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1935 Census

Town of Kippens

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 162-163
M-married; S-single; W-widow. It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
Bourgeois, RaymondHeadM30
Bourgeois, HenrietteWifeM25
Bourgeois, EuniceDaughterS6
Bourgeois, MarkSonS5
Bourgeois, LesterSonS3
Bourgeois, LeonardSonS1
Bourgeois, MarcellaFatherM76

Bourgeois, JohnHeadM41
Bourgeois, ElizabethWifeM36
Bourgeois, FentonSonS7 mo.

Bourgeois, FredrickHeadW42
Bourgeois, AdolphSonS19
Bourgeois, JosephSonS16
Bourgeois, MaryDaughterS13
Bourgeois, MathiesSonS12
Bourgeois, StanislausSonS10

Alexander, CharlesHeadM48
Alexander, AdelineWifeM46
Alexander, GladysDaughterS15
Alexander, WilliamSonS8

Laney, John B.HeadS31

Laney, EdwardHeadM73
Laney, HellenWifeM71
Laney, MaryDaughterM41

Alexander, TelesphoreHeadM30
Alexander, EdithWifeM25
Alexander, Cleathus (Sic)SonS2
Alexander, MyronSonS2 mo.

Alexander, SamuelHeadM22
Alexander, Ursula (Bertha?)WifeM21

Schump (Sic), JohnHeadM40
Schump, Clara A.WifeM32
Schump, ThelmaDaughterS9
Schump, LoydSonS8
Schump, ClarenceSonS2 mo.

Gabriel, William J.HeadM26
Gabriel, MargaretWifeM21
Gabriel, MelvinSonS1
Gabriel, FintonSonS2 mo.

Gaudon, AmedeeHeadM54
Gaudon, MaryWifeM44
Gaudon, GordonSonM23
Gaudon, MagdellenDaughterS21
Gaudon, EdwardSonS15
Gaudon, CladiusSonS12
Gaudon, JohnSonS11
Gaudon, BernardSonS9
Gaudon, LeolaDaughterS8
McLeod, ElizabethMother in LawW71

White, Joseph W.HeadM53
White, Mary JaneWifeM45
White, DeseraSonS19
White, DugalSonS18
White, CatherineDaughterS17
White, AnastatiaDaughterS14
White, StellaDaughterS11

Gaudette, AloysiusHeadM29
Gaudette, AnnieWifeM20

White, MillageHeadM28
White, EvaWifeM21
White, LorettaDaughterS3
White, AlmaDaughterS2
White, JosephSonS1
White, InaDaughterS3 mo.

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