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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Lochleven

Microfilm M-8050 Page 74 - 76
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation. Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Gillis, Thomas P.HeadMM6?
Gillis, Mary ElizabethWifeFM4?
Gillis, DonaldSonMS?
Gillis, John W.SonMS?
Gillis, MartinSonMS16
Gillis, MichaelSonMS15
Gillis, AnnieDauFS13
Gillis, M. IsabelleDauFS11
Gillis, Thomas M.SonMS9
Gillis, William F.SonMS7
Gillis, Mary F.DauFS5

Gale, AliceHeadFW55
Gale, JohnSonMS28
Gale, GeraldSonMS2?
Gale, WinnieDauFS2?
Gale, FintanSonMS22

Downey, AlexanderHeadMM3?
Downey, MargaretWifeFM2?
Downey, RitaDauFS8
Downey, RichardSonMS7
Downey, FrankSonMS5
Downey, MaudeDauFS4
Downey, BrideDauFS2
Downey, MichaelBroMS4?
Downey, MaryMotherFW8?

Halbot, IsadoreHeadMM3?
Halbot, WinnieWifeFM2?
Halbot, Marie AntoinetteDauFS13m
Halbot, ModesteSisterFS3?

White, J. B. ClarenceHeadMM3?
White, Jose VirginiaWifeFS3?
White, ElizabethDauFS?
White, HaroldSonMS?
White, AlfredSonMS?
White, M. AmeldaDauFS?

Hall, CorneliusHeadMM ?
Hall, MaudeWifeFM?
Hall, Edward JosSonMS?

Hall, John LawrenceHeadMS40

Gale, JamesHeadMM62
Gale, MargaretWifeFM73
Gale, GeorgeAdoptMS23

Hall, DaveHeadMS36
Downey, EsterCousinFS33

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Bay St. George District