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West Coast Region ~ Bay St. George District

1935 Census

Town of Sandy Point

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 148-159
M-married; S-single; W-widow. It was read, recorded and transcribed by NORINE MACK, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Status Age
Swyer, Josephheadm54
Swyer, Catherinewifem48
Swyer, Marydaus27
Swyer, Edmundsons22
Swyer, Douglassons20
Swyer, Martinsons18
Swyer, Annedaus16
Chinn, Georgeheadm66
Chinn, Matilda Jwifem56
Chinn, Charlessons25
Chinn, Haywoodsons19
Chinn, Ulaicheadm51
Chinn, Jenniewifem51
Chinn, Hermansons27
Chinn, Wallacesons17
Chinn, Garfieldsons15
Chinn, Isabeldaus13
Chinn, Kevinsons12
Chinn, Angiedaus9
Hynes, Frankheads31
Hynes, Beatricemotherw66
Hynes, Amysisters24
Fillatre, Gilbertheadm48
Fillatre, Georginawifem40
Fillatre, Francis N.headm53
Fillatre, Susanwifem32
Fillatre, William F.sons5
Fillatre, Leona G.daus_
Ralph, Abelheadm37
Ralph, Ph_c_wife30
Swyer, Bennettheadm57
Swyer, Catherinewife38
Swyer, Charlessons19
Swyer, Elizabethdaus17
Swyer, Herbertsons15
Swyer, Albertsons13
Swyer, Haroldsons7
Swyer, Danielsons5
Swyer, Haywoodsons27
Pennell, J. Hubertheadm42
Pennell, A. Susanmotherw71
Pennell, Charlesbrothers51
Messervey, Edwin Aheadm34
Messervey, Carolina Jwifem36
Messervey, Edward Isons8
Swyer, Samuelheadm63
Swyer, Janewifem45
Swyer, Gwendaus18
Swyer, Jamessons15
Parsons, Edmundheadm74
Parsons, Edmundheadm36
Parsons, Franceswifem30
Parsons, Elizabethdaus2
Goodland, Georgeheadw79
Seward, Charlesheadm34
Seward, Elizabethwifem35
Curran, Adeliaheadw42
Curran, Edwardsons18
Curran, Augustinesons16
Messervey, Beatriceheadw63
Messervey, John Gsons30
Messervey, Carriedaus27
Messervey, Lorainnegrdaus1
Parsons, Lewisheadw70
Parsons, Fredericksonm38
Parsons, Olivedau/lawm25
Parsons, Geraldinegrdaus3
Parsons, Gertrudegrdaus2
Parsons, Sylviagr/daus3 mos.
Swyer, Adaheadw55
Swyer, Hazeldaus25
Swyer, Verradaus17
Messervey, Bertramheadm48
Messervey, Winnifredwifem41
Messervey, Cliftonsons18
Messervey, Ettadaus16
Messervey, Olivedaus13
Messervey, Inadaus10
Messervey, Arthursons7
Messervey, Shirleydaus4
Pieroway, Waltera/sons35
Parson, Henriettaheadm78
Abbott, Austengrsons18
Boyden, Loyalheadm50
Boyden, Marywifem45
Boyden, Roysons22
Boyden, Angussons18
Boyden, Essiedaus9
Boyden, Hildadaus8
Parsons, Josephine Mheadw57
Parsons, Ed. LeRouxsons26
Parsons, Kathleen Mdaus25
Parsons, Idadaus22
Parsons, Jean Adaus17
Chinn, Herbertheadm28
Chinn, Leviniawifem21
Chinn, Stanleysons2
Chinn, Lavernsons1
Banfield, William Jheadw72
Banfield, Israelsons23
Banfield, Fillatresons20
Banfield, Nora F.daus18
Parsons, Jamesheadm68
Parsons, Marywifem70
Vincent, Charlesheadm56
Vincent, Jessie Awifem52
Parsons, Adelaidemotherw80
Renouf, John Hfath/lawm79
Renouf, Elizabeth Mmoth/lawm76
Messervey, Millage Cheadm66
Messervey, Fanny Gwifem58
Messervey, Charlessons36
Messervey, Fredericksons36
Messervey, Trixie Edaus20
Messervey, Ritadaus18
Messervey, Gordonsons15
Hirst, Fanny Emoth/laww_
Messervey, Veragrdaus_
Berry, Reginaldheadm48
Berry, Ameliawifem44
Berry, G. Lesliesons25
Berry, Percysons23
Berry, Raymondsons20
Berry, Edwinsons18
Berry, Lilliandaus17
Berry, Florencedaus15
Berry, Amydaus14
Berry, Dulciedaus10
Berry, Maxwellsons8
Pieroway, Josephheadm75
Pieroway, Marywifem70
Pieroway, Charlessons29
Messervey, Sarahheadw75
Messervey, Albertsonm32
Messervey, Stelladau/lawm19
Messervey, Morganheadm32
Messervey, Jeanwifem30
Messervey, Margaretdaus2 weeks
McFatridge, Danielheadw55
McFatridge, Danny Boysons8
Parsons, Charlesheadm65
Parsons, Clarawifem61
Parsons, Warrensons24
McFatridge, Chesleys/lawm22
McFatridge, Annedaum21
McFatridge, Robertgrsons1
Messervey, Rex Lheadm25
Messervey, Agathawifem22
Messervey, Ottosons2
Messervey, Kaysons7 mos.
Cashin, Arthurheadw69
Cashin, Margueritedaus12
Fillatre, Bromwellst/sonm22
Fillatre, Enadau/lawm20
Fillatre, Chesleyst/sons20
Gallant, Alexanderheadw71
Lissaga, John E.son/lawm48
Lissaga, Adadaum38
Lissaga, Teresagrdaus16
Lissaga, Edithgrdaus13
Lissaga, Annegrdaus12
Lissaga, Wilfredagrdaus9
Lissaga, Josephinegrdaus8
Lissaga, Reginagrdaus3
Olsen, Williamheadm79
Olsen, Rosannawifem85
Olsen, Ralphsons32
Young, Francisheadm53
Young, Elizabethwifem42
Young, Annie M. daus15
Young, Alexandersons12
Young, Edwardsons9
Young, Charlessons5
Young, Joseph Psons6 mos.
Perrior, Frederickheadm70
Perrior, Louisawifem69
Perrior, Eunicedaus25
Perrior, Dorothygrdaus19
Colsen, Edwardheadm37
Colsen, Sarahwifem_
Colsen, Olie E.sons_
Colsen, Rosadaus7
Colsen, Johnsons4
Colsen, Marydaus1
Colsen, Peterheadm38
Colsen, Beatricewifem38
Colsen, Edwardsons18
Colsen, Petersons16
Colsen, Lesliesons14
Colsen, Gordonsons11
Colsen, Effiedaus9
Colsen, Houlardsons5
Colsen, Phylisdaus1
Young, Johnheadm49
Young, Clementinewifem37
Young, Albertsons14
Young, Josephsons13
Young, Evadaus8
Young, Fredericksons5
Young, Noreendaus4
Young, Geraldinedaus1
Sheppard, Mederickheadm64
Sheppard, Annewifem59
Sheppard, Medericksons21
Sheppard, Austensons20
Sheppard, Albertsons18
Joyce, Abrahamheadm40
Joyce, Susanahwifem24
Joyce, Gordonsons10
Joyce, Albertsons7
Joyce, Doradaus_
Garnier, Frankheadm85
Garnier, Florawifem75
Swyer, Johnheadm44
Swyer, Adawifem43
Swyer, Albertsons17
Swyer, Alphonsussons13
Swyer, Kathleendaus12
Swyer, Austensons6
Barry, Davidheadm37
Barry, Agneswifem37
Barry, Williamsons12
Barry, Florencedaus8
Barry, Carrolsons3
Young, Michaelheadm56
Young, Ethelwifem37
Young, Josephsons13
Young, Celestinedaus15
Young, Carrolsons6
Young, Adelaidemotherw75
Young, Maryheadw64
Young, Johnsons31
Young, Georgesons17
Young, Mauddaus21
Young, Thomasheadm64
Young, Annewifem62
Young, Williamsonm29
Young, Mildreddau/lawm28
Young, Edwardgrsons11
Young, Jamesgrsons5
Young, Alfredgrsons4
Young, Cliffordgrsons1
Young, John
Renouf, Alfredheadm61
Renouf, Susan Iwifem54
Renouf, Teresadaus32
Renouf, Williamsons18
Renouf, Juanitadaus15
Colsen, Williamheadm46
Colsen, Maudwifem45
Colsen, Josephsons21
Colsen, Edwardsons20
Colsen, Annedaus13
Colsen, Ritadaus11
Colsen, Amossons9
Colsen, Genevievedaus8
Colsen, Kathleendaus6
Colsen, Cecilsons5
Colsen, Blanchedaus10 mos.
Lassaga, Wilfredheadm34
Lassaga, Violetwifem33
Lassaga, Martinsons13
Lassaga, Stanleysons9
Lassaga, Stephensons10
Lassaga, Vincentsons7
Lassaga, Edwardsons6
Lassaga, Wilheminadaus4
Lassaga, Marydaus2
Lassaga, Timothyheadm28
Lassaga, Judithwifem27
Lassaga, Hubert Isons7
Lassaga, Lucydaus_
Lassaga, Joandaus_
Lassaga, Alphonsussons+
Halbot, Henryheadm5_
Halbot, Lucywifem5_
Halbot, Ernestsons20
Halbot, Johnsons12
Power, Lauragrdaus9
Barry, Bernardgrsons1
Lassaga, Alfredheadm55
Lassaga, Marywifem55
Lassaga, Clement Csons25
Lassaga, Adolphsons22
Lassaga, Arthursons19
Lassaga, Davidsons17
Lassaga, Michaelsons13
Power, Roseboarderw84
Lassaga, Josephheads31
McIsaac, Catherinehousekeeperm32
McIsaac, Mauricest/sons9
McIsaac, Ulvast/daus8
Lassaga, Agathadaus5
Lassaga, Patriciadaus3
Lassaga, Godwinsons2
Lassaga, Thomassons1 mo.
Keating, Rosannaheadw64
Garnier, Annedaum36
Forward, Myra S. headm4_
Forward, Franksons18
Forward, Augustussons17
Forward, Maxwellsons_
Messervey, Walterheadm4_
Messervey, Elizabethwifem3_
Messervey, Joandaus8
Messervey, Rosssons_
Messervey, Murraysons_
Messervey, Edwardsons1
Thomas, Paulheadw76
Tilley, S Goddenheadm35
Tilley, Josephinewifem27
Tilley, Godden Rsons9
Tilley. Roy Csons8
Tilley, Nellie Sdaus6
Tilley, Maxinedaus4
Tilley, Lloydsons2
Pieroway, Alfred Mheadm70
Pieroway, Josephinewifem70
Pieroway, Gracedaus35
Butler, Rev. E. Alfredheadm61
Butler, Carolinewifem58
Butler, Templesons37
Butler, Williamsons25
Butler, Johnsons18
Butler, Claredaus16
Butler, Christabeldaus12
Tilley, Abrahamheadm6_
Tilley, Mary E.wifem6_
Tilley, Chestersons3_
Tilley, Marnedaus_
McFatridge, Henryheadm6_
McFatridge, Jane Fwifem6_
McFatridge, Minniedaus_
McFatridge, Dorra___
McFatridge, Samuelbrothers54

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