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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of Stephenville Pt 2

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 160-1, 164-80, 184-93
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by HANK WIEDLE, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
White, James S.HeadM54
White, CatherineWifeM46
White, WilliamSonS28
White, AngusSonS25
White, NoraDaughterS23
White, JamesSonS21
White, BernardSonS18
White, JosephSonS16
White, AdolphSonS13
White, BerthaDaughterS11
White, EvelynDaughterS7
White, John R.HeadM40
White, KateWifeM46
White, Marjorie*DaughterS2_
Lemoine, TheresaAdoptedS14
*Crossed out
March, MaximHeadM56
March, JaneWifeM47
March, MillageDaughterS23
March, AngelaDaughterS20
March, JohnSonS19
March, GordonSonS11
March, BeatriceDaughterS10
White, VeronicaDaughterS7
White, RaymondSonS5
White, ThaddeusSonS3
White, SusanHeadW63
White, RitaDaughterS38
White, AngelaDaughterS19
White, ColumbusHeadM39
White, MollieWifeM29
White, MyronSonS9
White, EdnaDaughterS8
White, PaulineDaughterS7
White, WilfredSonS5
White, GeneviveDaughterS1 mo.
Gabriel, Lawrence J.HeadM24
Gabriel, AngelaWifeM23
Gabriel, HelstraDaughterS4
Gabriel, PhilomenaDaughterS3
Gabriel, GervaseSonS2
Gabriel, FredrickSonS1
Benoit, JohnHeadM68
Benoit, AliceWifeM57
Benoit, FrederickSonS30
Benoit, StanislausSonS27
White, StephenHeadM33
White, EthelWifeM26
White, JosephSonS2
White, FrancisHeadM44
White, FlorenceWifeM38
White, ClemSonS16
White, MargaretDaughterS15
White, MaryDaughterS13
White, ArnoldSonS14
White, ArchiboldSonS12
White, MonicaDaughterS10
White, AdelineDaughterS5
White, EvaDaughterS2
White, WilfredSonS3 mo.
White, CeciliaHeadW63
Aucoin, JosephGrand SonS21
White, PeterHeadM75
White, LucyWifeM80
White, MathewHeadM35
White, JosephineWifeM28
White, TheresaDaughterS8
White, MarianDaughterS8
White, RaymondSonS5
White, HenryHeadM49
White, Joseph (sic)WifeM46
White, HubertSonS25
White, Anna DaughterS17
White, ElizabethDaughterS14
White, BrideDaughterS12
White, RalphSonS10
White, WilliamSonS8
White, PatrickSonS6
White, AloysiusSonS2
Cormier, CharlesHeadM66
Cormier, AnnieWifeM56
Cormier, RoderickSonS21
Gadon, DuncanAd. SonS8
Gabriel, PrimeHeadM26
Cormier, HughHeadM69
Cormier, MaryWifeM61
Cormier, BenjaminSonS30
Cormier, WilliamSonS18
Barry, WilliamHeadM47
Barry, PhilomenaWifeM44
Barry, CharlesSonS22
Barry, RichardSonS21
Barry, ArthurSonS19
Barry, JosephSonS17
Barry, PatrickHeadM81
Barry, MatildaWifeM78
Cormier, NarcisHeadM51
Cormier, CatherineWifeM46
Cormier, JosephSonS26
Cormier, MadelineDaughterS25
Cormier, MargaretDaughterS22
Cormier, MaryDaughterS21
Cormier, AnnastatiaDaughterS18
Cormier, HubertSonS16
Cormier, GeraldSonS14
Cormier, LawrenceSonS12
Cormier, JohnSonS10
Cormier, BarbaraDaughterS9
Cormier, OliviaDaughterS4
Cormier, AdolphSonS1
White, Uzeb ** See Errata table belowHeadM46
White, Enice** See Errata table belowWifeM43
White, Odellan** See Errata table belowSonS24
White, MauriceSonS21
White, MargaretDaughterS19
White, ArseneSonS14
White, GeorgeSonS11
White, BernardSonS9
White, LillianDaughterS7
White, MichaelSonS5
White, Alec** See Errata table belowSonS4
White, ArthurSonS1
White, Julian** See Errata table belowMotherW87
White, ThaddeusHeadM22
White, MargaretWifeM19
March, GerardHeadM27
March, EthreldaWifeM22
March, HermanSonS5
March, HermaDaughterS2
March, LernadaDaughterS1
White, Charles A.HeadM47
White, EstherWifeM25
White, RoseDaughterS6
White, LeroySonS4
White, MildredDaughterS22
White, AdenSonS21
White, GeraldSonS16
White, John A.HeadM37
White, ClaraWifeM46
White, EffieDaughterS24
White, JohnSonS19
White, JamesSonS16
White, AmeliaDaughterS17
White, AngelaDaughterS15
White, ReginaDaughterS10
White, MurielDaughterS6
White, Albert T.HeadW60
White, AgustineSonS17
White, AnnastatiaDaughterS15
White, MarthaDaughterS13
White, StephenSonS10
White, StanislausSonS7
Cormier, VincentHeadM28
Cormier, ClaraWifeM31
Cormier, EarnestSonS8
Cormier, MargieDaughterS5
Cormier, CollinsSonS4
Cormier, EricSonS3
Cormier, LoraineDaughterS2
Cormier, PriscellaDaughterS1 mo.
Cormier, ThomasHeadM58
Cormier, MaryWifeM53
Cormier, BerthaDaughterS17
Cormier, WilliamHeadM32
Cormier, FloraWifeM27
Cormier, NormaDaughterS3
Cormier, PatrickHeadW73
White, Charles W.HeadM28
White, BeatriceWifeM24
White, KennethSonS7
White, CarmellaDaughterS5
White, MurielDaughterS4
White, CliftonSonS2
Simon, HaroldHeadM23
Simon, ElizabethWifeM22
Simon, HaroldSonS4
Simon, MarieDaughterS2
Simon, VivianDaughterS1
Alexander, Joseph A.HeadM51
Alexander, MargaretWifeM52
Alexander, JohnSonS26
Alexander, ElizabethDaughterS24
Alexander, AngelaDaughterS17
Alexander, BernardSonS15
Alexander, AndrewSonS12
Bourgeois, JamesHeadM45
Bourgeois, MaryWifeM50
Gabriel, EdwardStep SonS21
Gabriel, WilliamStep SonS17
Gabriel, Mary C.Step DaughterS19
Gabriel, ViolaStep-DaughterS14
Alexander, HenryHeadM7_
Alexander, MargaretWifeM65
Alexander, SamuelSonS21
Alexander, VeronicaDaughterS18
Alexander, AdolphHeadM29
Alexander, ReginaWifeM26
Alexander, GerenaDaughterS3
Alexander, VernaDaughterS1
Alexander, HenrySonSInfant
Alexander, JohnHeadM4_
Alexander, FloraWifeM47
Alexander, BrendanSonS17
Alexander, MaryDaughterS15
Alexander, NormanSonS14
Alexander, EvelynDaughterS12
Alexander, ArchibaldSonS11
Alexander, LeoSonS10
Alexander, RitaDaughterS5
Alexander, VivianDaughterS2
White, William H.HeadM52
White, MaryWifeM48
White, VincentSonS27
White, JosephSonS23 (looks like)
White, EllenDaughterS22
White, JohnSonS20
White, PlacidSonS18
White, MatildaDaughterS16
White, KathleenDaughterS14
White, DomonicSonS9
White, AgustineSonS6
White, PatrickHeadM29
White, LeahWifeM29
White, GloriaDaughterS5
White, AntonetteDaughterS4
White, AlbertSonS2
White, RobertSonS1
Simon, AgnesMother in Law W7_
White, JamesHeadM41
White, SarahWifeM41
White, AriadoreDaughterS1_
White, ClarenceSonS18
White, MagdellenDaughterS11
White, RaymondSonS4
White, LitaDaughterS3
White, RonaldSonS2
White, DoreenDaughterS1
White, EarlSonS10 mo.
White, HubertHeadM26
White, CeceliaWifeM25
White, DavidHeadW_5
White, MatildaDaughterS13
White, BlancheDaughterS11
White, AnnieDaughterS8
White, AloysiusHeadS24
Benoit, JosephineMotherM43
White, MarkBrotherS28
White, MarySisterS17
Benoit, GerardStep BrotherS15
Benoit, EdmundStep BrotherS8
Benoit, FredrickStep BrotherS7
Russel, HaroldHeadM28
Russel, BridgetWifeM27
Russel, CarmelDaughterS9
Russel, FredrickSonS7
Russel, CosmosSonS6
Russel, BeulahDaughterS3
Russel, AllenSonS1
Russel, GeraldineDaughterS2 mo.
March, MichaelHeadM37
March, ReginaWifeM31
March, GeraldSonS9
March, CelestineDaughterS8
March, KathleenDaughterS6
March, JohnSonS4
March, ElizabethDaughterS2
March, KevinSonS1
March, WilliamHeadM8_
March, MaryWifeM81
March, AdelineHeadW4_
March, MartinSonS19
March, Hubert SonS16
March, Hiliary SonS14
March, RaymondSonS10
March, FintanSonS8
March, JoanDaughterS5
March, StanleyHeadM23
March, GeraldineWifeM20
March, MarthaDaughterS1
March, LitaDaughterS3 mo.
Russel, StephenHeadM4_
Russel, EmaWifeM4_
Russel, StephenSonS15
Russel, TheresaDaughterS14
Russel, HenrySonS12
Russel, CarrolSonS10
Russel, AlmaDaughterS7
Russel, ReginaldSonS5
Russel, JuliaDaughterS2
Russel, JosephHeadM52
Russel, AdeleneWifeM47
Russel, NorbertSonS27
Russel, ThaddeusHeadM27
Russel, JosephineWifeM27
Russel, Vincent HeadM37
Russel, MargaretWifeM3_
Russel, EdmomdSonS11
Russel, BlancheDaughterS9
Russel, GervaseSonS6
Russel, RonaldSonS4
Russel, MargaretMotherW76
Russel, PeterHeadM43
Russel, HelenWifeM33
Russel, PearlDaughterS15
Russel, NolanSonS14
Russel, CecilSonS12
Russel, HiliarySonS11
Russel, HildaDaughterS7
Russel, VivianDaughterS6
Russel, CeciliaDaughterS5
Russel, EricSonS2
Russel, TerranceSonS2 days
Benoit, Viola_W34
Benoit, Clara_S14
Benoit, Francis_S13
Benoit, Pancratius(sic) (male) _S12
Benoit, Margaret_S9
Benoit, Eleanor_S7
Benoit, Roy_S6
Benoit, Violet_S4
Name Description of Error My Name
WHITE, Uzeb Given name should be Euzeb Ann Marie Gaudon
WHITE, Enice Given name should be Eunice Ann Marie Gaudon
WHITE, O'Dellon Give name should be ODellan Ann Marie Gaudon
WHITE, Alec Given name should be Alexander Ann Marie Gaudon
WHILTE, Julian Given name should be Julia.  Julia was the mother. Ann Marie Gaudon
NEWHOOK, Elizabeth Discrepancy in year of birth.  If her age is really 40 as recorded in census, the year of birth should be 1881. R. Newhook

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Bay St. George District