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1935 Census

Middle Barachoix

Microfilm M-8050 Page 55 - 58 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
Shears, A. NormanHeadMW35
Shears, CicilyDauFS12
Shears, MurillDauFS9

Hulan, LeviHeadMM58
Hulan, Mary JaneWifeFM52
Hulan, OsborneSIL(?)MS1
Hulan, WillardHeadMM23
Hulan, EdithWifeFM19
Hulan, Arthur M.SonMS2m

Hulan, James BHeadMW65
Hulan, Caroline RoseDauFS19
Hulan, R MinifeeHeadMM26
Hulan, Seleta ValindaWifeFM24

Hulan, RichardHeadMM2?
Hulan, MarjorieWifeFM2?
Hulan, Jane AliceDauFS2
Hulan, Olga JeanDauFS?

Farnell, AugustusHeadMM5?
Farnell, Mary H.WifeFM4?
Hulan, RosannaMILFW71

Hulan, Jeremiah JHeadMM4?
Hulan, Ellen JaneWifeFM3?
Hulan, B. EllisSonMS?
Hulan, Annie VivianDauFS?
Hulan, James DavidSonMS
Hulan, Alvena MaryDauFS
Hulan, RodneySonMS?
Hulan, RubyDauFS?
Hulan, PearlDauFS?
Hulan, Jeremiah MSonMS?
Hulan, GeorgeSonMS?
Hulan, Catherine AnnDauFS?

Hulan, MackHeadMM21
Hulan, WilfredaWifeFM17
Hulan, Olive MarinaDauFS7m

Gilliam, Samuel C.HeadMM56
Gilliam, EvaWifeFM41
Gilliam, Pierce ConroySonMS15
Gilliam, WilliamSonMS12
Gilliam, EdwardSonMS9
Gilliam, A. RoseDauFS6
Gilliam, EvelynDauFS4
Gilliam, Samuel H.SonMS1

McKay, IsaacHeadMM42
McKay, M. LucyWifeFM3?
McKay, EdnaDauFS1?
McKay, WilliamSonFS1?
McKay, EdithDauMS7
McKay, OnieDauFS4
McKay, WilfredSonMS7
McKay, JamesSonMS
Warren, MinoraDomesticFS16

McKay, ArchieHeadMM7?
McKay, Jane AnnWifeFM6?
McKay, RonaldGsonMS?
Hulan, FordServantMS2?

McKay, PeterHeadMM?
McKay, AmandaWifeFM?
McKay, M. GraceDauFS?
McKay, Lawrence RossSonMS?
McKay, RalphSonMS?

Shears, John RobertHeadMM?
Shears, Gladys V.WifeFM?
Woodworth, AllanSonMS?

Shears, RobertHeadMM?

Gilliam, GeorgeHeadMM69
Gilliam, Mary R.WifeFM57
Gilliam, EarlSonMW30
Gilliam, W. SilasSonMS21
Gilliam, NelsonHeadMM28
Gilliam, TrixieWifeFM23
Gilliam, Gladys A.DauFS3
Gilliam, MaryDauFS7m

Gilliam, HubertHeadMM34
Gilliam, AlmaWifeFM28
Gilliam, A. RoySonMS8
Gilliam, Eric M.SonMS6
Gilliam, F. ChesleySonMS4
Gilliam, MelvinSonMS1
Gilliam, Ina JeanDauFS4m

Hulan, Cyril H.HeadMM30
Hulan, ClaraWifeFM27
Hulan, Vera AliceDauFS?

Gilliam, W. JamesHeadMM78
Gilliam, Mary M.WifeFM6?
Gilliam, MarthaDauFS1?
Gilliam, G. CharlesHeadMM3?
Gilliam, JaneWifeFM?
Gilliam, MandellaDauFS?
Gilliam, J. WilliamSonMS?
Gilliam, IsaacSonMS?
Gilliam, Thomas JHeadMS?
Gilliam, DorothyWifeFM?
Gilliam, MaxwellSonMS?

Hulan, William C.HeadMM?
Hulan, Elsie MayWifeFM?
Hulan, William JamesSonMS?
Hulan, DorisDauFS?
Hulan, RaymondSonMS7
Hulan, Ronald GordonSonMS5
Hulan, VernaDauFS2
Hulan, ElwinSonMS6m

Gillliam, JosephHeadMM35
Gilliam, VioletWifeFM24

Hulan, RobertHeadMM59
Hulan, SusannahWifeFM50
Hulan, HowardSonMS18
Hulan, BruceSonMS16
Hulan, MarthaDauFS15
Hulan, GwendalynDauFS13
Hulan, Margaret A.DauFS6

Legge, Jeffery B.HeadMM5?
Legge, AngelineWifeFM5?
Legge, NarvylSonMS2?
Legge, Samuel GrantSonMS2?
Legge, Mary MargaretDauFS2?

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