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1935 Census

Town of Journois

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 117-120
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
Perrior, DeliaHeadS22

King, GeorgeHeadM32
King, MaryWifeM24
King, JosephineDaughterS5
King, EileenDaughterS4
Barry, _uniceWard(?)S16

Young, DominickHeadM28
Young, JuliaWifeM34
Young, AustinSonS11
Young, VeneciaDaughterS2

King, FrederickHeadM75
King, WilliamSonS26
McLeod, JohnAdopt SonS18
Cooper, SamuelLodger50

Young, WilliamHeadM60
Benoit, AdaHousekeeperS24
Benoit, MargaretDaughterS4
Benoit, PaulineDaughterS1

King, AdolphHeadM68
King, FrederickSonS24

White, ThomasHeadM75

Young, HenryHeadM27
Young, ElizabethWifeM31
Young, HubertSonS9
Young, TeresaDaughterS4

King, Fre___HeadM24
King, LloydSonS2

Young, JohnHead?58
Young, EdwardSonS9

Young, ArthurHeadS24
Young, MaryDaughterS1

Miller, KasseyHeadM32
Miller, RitaDaughterS4
Young, PaulLodgerM28

Young, HenryHeadM75
Young, EllenWifeM77
Young, FrancisSonS17

Young, JosephHeadM34
Young, MargaretWifeM24
Young, AugustusSonS13
Young, MaryDaughterS8
Young, VenitiaDaughterS1

Benoit, MichaelHeadM25
Benoit, MaryWifeM21
King, ElizabethMotherM75

Green, JohnHeadS68

Warren, GeorgeHeadM78

Young, RubinHeadM28
Young, KarolineWifeM24
Young, AlbertFatherM51
Young, TobiasBrotherS17
Young, SusanSisterS14
Young, GordonBrotherS11
Young, MaisySisterS9

Cook, VictorHeadM56
Cook, ElizabethWifeM49
Young, Philomena___ DaughterM30
Young, YvonneGr. DaughterS7
Young, DoraGr. DaughterS5
Young, PercyGr. SonS4
Young, RaymondGr. SonS4
Cook, WilliamSonS17

Young, SeabrightHeadM48
Young, ElizaWifeM42
Young, LawrenceSon?22
Young, ElizabethIn Law Daughter?22

Young, WilliamHeadM44
Young, PaulineWifeM39
Young, Guidie (sic)SonS22
Young, RusselSonS10
Young, GeorgeSonS10
Young, SusanMother?79

Young, FrancisHead?36
Young, AustinSonS13
Young, SheliaDaughterS11
Young, MatildaDaughterS9
Young, RodgerSonS8
Young, NormanNone?47

Burchell, AlbertHeadM48
Burchell, JosephineWifeM49
Burchell, MaryDaughter?21
Burchell, SadieDaughterS7
Burchell, MercedesDaughterS6
Burchell, EdwardSonS1

King, FrancisHeadM36
King, GenevieveWifeM34
King, EvaDaughterS8
King, SusanDaughterS7
King, VioletDaughterS3
King, AngelaDaughterS1

King, PaulHeadM69
King, HannaWifeM68
King, ThomasSon?28

King, EdwardHeadM36
King, VioletWifeM23
King, TeresaDaughterS8
King, JosephSonS4
King, ClaytonSonS2
King, MildredDaughterS1
Young, PatrickServantM65

Walters, JohnHeadM36
Walters, MargaretWifeM30
Walters, GordonSonS6

Young, NicolasHeadS79
Young, LouisBrotherS65

King, WalterHeadM3_
King, MargaretWifeM25
King, BeatriceDaughterS9
King, CeciliaDaughterS7
King, StellaDaughterS5
King, LorettaDaughterS1

King, AlbertHeadW55
King, FlorenceDaughterS14
King, PaulineDaughterS12
King, EllenDaughterS10
King, MaryDaughterS8
King, JuliaDaughterS6

??, ??HeadM?
Torret, MargaretWifeM3_

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