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1935 Census

St. David's

Microfilm M-8050 Page 64 - 71 M-married; S-single; W-widow.
Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Name Relation Sex Status Age
Morris, John E.HeadMM59
Morris, Catherine R.WifeFM58
Morris, ChesleySonMS16

MacFatridge, JamesHeadMM39
MacFatridge, RosenaWifeFM35
MacFatridge, RodneySonMS12
MacFatridge, DoreenDauFS1?
Renouf, ClaudeBILMS23
Renouf, LlewellynBILMS17
Renouf, RolandBILMS14
Renouf, VeraSILFS18
Renouf, VernaSILFS9

Renouf, MildredHeadFW4?
Renouf, GeraldSonMS14
Renouf, HallisSonMS1?
Renouf, WallaceSonMS1?

Renouf, ClementHeadMM6?
Renouf, Ann MoriahWifeFM6?
Renouf, AlfredSonMS2?
Hulan, JeanGdauFS1?
Renouf, VidaAdoptFS1?
Billiard, MinnieDomesticFS1?
Renouf, RoySonMM2?
Renouf, MyrtleWifeFM2?
Renouf, LaurettaDauFS1m

Shears, RobertHeadMM6?
Shears, Mary AnnWifeFM6?
Shears, CecilSonMS?

Gilliam, WilsonHeadMM?
Gilliam, L. MariahWifeFM?
Gilliam, GilbertSonMS?
Gilliam, SimonSonMS?

Hulan, Mary EllenHeadFM53
Hulan, PercivalSonMS26
Hulan, MarjorieDauFS19
Hulan, LyraDauFS14
Hulan, SilasSonMM24
Hulan, BelleWifeFM23
Hulan, ChesleySonMS1
Hulan, RexSonMS2

French, EdwardHeadMM34
French, NorahWifeFM28
French, MaryDauFS8
French, CharlesSonMS5
French, ElvaDauFS3
French, PearlDauFS1

Alley, EliasHeadMM63
Alley, HelenWifeFM59
Alley, GordonSonMM2?
Alley, Mildred DauFM2?
Alley, IsraelBrotherMS5?

Pieroway, AlfredHeadMM4?
Pieroway, MatildaWifeFM4?

Hulan, JosephHeadMW7?
Hulan, John R.SonMM3?
Hulan, MaiseWifeFM2?
Hulan, RichardSonMS6
Hulan, RobertSonMS4
Hulan, RolandSonMS1

Gilliam, Richard L.HeadMM54
Gilliam, EmonaWifeFM50
Gilliam, AlbertSonMS24
Gilliam, VincentSonMS16
Gilliam, MetabelleDauFS14
Gilliam, LenaDauFS11
Gilliam, GoddenSonMS9

Pike, WilloughbyHeadMS44
Pike, ElizabethMotherFW7?

Alley, ElijahHeadMM5?
Alley, martha B.WifeFM4?
Alley, AllisonSonMS2?
Alley, HaroldSonMS2?
Alley, EdwardSonMS?
Alley, WilloughbySonMS?
Alley, NadaDauFS?
Alley, StephenSonMS?
Alley, FlorenceDauFS?
Alley, JamesSonMS?
Alley, CarolineDauFS?
Alley, TheopholasSonMS?

Gilliam, RichardHeadMM7?
Gilliam, SarahWifeFM7?
Gilliam, KennethSonMS?
Gilliam, MayDauFS?
Gilliam, MabelDauFS?
Gilliam, NoahSonMS?
Gilliam, IdaDauFS?

Legge, GeorgeHeadMS?
Legge, Sarah AnnMotherFW?

Gosse, MarcellaHeadFW?
Gosse, PearlDauFS?
Gosse, HerbertSonMS19
Gosse, EdithDauFS18
Gosse, GraceDauFS17
Gosse, MarionDauFS15
Gosse, EthelDauFS14
Gosse, ClairDauFS12
Gosse, Gilbert JrSonMS9
Gosse, J.W. GodwinSonMM27
Gosse, Mabel A.WifeFM32
Gosse, WalterSonMM22
Gosse, MaryWifeFM19
Gosse, Alfred H.SonMS2
Gosse, Annie V.DauFS3m

Legge, ThomasHeadMM4?
Legge, MarthaWifeFM4?
Legge, James A.SonMS23
Legge, RoySonMS2?
Legge, ManuelSonMS1?
Legge, FrederickSonMS12
Legge, JosephSonMS11

Chaffey, StephenHeadMM2?
Chaffey, EvelynWifeFM2?
Chaffey, VernonSonMS

Chaffey, WilliamHeadMM2?
Chaffey, RebeccaWifeFM?
Chaffey, ArthurSonMS?
Harvey, ElizabethLodgerFW?

Chaffey, JamesHeadMM?
Chaffey, ReneeWifeFM?
Chaffey, DulcieDauFS4m

Duffney, John F.HeadMM63
Duffney, Pheobe JaneWifeFM58
Duffney, HilliardSonMS23
Duffney, NoahSonMS15
Duffney, IvyDauFS20
Duffney, DouglasGsonMS3

Alley, EdwinHeadMM30
Alley, EffieWifeFM27
Alley, GodfreySonMS3
Alley, Albert A.SonMS6m

Gosse, James H.HeadMM79
Gosse, Mary AnnWifeFM7?

Hulan, WilliamHeadMM6?
Hulan, MarcellaWifeFM5?
Hulan, GeorgeSonMS2?
Hulan, MathildeDauFS1?
Cormier, PiercieDauFM2?
Cormier, LaurellaDauFS8
Cormier, DorothyDauFS7

Gilliam, StanleyHeadMM3?
Gilliam, EllieWifeFM2?
Gilliam, RubyDauFS?
Gilliam, LillaDauFS?
Gilliam, EileenDauFS?
Gilliam, LawrenceSonMS?

Alley, CourtneyHeadMM3?
Alley, Grielia(?)WifeFM?
Alley, RosburnSonMS?
Alley, StephenSonMS?
Alley, WilliamSonMS?
Alley, BasilSonMS?
Alley, BeatriceDauFS?

Chaffey, RichardHeadMM47
Chaffey, IsabelleWifeFM43
Chaffey, EnaDauFS2?
Chaffey, EvelynDauFS1?
Chaffey, Audrey(Twin)DauFS12
Chaffey, William(Twin)SonMS12

Hulan, SimonHeadMM3?
Hulan, IsabelleWifeFM2?
Hulan, James DouglasSonMS?

Hulan, Joseph Ed.HeadMM5?
Hulan, FrancisWifeFM4?
Hulan, VioletDauFS2?
Hulan, WifredSonMS14

Alley, DanielHeadMM3?
Alley, AdelaideWifeFM3?
Alley, CecilSonMS1?
Alley, BernardSonMS9
Alley, ByronSonMS?
Alley, Olive B.DauFS?
Alley, HughieSonMS?

Renouf, EdgarHeadMM?
Renouf, VioletWifeFM?
Renouf, MonaDauFS?
Renouf, J. AlbertSonMS?

Morris, James C.HeadMM?
Morris, EmilyWifeFM?
Morris, CharlesSonMS?
Morris, AugustusSonMS?
Morris, AnnieDauFS?
Morris, WallaceSonMS?

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