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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - St. Fintans

Microfilm M-8050 Page 72 - 74
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation. Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise. It was read, recorded and transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, August 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Pike, S. JamesHeadMM4?
Pike, JessieWifeFM38
Pike, RussellSonMS2?
Hynes, GladysAdoptFS1?
Hynes, MildredAdoptFS9

Fraser, CarltonHeadMM2?
Fraser, ElsieWifeFM2?
Fraser, VictoriaDauFS?

Fraser, HarryHeadMM6?
Fraser, FannyWifeFM5?
Fraser, MargaretDauFS2?
Fraser, EileenDauFS2?
Fraser, JackHeadMM2?
Fraser, AlfredaWifeFM2?
Fraser, M JuneAdoptFS1?
Fraser, GloriaAdoptFS?

Clarke, AbelHeadMM4?
Clarke, MaudeWifeFS2?
Clarke, MaudeDauFS1?
Clarke, LizzieDauFS1?
Clarke, EugeneSonMS?
Clarke, MaryDauFS?
Clarke, LouiseDauFS?
Clarke, GrwyntrudeDauFS?
Clarke, PatriciaDauFS?

Gaultos, FrancisHeadMS?

Gillis, John FrancesHeadMM?
Gillis, MargaretWifeFM?
Gillis, MaryDauFS?
Gillis, EleanorDauFS?
Gillis, MichaelSonMS?
Gillis, LouiseDauFS?
Gillis, MargaretDauFS?
Gillis, RitaDauFS1?
Gillis, ElizabethDauFS1?
Gillis, JohnSonMS9
Gillis, LinbergSonMS8
Gillis, JoanDauFS?
Gillis, CyrilSonMS?

Halbot, JosephHeadMM3?
Halbot, AnnieWifeFM3?
Halbot, J. JosephSonMS1?
Halbot, GeraldineDauFS1?
Halbot, EdwardSonMS1?
Halbot, CatherineDauFS1?
Halbot, FrancesSonMS?
Halbot, GerardSonMS1?
Halbot, JeanDauFS?
Halbot, MaryDauFS?
Halbot, RammondSonMS?
Halbot, CarmelDauFS?

Gillis, MaryHeadFW?
Gillis, JeanDauFS?
Gillis, LorettaDauFS?
Gillis, GeneveiveDauFS?
Gillis, GeorgeSonMS?

Garnier, AlbertHeadMM?
Garnier, MargaretWifeFM?
Garnier, ErnestSonMS?
Garnier, AugustusSonMS?
Garnier, HerbertSonMS?
Garnier, BernardSonMS?
Garnier, GeorginaDauFS?
Garnier, MargeriteDauFS?

Quilty, ElizabethHeadFW?
Quilty, Nicholas SonMS?

McIsaac, AllanHeadMM67
McIsaac, JaneWifeFM80
McIsaac, Allan A.StepsonMS52
McIsaac, WallaceSonMM35
McIsaac, MarthaWifeFM23
McIsaac, LorettaDauFS1
McIsaac, KevinSonMS2
Quilty, MichaelServantMS19

Downey, SarahHeadFW68
Gillis, DanielSILMM30
Gillis, DredaWifeFM25
Gillis, JamesSonMS6
Gillis, PaulSonMS5
Gillis, GilbertSonMS3

Harper, WilliamHeadMM56
Harper, MaryWifeFM51
Harper, Mary EllenDauFS24
Harper, William B.SonMS22
Harper, John PatrickSonMS20
Harper, ReginaldSonMS18
Harper, GordonSonMS11
Harper, MaryGrdauFS2
Harper, MichaelHeadMM2?
Harper, AnneWifeFM2?
Harper, Michael SonMS8m

Garnier, RichardHeadMM2?
Garnier, AdaWifeFM2?
Garnier, AlfredaDauFS2
Garnier, Joseph M. SonMS4m

Wells, RichardHeadMM64
Wells, CatherineWifeFM52
Wells, ThomasSonMS23

Fortune, EdwardHeadMM37
Fortune, SarahWifeFM2?
Fortune, EthelDauFS6
Fortune, WilliamSonMS5
Fortune, ClassieDauFS3
Fortune, UniceDauFS3m

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Bay St. George District