Page 58 - 63 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
McEachren, CecilHeadMM3?
McEachren, LillianWifeFM3?
McEachren, TimothySonMS1?
McEachren, ReginaldSonMS?
McEachren, GeneveiveDauFS?
Hulan, LouisaMILFW7?

Shears, BelmanHeadMM?
Shears, CarolineWifeFM?
Shears, WilliamSonMS?

Hulan, C. HenryHeadMM?
Hulan, MaudeWifeFM?
Hulan, AugustineSonMS?
Hulan, ElizabethDauFS?
Hulan, Hazel MaryDauFS2?
Hulan, W. WalterSonMS17
Hulan, Godden WindsorSonMS12
Hulan, AnnieDauFS15
Hulan, EleanorDauFS10

Hulan, LeonardHeadMM53
Hulan, Mary A.WifeFM31
Hulan, WilliamSonMS10
Hulan, GeorgeSonMS8
Hulan, ClementSonMS6
Hulan, ChristinaDauFS3
Hulan, NelsonSonMS6m

Morris, O. ClydeHeadMM26
Morris, AnnabelleWifeFM2?
Morris, DelvinSonMS10
Morris, FrederickSonMS8
Morris, KevinSonMS6
Morris, DianeDauFS4
Morris, AlbertaDauFS2

Chaffey, W. JosephHeadMM6?
Chaffey, Fannie JaneWifeFM6?
Chaffey, Annie E.DauFS3?
Knott, AllanAdsonMS1?

Hulan, OttoHeadMM5?
Hulan, O. MaryWifeFM4?
Hulan, OswaldSonMS2?
Hulan, GodfreySonMS1?
Hulan, EdgarSonMS?
Hulan, RonaldSonMS?
Hulan, DeliahDauFS?
Hulan, DrucillaDauFS?

Shears, DudleyHeadMM?
Shears, WillelminaWifeFM31
Shears, D. MaxSonMS2
Shears, William R.SonMS1

Hulan, Albert ArthurHeadMM36
Hulan, AnnieWifeFM31
Hulan, EllaDauFS7
Hulan, LeonardFatherMW80
Chaffey, MaryDomesticFS16

Shears, George NHeadMM63
Shears, Sarah J.WifeFM57
Shears, MarthaDauFS17
Shears, EffieDauFS15
Shears, R. BissetHeadMM24
Shears, MarthaDauFM24

Harvey, William JobeHeadMM3?
Harvey, Annie EthelWifeFM3?
Harvey, GarfieldSonMS16
Harvey, LeslieSonMS4

Parsons, W. JaneHeadMW48
Parsons, ChurchillSonMS17
Parsons, EllisSonMS16

Chaffey, OctaviesHeadMW8?

Harvey, Isaac ThomasHeadMM3?
Harvey, Pricilla AnnWifeFM3?
Harvey, Winnie J.DauFS1?
Harvey, L. JoanDauFS6m

Chaffey, George F.HeadMM5?
Chaffey, Mary AnnWifeFM5?
Chaffey, CarrolSonMS2?
Chaffey, RobertSonMS2?
Chaffey, FrederickSonMS?
Chaffey, PatriciaDauFS?
Chaffey, EdwardSonMS18
Chaffey, LloydSonMS15

Chaffey, S. JamesHeadMM43
Chaffey, CatherineWifeFM41
Chaffey, HyacinthDauFS20
Chaffey, HowardSonMS18
Chaffey, Martha JaneDauFS16
Chaffey, SybilDauFS12
Chaffey, MorganSonMS10
Chaffey, StellaDauFS7
Chaffey, IsaacFatherMM77
Chaffey, MarcellaMotherFS72

Fortune, ThomasHeadMM7?
Fortune, Mary ElizabethWifeFM6?
Fortune, ObediahSonMS2?
Horne, ShirleyNeiceFS11

Morris, WilliamHeadMW5?
Morris, James E.SonMS23
Morris, HerbertSonMS21
Morris, PercySonMS2?
Morris, Arthur D.SonMS17
Morris, ChesterSonMS14
Morris, EricSonMS1?
Morris, EmmanuelSonMS?

Fortune, HerbertHeadMM3?
Fortune, WilhelminaWifeFM2?

Fortune, William B.HeadMM30
Fortune, MabelWifeFM3?
Fortune, FreemanSonMS?

Fortune, JamesHeadMM?
Fortune, Mary AnnWifeFM?

Chaffey, WarrenHeadMM?
Chaffey, LelaWifeFM?

McEachren, John D.HeadMM34
McEachren, EvelynWifeFM31
McEachren, CharlesSonMS10
McEachren, FrancisDauFS9
McEachren, James SonMS7
McEachren, Mary EdithDauFS5
McEachren, CameronSonMS2
McEachren, BanfieldSonMS5m

Gilliam, CharlesHeadMM72
Gilliam, mary JaneWifeFM61
Alley, LlewellynGrsonMS16
Gilliam, Richard ThomasSonMM33
Gilliam, HenreittaWifeFM34
Gilliam, MathildeDauFS23

Gilliam, WilliamHeadMM48
Gilliam, Emma AgnesWifeFM54

Fortune, IsaacHeadMM5?
Fortune, Mary MathildeWifeFM54
Fortune, VeronicaDauFS3?
Fortune, AndrewSonMS2?
Fortune, NormanSonMS2?

McEachren, HughHeadMM4?
McEachren, CarolineWifeFM3?

Harvey, Pricilla PheobeHeadFW7?
Harvey, BertramSonMS3?
Harvey, Richard R.GrsonMS2?

Madore, W. RoyalHeadMM2?
Madore, Ethie GladysWifeFM2?
Madore, LeonSonMS6
Madore, AustinSonMS3
Madore, EthelDauFS16(?)
Madore, Ernest R.SonMS4?

Madore, StephenHeadMM82(?)
Madore, CasemaraWifeFM28
Madore, RachealDauFS11
Madore, HermanSonMS9
Madore, PhyllisDauFS8
Madore, LeopoldSonMS6
Madore, ClarenceSonMS5
Madore, C. GloriaDauFS3
Madore, WilhelminaDauFS18m

Chaffey, BenjaminHeadMM52
Chaffey, Martha AnnWifeFM42
Chaffey, EldinSonMS19
Chaffey, HildaDauFS18
Chaffey, WilliamSonMS14
Chaffey, WesleySonMS12
Chaffey, LydiaDauFS8
Chaffey, MarieDauFS4
Chaffey, RussellSonMS4
Chaffey, DouglasSonMS1

Shears, SarahHeadFW37
Shears, EthelDauFS11
Shears, MaryDauFS9
Shears, AnnieDauFS7
Shears, SydneySonMS5

McEachren, ArchibaldHeadMM5?
McEachren, CatherineWifeFM4?
McEachren, Charles L.SonMS1?
McEachren, EmelineDauFS2?
McEachren, RaymondSonMS1?

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