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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of Muddy Hole

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 107-110
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Benoit, FrederickHeadM62
Benoit, StanleyGr. SonS13
Benoit, MarjorieGr. DaughterS11
Benoit, HarrietWifeM64
Tourout, PaulineServantM39
Benoit, DavidHeadM37
Benoit, MaryWifeM28
Benoit, RemonaDaughterS3
Benoit, MaxwellSonS2
Benoit, AlexanderHeadM36
Benoit, GertrudeWifeM34
Benoit, RoySonS11
Benoit, RaymondSonS8
Benoit, RonaldSonS6
Benoit, RobertSonS5
Benoit, RichardSonS3
Benoit, WilliamHeadM47
Benoit, JuliaWifeM39
Benoit, MerrilSonS20
Benoit, JamesSonS19
Benoit, BernardSonS17
Benoit, LawrenceSonS17
Benoit, VivianDaughterS2
Benoit, EmerySonS1
Benoit, NeilHeadM27
Benoit, EvelynWifeM30
Benoit, GertrudeDaughterS7
Benoit, DoreenDaughterS5
Benoit, IsabelDaughterS2
Benoit, MargaretHeadS31
Benoit, RolandSonS7
Benoit, DorrisDaughterS1
Clark, StanleyHeadM28
Clark, KatherineWifeM36
Benoit, PiusStep SonS20
Benoit, PeterHeadM"_"
Benoit, MargaretWifeM"_"
Benoit, NeilSonS26
Benoit, RoyGrand SonS11
Benoit, ArthurServantS34
Benoit, DavidHeadM55
Benoit, MaryWifeM54
Benoit, VinitiaDaughterS20
Benoit, MyrtleDaughterS18
Praisuyon, EdwardGrand SonS14
Praisuyon, MarieGrand DaughterS10
Benoit, JohnHeadM76
Benoit, EulalieWifeM67
Benoit, StevenSonS25
Benoit, PaulHeadW72
Benoit, WalterSonS22
Benoit, Zeleau WalterGrand SonS21
Benoit, CarrolGrand SonS7
White, EmmaServantW56
Benoit, ArthurHeadM34
Benoit, MargaretWifeM33
Benoit, EdithDaughterS10
Benoit, GertrudeDaughterS9
Benoit, HaroldSonS5
Benoit, DonaldSonS2
Webb, FrederickHeadM70
Webb, AnnaWifeM71
Webb, DouglasGrand SonS11
Webb, EdwardGrand SonS11
Benoit, MartinHeadM"_"
Benoit, MaryWifeM24
Benoit, GordonSonS5
Praisuyon, JamesHeadM24
Praisuyon, SusanWifeM36
Praisuyon, JohnStep SonS16
Benoit, PhilomenaStep DaughterS11
Benoit, LawrenceSonS8
Praisuyon, BernardSonS1
Praisuyon, JohnHeadM64
Praisuyon, MaryWifeM"_"
Praisuyin, BridgetDaughterS"_"
Young, GladysGrand DaughterS17
Praisuyon, JeanDaughterS14
Praisuyon, WallaceGrand SonS12
Praisuyon, MelindaGrand DaughterS5
Praisuyon, RitaGrand DaughterS2
Praisuyon, VenitiaGrand DaughterS1
Praisuyon, BertramSonS32
Legge, CharlesHeadW65
Legge, EdwardHeadM28
Legge, ElizabethWifeM25
Legge, GladysDaughterS5
Legge, AngelaDaughterS4
Legge, JunetaDaughterS2
Legge, HilliardSonS1

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Bay St. George District