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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of Stephenville Crossing

Note: p 181 - 183, these three pages have a large X over them; the names appear again in the following set of pages (194-196).Spelling as listed. M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation

Additions were made in late November 1999 by Laverne Cormier. She found these additions on different pages in the area of Spruce Brook. This area is really disjointed. Using household numbers, it was noted that the ALEXANDER children belong to the family of JAMES ALEXANDER.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by NORINE MACK, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Pieroway, GeorgeStephenville Xheadm6_
Pieroway, Florencedowifem3_
Pieroway, Gilbertdosons14
Pieroway, Maydodaus12
Pieroway, Johndosons10
Pieroway, Raymonddosons_
Pieroway, Andrewdosons_
Pieroway, Thomasdosons_
Pieroway, Agustinedosons_

Parsons, IsraelStephenville Xheadm4_
Parsons, Matildadowifem3_
Parsons, Ignatiusdosons1_
Parsons, Malcomdosons1_
Parsons, Cyrildosons9
Parsons, Hermandosons8
Parsons, Rosaliedodaus_
Parsons, Sheiladodaus_
Parsons, Murieldodaus2
Parsons, Albertdosons6
Lucas, Rosaliesomothers7_

Curnew, GilbertSteph Xheadm_
Curnew, Sarahdowifem_
Curnew, Alfreddosons2_
Young, Monicadoadpts1_

Carter, JohnSteph Xheadm_
Carter, Marydowifem_
Carter, Ambrosedosons_
Carter, Carolinedodaus_
Carter, Louisdosons6 mos

Gabriel, IreneSteph Xheadw67
Gabriel, Johndosonm3_
Gabriel, Henrydosons2_
Gabriel, Marydodaus2_
Gabriel, Louisdogrsons2

Chaffey, PeterSteph Xheadm2_
Chaffey, Margaretdowifem2_
Chaffey, Eddydosons4
Chaffey, Cynthiadodaus3
Chaffey, Margaretdodaus4 mos.

Chaffey, EdwardSteph Xheadm5_
Chaffey, Catherinedowifem5_
Chaffey, Geralddosons18
Chaffey, Louisdosons14
Gabriel, Evelynedodaum2_
Gabriel, Richarddos/lawm2_
Gabriel, Andrewdogrsons_

Bishop, SydneySteph Xheadm2_
Bishop, Susandowifems_
Bishop, Johndosons_

Bishop, RobertSteph Xheadm2_
Bishop, Margueritedowifem2_
Bishop, Bobbydosons_
Underhay, Margueritedomoth/laww_

Downey, FrancisSteph Xheadm5_
Downey, Margaretdowifem4_
Downey, _dosons20
Downey, Patrickdosons1_
Downey, Josephdosons1_
Downey, Barnabasdosons16
Downey, Milliedodaus14
Downey, Francisdosons1_
Downey, Sebastiandosons11
Downey, Elizabethdodau 1s1_
Downey, Veronicadodaus8
Downey, Bazildosons7
Downey, Williamdosons6
Downey, Janedodays3
1 Note: census reads “son” - sex shows “F” written over the “M”
Pages 193 - 208
White, RoseStephenvillenieces23

Benoit, FredrickSteph Xheadm51
Benoit, Alenadowifem51
Benoit, Anniedodaus26
Benoit, Stanislausdosons24
Benoit, Omadosons22
Benoit, Gertrudedodaus21
Benoit, Raymonddosons16
Benoit, Edithdoadpts9
Benoit, Alfreddoheadm28
Benoit, Genevievedowifem21

Jay, JamesSteph Xheadm25
Jay, Florencedowifem2_
Jay, Bessiedo_s2_

Fagan, (Sr.) Mary UStephenvillesuperiors59
_, (Sr.) Mary BernardStephenvilleinmates4_
DeLourdes, (Sr.) MaryStephenvilleinmates43
Coady, Mary CamillaStephenvilleinmates34
McCarthy, (Sr.) M JosephaStephenvilleinmates2_
Roberts, FrankStephenville_s3_
Parsons, ArnoldSteph X___
Parsons, GeorgeSteph X___
Benoit, Jamesdo___
Tobin, ThomasStephenville__3_
Bennett, Math_Stephenville_s4_

Pieroway, GeorgeStephenville Xheadm6_
Pieroway, Florencedowifem3_
Pieroway, Gilbertdosons14
Pieroway, Maydodaus1_
Pieroway, Johndosons10
Pieroway, Raymonddosons_
Pieroway, Andrewdosons_
Pieroway, Thomasdosons_
Pieroway, Agustinedosons_

Parsons, IsraelSteph Xheadm4_
Parsons, Matildadowifem3_
Parsons, Ignatiusdosons10
Parsons, Malcomdosons10
Parsons, Cyrildosons_
Parsons, Hermandosons_
Parsons, Rosaliedodaus_
Parsons, Sheiladodaus4
Parsons, Murieldodaus2
Parsons, Albertdosons6 mo
Lucas, Rosaliedomothers7_

Curnew, GilbertSteph Xheadm7_
Curnew, Sarahdowifem6_
Curnew, Alfreddosons2_
Young, Monicadoadpts1_

Carter, JohnSteph Xheadm3_
Carter, Marydowifem2_
Carter, Ambrosedosons11
Carter, Carolinedodaus_
Carter, Louisdosons_

Gabriel, IreneSteph Xheadw6_
Gabriel, Johndosonm3_
Gabriel, Marydodaus2_
Gabriel, Henrydosons2_
Gabriel, Louisdogrsons_

Chaffey, PeterSteph Xingheadm2_
Chaffey, Margaretdowifem2_
Chaffey, Eddydosons_
Chaffey, Cynthiadodaus_
Chaffey, Margaretdodaus4 mos.

Chaffey, EdwardSteph Xingheadm58
Chaffey, Catherinedowifem_
Chaffey, Geralddosons18
Chaffey, Louisdosons14
Gabriel, Evelyndodaum2_
Gabriel, Richarddos/lawm2_
Gabriel, Andrewdogrsons_

Bishop, SydneySteph Xingheadm26
Bishop, Susandowifem2_
Bishop, Johndosons2

Bishop, RobertSteph Xingheadm2_
Bishop, Margueritedowifem3_
Bishop, Bobbydosons_
Underhay, Marguerite

Downey, FrancisSteph Xingheadm5_
Downey, Margaretdowifem4_
Downey, Antonydosons2_
Downey, Patrickdosons1_
Downey, Josephdosons1_
Downey, Barnabasdosons1_
Downey, Milliedosons1_
Downey, Francisdosons1_
Downey, Sebastiandosons_
Downey, Elizabethdodaus_
Downey, Veronicadodaus_
Downey, Bazildosons7
Downey, Williamdosons6
Downey, Janedodaus3

Carter, JamesSteph Xheadm45
Carter, Bessiedowm3_
Carter, Carolinedodaus1_

Carter, JohnSteph Xheadw73
Carter, Josephdosons38_

Cashin, JohnSteph Xheadm54
Cashin, Florencedowm44
Cashin, Mariedodaus1_
Cashin, Margueritedodaus1_
Cashin, Daviddosons1_
Cashin, Theresadodaus6_

Baufield, CharlesSteph Xheadm_
Baufield, Ameliadowifem3_
Baufield, Robertdosons12
Baufield, Noreendodaus7
Baufield, Williamdosons9
Baufield, Lloyddo___
Baufield, Edgardosons2
Baufield, Joandodaus4mos

Chaffey, WilliamSteph Xheadm2_
Chafffey, Josephinedowifem2_
Chaffey, Williamdosons9
Chaffey, Arthurdosons5
Chaffey, Marydodaus2
Chaffey, Edithdodaus_

Baufield, RoySteph Xheadm2_
Baufield, Gracedowifem2_
Baufield, Doloresdodaus_
Baufield, Lesterdoson s2

Parsons, JamesSteph Xheadm4_
Parsons, Margaretdowifem3_
Parsons, Marjoriedodaus13
Parsons, Ronalddosons11
Parsons, Nitadodaus9
Parsons, Harolddosons7
Parsons, Jamesdosons4
Parsons, Dorisdodaus3

Downey, BasilSteph Xheadm85
Downey, Janedowifem80
Downey, Thomasdosons50
Downey, Sarahdodaus44
Downey, Johndosons42
Downey, Tristandogrsons14
Hynes, Maydoservants14

McIsaac, RichardSteph Xheadm50
McIsaac, Angeladowifem4_
McIsaac, Williamdosons2_
McIsaac, Ronalddosons2_
McIsaac, Mollydodaus1_

Nardini, RaphaelSteph Xheadm3_
Nardini, Berthadowifem3_
Nardini, Raphaeldosons8
Nardini, Anne Josephinedodaus7
Nardini, Carmeladodaus5
Nardini, Agustinedosons2
Nardini, Antoniodo_s_

Ryan, JohnSteph Xheadm8_

Connolly, ThomasSteph Xheadm34

White, AlexSteph Xheadm8_
White, Matildadowifem76
White, Alexdosonm_
White, Doradodau/lawm_
White, Lornadogrdaus_

Alexander, RichardSteph Xheadm26
Alexander, Belledowifem_
Alexander, Jamesdosons_
Alexander, Matildadodaus_

White, ArseneSteph Xheadm4_
White, Margaretdowifem_
White, Gerarddosons_
White, Aileendodaus_
White, Aidandosons1_
White, Viviandodaus15
White, Kennethdosons6
White, Barbaradodaus5
White, Raymonddosons4

Young, AgnesSteph Xheadw7_
Swyers, Leonarddolodgers7_

Young, HenrySteph Xheadm4_
Young, Adelaidedowifem4_
Young, Marydodaus2_
Young, Johndosons1_
Young, Theresadodaus1_
Young, Charlesdosons1_
Young, Bernarddogrsons_
Young, Geralddoson__

Lucas, HaroldSteph Xheadm6_
Lucas, Elizabethdowifem4_
Lucas, Marydodaus21
Lucas, Johndosons20
Lucas, Josephdosons17
Lucas, Antonydosons14
Lucas, Alinadodaus7
Lucas, Margaretdodaus9_

Young, WalterSteph Xheadm3_
Young, Eunicedowifem29
Young, Marthadodaus9
Young, Gerarddosons4
Young, Gertrudedodaus7_

Fillatre, WilliamSteph Xheadm62
Fillatre, Irenedowifem60
Fillatre, Cerraldodaus23
Fillatre, Charlesdosons19

White, CalisteSteph Xheadm66
White, Margaretdowifem54
White, Cyrildosons17?
White, Adolphdosons27
White, Maiziedodaus23?

Benoit, WilliamSteph Xheadm36
Benoit, Jessiedowifem37
Benoit, Jeandodaus12
Benoit, Eileendodaus9
Benoit, Bernarddosons7
Benoit, Gertrudedodaus6
Benoit, Paulinedodaus4
Benoit, Mariedodaus_
Benoit, Patsydosons_
Benoit, Ronadodaus3mos?
Benoit, Janedomotherw7_

Swyers, WalterSteph Xheadm43
Swyers, Josephinedowifem4_
Swyers, Michaeldosons22
Swyers, Martindosons20
Swyers, Alfreddosons18
Swyers, Stanleydosons16
Swyers, Arthurdosons14
Swyers, Marydodaus12
Swyers, Georgedosons10

Hawkins, OswaldSteph Xheadm28
Hawkins, Unice 2dowifem25
Hawkins, Johndosons5
Hawkins, Thaddeusdosons4
Hawkins, Murieldodaus2
2 Note: Spelling as listed

Madore, PeterSteph Xheadm24
Madore, Molliedowifem18
Madore, Maximdofatherm70

Madore, RuebenSteph Xheadm40
Madore, Marydowifem29
Madore, Almadodaus_
Madore, Adadodaus_
Madore, Lucydodaus5
Madore, Mariondodaus4
Madore, Ruebendosons_

Webb, WilliamSteph Xheadm6_
Webb, Paulinedowifem6_
Lucas, Thomasdostepsons29
Webb, Francisdosons18

Young, PatrickSteph Xheadm53
Young, Wallacedosons31
Young, Rosedodaus22
Young, Agustinedosons16

Curnew, AlbertSteph Xheadm35
Curnew, Angeladowifem32
Curnew, Anniedodaus12

Curnew, GeorgeSteph Xheadm64
Curnew, Elizabethdowifem65
Curnew, Williamdosons29

McKay, NormanSteph Xheadm35
McKay, Berthadowifem34
McKay, Percydosons13
McKay, Raymonddosons9
McKay, Coradodaus7
McKay, Clifforddosons6
McKay, Ronadodaus2

Abbott, HaroldSteph Xheadm4_
Abbott, Sarahdowifem29
Abbott, Genevievedodaus15?
Abbott, Oliveradodaus4
Abbott, Monadodaus2
Abbott, Joandodaus1

Hawkins, AndrewSteph Xheadm46
Hawkins, Agathadowifem44
Hawkins, Marydodaus19
Hawkins, Blanchedodaus18
Hawkins, Bernadettedodaus16
Hawkins, Margaretdodaus13
Hawkins, Simondodaus12
Hawkins, Pancratiusdosons10
Hawkins, Agathadodaus7
Hawkins, Williamdosons2
Hawkins, Janedomotherw78
Hawkins, Williamdobrothers51

Benoit, AlbertSteph Xheadm53
Benoit, Deliadowifem52
Lucas, Johndostepsons32
Benoit, Normandosons27
Benoit, Cecildosons24
Benoit, Harolddosons22
Benoit, Charlesdosons18
Benoit, Yubert3dosons16
Benoit, Ronalddosons14
Benoit, Evelyndodaus11
Benoit, Oliverdosons8
Benoit, Leonadoadpt daus16
Note 3 Note: Spelling as listed

Duval, EdwardSteph Xheadm5_
Duval, Claradowifem46
Duval, Josephdosons2_
Duval, Johndosons14
Duval, Albertdosons11
Sharpe, Claradodaum1_
Sharpe, Charlesdoson/lawm18 sup>4
4 Note: Last line is listed again at the top of the next page – age listed as 19

Duval, AmbroseSteph Xheadm36
Duval, Elizabethdowifem32
Duval, Winifreddodaus15
Duval, Elizabethdodaus12
Duval, Janedodaus11
Duval, Philomenadodaus9
Duval, Evandosons7
Duval, Gertrudedodaus4
Duval, Wilfreddosons3
Duval, Geralddosons5 mos

Keating, JohnSteph Xheadm29
Keating, Lilliandowifem29
Keating, Michaeldosons8
Keating, Theresadodaus7
Keating, Christianadodaus6
Keating, Hughdosons3
Keating, Harolddosons2
Keating, Noreendodaus4mos
Young, Fredrickdolodgers24

Madore, AlcidSteph Xheadm43
Madore, Marydowifem37
Madore, Josephdosons10
Madore, Austindosons8
Madore, Mildreddodaus6
Madore, Harrietdodaus5
Madore, Ritadodaus4
Gallant, Roderickdoadpt sons22

Hawkins, WallaceSteph Xheadm36
Hawkins, Josephenedowifem34
Hawkins, Agnesdodaus13
Hawkins, Andrewdosons10
Hawkins, Thresa 5dodaus8
Hawkins, Lawrencedosons6
Downey, Doradodaum16
Downey, Jamesdoson/lawm21
Downey, Raymonddogrsons5 mos
5Note: Spelling as listed

Benoit, O_istaSteph Xheadm38
Benoit, Claradowifem32
Benoit, Dorothydodaus14
Benoit, Gladysdodaus13
Benoit, Gordondosons9
Benoit, Garvisdosons6
Benoit, Earldosons4
Benoit, Catherinedodaus1
Benoit, Dorisdodaus2 mos

Curnew, EdwardSteph Xheadm39sup>6
Curnew, Rosedowifem43
Curnew, Charlesdosons13
Curnew, Beatricedodaus9
Tobin, Anniedostepdaus20
Tobin, Josephdostepsons18
Tobin, Matildadogrdaus1_
6 Note: crossed out and changed to 42

Lucas, JamesSteph Xhead m2_
Lucas, Anniedowifem20
Lucas, Geraldinedodaus4_

Ozon, PeterSteph Xheadm2_
Ozon, Sophiedowifem__
Ozon, Marydodaus_
Ozon, Peterdosons_
Ozon, Francis7dodaus_
Ozon, Ealinor7dodaus_
Ozon, Ronalddogrsons10 mos
7 Note: spelling as listed

Young, EliSteph Xheadm44
Young, Marydowifem37
Young, Marthadodaus18
Young, Marydodaus12
Young, Edithdodaus10
Young, Thresa8dodaus8
Young, Williamdosons5
Young, Alciddosons3
Young, Francisdosons15 mos
Young, Raphaeldosons11 days
8 Note: spelling as listed

Marcada, NicholaiSteph Xheadm64
Marcada, Paulinedowifem66
Marcada, Josephinedogrdaus20
Marcada, Nicholasdogrsons11

Young, GeorgeSteph Xheadm52
Young, Marydowifem39
Young, Johndosons2_
Young, Gracedodaus1_
Young, Harolddosons16
Young, Herewarddosons14
Young, Maiziedodaus11
Young, Margueritedodaus3

McFatridge, FredrickSteph Xheadm4_
McFatridge, Flossdowifem3_
McFatridge, Chasdosons1_
McFatridge, Veradodaus10
McFatridge, Garfielddoson_
McFatridge, Stanleydoson_

Duval, FredrickSteph Xheadm__
Duval, Marydowifem__
Duval, Mar_doadpt daus_
Keating, Michaeldolodgerw_

Curnew, JamesSteph Xheadm4_
Curnew, Anniedowifem41
Curnew, Godfreydosons14
Curnew, Dorothydodaus12
Curnew, Corneliusdosons8
Curnew, Eugeniedodaus_

Bourgeois, VincentSteph Xheadm55
Bourgeois, Catherinedowifem39
Bourgeois, Adolphdosons17
Bourgeois, Vincentdosons15
Bourgeois, Ritadodaus14
Bourgeois, Olivedodaus12
Bourgeois, Philomenadodaus10
Bourgeois, Elizabethdodaus8

Benoit, JohnSteph Xheadw72
Benoit, Johndosonm22
Benoit, Anniedodau/lawm16

Curnew, ArthurSteph Xheadm31
Curnew, Anniedowifem2_
Curnew, Cathleendodaus5
Curnew, Margaretdodaus2
Curnew, Reginalddosons6 mos

Lucas, AlecSteph Xheadm34
Lucas, Margaretdowifem24
Lucas, Michaeldosons_
Lucas, Alecdofatherw70

Lucas, AbrahamSteph Xheadm5_
Lucas, Irenedowifem4_
Lucas, Anthonydosons2_
Lucas, Williamdosons1_
Lucas, E__doadpt daus_
Lucas, Ritadodaus__
Lucas, __bertdosons10
Lucas, ___do_s9
Lucas, Cathleendodaus7
Lucas, Abedosons5
Lucas, Veronicadodaus3
Lucas, Reginalddosons_

Simon, ___Steph Xheadm47
Simon, Angeladowifem46
Simon, Meloniedodaus22
Simon, Francisdosons20
Simon, Anadodaus18
Simon, Herbertdosons16
Simon, Medidosons11
Simon, Eleanordodaus7
Simon, Oliviadodaus5
Simon, Austindosons3

Swyers, JamesSteph Xheadm67
Swyers, Irenedowifem62
Swyers, Le_dosons27
Swyers, Albertdosons21
Swyers, Josephinedogrdaus1_

Bandfield, MarthaSteph Xheadw5_

McKay, AlfredSteph Xheadm4_
McKay, Margaretdowifem4_
McKay, Howarddosons20
McKay, Josephdosons19
McKay, Douglasdosons17
McKay, Margorie9dodaus16
9 Note: spelling as listed

Lucas, JohnSteph Xheadm5_
Lucas, Janedowifem4_
Lucas, Josephdosons1_
Lucas, Olivinadodaus_
Lucas, Christiedodaus_
Lucas, Ambrosedosons_
Lucas, Thresa10dodaus4
Lucas, Raymonddosons3
10 Note: spelling as listed

Lucas, FrancisSteph Xheadm24
Lucas, Berthadowifem16
Lucas, Michaeldosons_

White, Re___Steph Xheadm35
White, Ceciliadowifem32
White, Myrtledodaus14
White, Margaretdodaus6

Gabriel, ClemSteph Xheadm24
Gabriel, Paulinedowifem20
Gabriel, Orienadodaus2
Gabriel, Ceciliadodaus1

Simon, JohnSteph Xheadm21
Simon, Irenedowifem17

Parsons, StanleySteph Xheadm26
Parsons, Kathleendowifem24

White, AndrewSteph Xheadm26
White, Emeldadowifem17

Louvelle, PaulSteph Xheadm3_
Louvelle, Marydowifem37

Louvelle, JohnSteph Xheadm36
Louvelle, Marydowifem23
Louvelle, Agnesdodaus4
Louvelle, Richarddosons2
Louvelle, Aloysiosdosons7 mos

Alexander, RichardSteph Xheadm2_
Alexander, Margaretdowifem2_
Alexander, Berthadodaus5
Alexander, Thelmadodaus2

Alexander, JohnSteph Xheadm3_
Alexander, Unice11dowifem3_
Alexander, PascalSteph XSons7
Joseph, Joseph (sic)Steph XSons4
Joseph, KathleenSteph XDaus2
Lainey, JohnSteph XAdopteds14
11 Note: spelling as listed

Alexander, Pascas (sic)Steph XHeadm55
Alexander, MarySteph XWifem55
Garnier, AngelaSteph XAdopteds14

Alexander, AdolphSteph XHeadm21
Alexander, ElizabethSteph XWifem21

Louvelle, J---phSteph XHeadm73
Louvelle, MarySteph XWifem69

Louvelle, WilliamSteph XHeadm28
Louvelle, BridgetSteph XWifem19
Louvelle, ZetaSteph XDaus2
Louvelle, GordonSteph XSons8 mo.

Gallant, MariaSteph XHeadw54
Gallant, AndrewSteph XSons28
Gallant, RonaldSteph XSons26
Gallant, Bernais (sic)Steph XSons21
Gallant, GervaseSteph XSons19

McFatridge, CharlesSteph XHeadm42
McFatridge, MabelSteph XWifem41
McFatridge, DaisySteph XDaus19
McFatridge, LeslieSteph XSons17
McFatridge, Iva (sic)Steph XDaus15
McFatridge, EarlSteph XSons13
McFatridge, NormaSteph XDaus10
McFatridge, CarlSteph XSons8
McFatridge, MelbaSteph XDaus6

Martyn, CharlesSteph XHeadm5-
Martyn, MarySteph XWifem4-
Madore, AnnieSteph XServants20

Duval, AlbertSteph XHeadw5-
Duval, MarySteph XDaus7 (?)
Duval, ElizabethSteph XMotherw8-

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
LOUVELLE LOUVELLE, J---ph, should read Joseph. This is my grandfather. He is included in a census with Mary Louvelle. No children. madonna louvelle

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