NL GenWeb Census Data

West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of St. George's

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 125-147
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by NORINE MACK, April 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
McLean, Anndaus19
McLean, Otissons15
McLean, Cartersons13
McLean, Delphisons11
Fillatre, Geraldheadm34
Fillatre, Laurawifem20
Fillatre, Rosedaus2 mos.
#Jennings, Georgiaboarderm50
#crossed out - notation "See Table A"
Ryan, Matthewheadm62
Ryan, Clarawifem52
White, Mariea/daus5
Kennedy, Madelinedomestics27
Tulk, Benjaminboarderw77
Carter, Cornelius E.headm55
Carter, Ida M.wifem43
Carter, Edithdaus12
Carter, Fredericksons10
Hindaijan, Edward St. George'sheadm77
Hindaijan, E. Marywifem64
Hindaijan, Kathleendaus19
Benoit, Jamesheadm64
Benoit, Margaretwifem73
Benoit, Francisa/sons15
Kennedy, Gladysgrdau-5
Renouf, Maryheadw42
Renouf, Kathleendau-16
Renouf, Lucydau-14
Mercer, Jamesheads28
Mercer, Marymotherw61
Connolly, Margaretheadw54
Connolly, Teresadaus19
Connolly, Doris_s13
Hynes, Augustiusheadm22
Hynes, Ivywifem22
Hynes, Orenadaus7 mos.
Connolly, Gordonstepsons2
Burchell, Williamheadw69
Burchell, Georgesons15
Burchell, Etheldaus9
Benoit, John E.headm55
Benoit, Elizabethwifem44
Benoit, Columbinedaus24
Benoit, Robertsons22
Benoit, Rolandsons18
Benoit, Austinsons16
Benoit, Stanleysons15
Benoit, Recinicusdaus13
Benoit, Florencedaus11
Benoit, Almadaus9
Benoit, Winnifreddaus7
Benoit, Lauradaus4
Benoit, Olivedaus3
Swyer, James Pheadm52
Swyer, Josephinewifem40
Swyer, Roysons15
Vincent, Hazelheadm23
Vincent, Chestersons2
Vincent, Mary Fheadw58
Vincent, Augustinesons26
Vincent, Ralphsons28
Vincent, Madgedaus8
Vincent, Marian_s3
Benoit, Williamheadm45
Benoit, Margaretwifem39
Benoit, Dorothydaus18
Benoit, Georgesons16
Benoit, Gordonsons12
Benoit, Geraldinedaus10
Benoit, Augustinesons8
Benoit, Leosons6
Joe, Johnheadm47
Joe, Idadaus13
Joe, Leosons10
Joe, Marjoriedaus7
Joe, Eileendaus1
Fillatre, John Fheadm67
Fillatre, Laurawifem59
Fillatre, Cyrilsons26
Fillatre, Maxfieldsons21
Fillatre, Samuelsons17
LeRoux, Williamheadm30
LeRoux, Catherinewifem28
LeRoux, Davidsons2
LeRoux, Teresadaus1
LeRoux, Ralphheadm33
LeRoux, Elizabethwifem23
LeRoux, Raymondsons4 mos.
Young, Ralphad/sons11
Kendall, Arthurheadm68
Kendall, Juliawifem65
Kendall, Albertsons29
Kendall, Charlesgrsons14
Benoit, Haywoodheadm25
Benoit, Gertrudewifem21
Benoit, Harold Jsons13
Benoit, Edwardsons2
Benoit, Almadaus1 mo.
Benoit, Edward Mheadm55
Benoit, Marywifem55
Benoit, Herbertsonw27
Benoit, Matthewsons22
Benoit, Ernestsons24
Benoit, Bridgetdaus20
Benoit, Bartholemewsons17
Benoit, Nolansons14
Benoit, Marjoriedaus11
Pilgrim, Williamheadw62
Pilgrim, Harrissons28
Ryan, Michaelheadm76
Ryan, Philomenawifem60
Ryan, Wilfredheadm44
Ryan, Rosewifem39
Ryan, Davidsons21
Ryan, Gracedaus15
Ryan, Josephinedaus13
Ryan, Teresadaus12
Ryan, Marydaus10
Ryan, Mildreddaus8
Ryan, Wilfred Jsons6
Ryan, Jamessons3
Ryan, Raymondsons1
Benoit, Frankheadm48
Benoit, Vinniewifem49
Benoit, Arthursons25
Benoit, Thomassons22
Benoit, Marcsons20
Benoit, Wallacesons18
Benoit, Johnheadm44
Young, Rufusboarders19
Joe, Williamboarders15
Oliver, Peterheadm32
Oliver, Clarawifem42
Oliver, Earla/sons6
Renouf, Margareta/daus19
Young, Williamheadm36
Young, Annwifem37
Young, Idadaus14
Young, Robertsons12
Young, Percysons10
Young, Franksons5
Young, Melvinsons2
MacDonnell, Stella Pheadw39
MacDonnell, James Rsons11
O'Reilly, Maryheadw63
O'Reilly, Leo Jsons32
O'Reilly, Annedaus28
O'Reilly, Desmond Jsons27
O'Reilly, Marydaus26
O'Reilly, Aloysius Jsons24
Muise, Lucydomestics16
Radford, Arthurheadm55
Radford, Florencewifem46
Radford, Ritadaus23
Radford, Georgesons16
Radford, Timothysons15
Radford, Emilydaus13
Radford, Margaretdaus5
Delaney, Josephsonm72
Delaney, Lucywifem72
Gallant, Michaelgrsons7
Sullivan, Williamheadm55
Sullivan, Orpah Mwifem49
Sullivan, Davidsons28
Sullivan, William Tsons25
Sullivan, Bernardsons22
Sullivan, Margaretdaus20
Sullivan, Nathansons13
Sullivan, Jeannie Gdaus11
Sullivan, Ernestsons8
Young, Arthurheadm35
Young, Margaretwifem30
Young, Sarahdaus4
Young, Lawrencesons1
Linthorne, Archibaldheadm52
Linthorne, Emmawifem48
Linthorne, Charlessons27
Linthorne, Haroldsons21
Linthorne, Chesleysons18
Linthorne, Samuelsons16
Linthorne, Idadaus14
Linthorne, Joandaus3
Harview, Henryheadm64
Harview, Catherinewifem63
Harview, Lawrencesons26
Harview, Williamheadm28
Harview, Catherinewifem20
Harview, Jamessons1
Harview, Mariedaus1 mo.
Young, Andrewheadm38
Young, Bridgetwifem37
Young, Cavelldaus16
Young, Dorothydaus14
Young, Alphonsussons12
Young, Lukesons11
Young, Kathleendaus7
Young, Lorettodaus6
Blanchard, Williamheadm77
Blanchard, Elizabethwifem46
Blanchard, Josephsons26
Blanchard, Marydaus22
Blanchard, Petersons21
Blanchard, Johnsons19
Blanchard, Michaelsons18
Blanchard, Patricksons13
Blanchard, Thomassons11
Blanchard, Josephheadm50
Blanchard, Marywifem44
Blanchard, Edwardsons22
Blanchard, Annedaus19
Blanchard, Kathleendaus16
Young, Ronalda/sons8
Blanchard, Anthonyheadm78
Blanchard, Rosewifem73
Blanchard, Marydaus43
Blanchard, Timothysons3_
Blanchard, Jamessons32
Blanchard, Johnheadm30
Blanchard, Ritawifem23
Blanchard, Raymondsons2
Blanchard, Lorettodaus7 mos.
Cammie, Georgeheadm76
Cammie, Florawifem74
Cammie, Williamheadw49
Cammie, Franksons23
Cammie, Bernardsons20
Cammie, Alicedaus13
Coulter, William Bheadm49
Coulter, Avis Mwifem39
Coulter, Mariedaus19
Delaney, Joseph Pheadm50
Delaney, Catherinewifem50
Benoit, Fredericknephews10
Benoit, Peter H.headm75
Benoit, Laurencewm74
MacDonnell, Margaretheadw76
MacDonnell, Margaret Mdaus36
MacDonnell, Stephensons34
Blanchard, Magloireheadm77 or 78
Blanchard, Susanwifem79
Medore, Narcissuslodgers29
Delaney, Frederickheadm75
Delaney, Harrietwifem75
Delaney, Josephheadm39
Delaney, Lillian Jwifem33
Delaney, Fredericksons8
Delaney, Vernadaus7
Delaney, Annedaus5
Delaney, Maxinedaus4
Young, Patrickheadm68
Young, Adelaidewifem75
Young, Josepha/sons26
Stevens, Patrickheadm44
Stevens, Marywifem48
Stevens, Adelaidedaus20
Stevens, Dunphysons18
Young, Mary_m25
Young, Beatrice-_s4
Young, Thomasheadm74
Young, Marcelinewifem84
Perrier, Josephheadm26?
Perrier, Florencewifem32?
Perrier, Ruthdaus4
Perrier, Edwardsons3
Perrier, Charlesheadm48
Perrier, Marywifem39
Perrier, Corneiliussons22
Perrier, Johnheadm20
Perrier, Margaretwifem22
Perrier, Williamsons2
Perrier, Geraldsons1
Perrier, Pascalheadm58
Perrier, Marydaus28
Perrier, Dougaldgrsons7
Perrier, Albertgrsons5
Perrier, Anthonyheadm53
Perrier, Janewifem46
Perrier, Johnsons20
Perrier, Wilfredsons18
Perrier, Deliadaus16
Perrier, Evelyndaus12
Oliver, Johnheadm54
Oliver, Veronicawifem53
Oliver, Johnsons20
Oliver, Davidsons18
Oliver, Susandaus16
Oliver, Beatricedaus10
Muise, Henryheadm34
Muise, Lillianwifem33
Muise, Rosedaus11
Muise, Henrysons10
Muise, Dorisdaus9
Muise, Williamsons7
Muise, Leonsons6
Muise, Fredericksons4
Muise, Annedaus2
Muise, Gladysdaus1
Sheppard, Anneheadw48
Sheppard, Alexandersons24
Sheppard, Mosessons20
Muise, Kathleendaus17
Muise, Benjaminheadm46
Muise, Constancewifem39
Muise, Statiadaus11
Muise, Margaretdaus6
Cornack, John Jbr/laws20
Muise, Jamesheadm55
Muise, Angela Jwifem56
Muise, Josephsonm31
Muise, Elizabethdaus26
Muise, Johnsons23
Muise, Rodericksons20
Muise, Agnesdaus19
Muise, Mosessons17
Muise, Florencedaus15
Muise, Johnheadm49
Muise, Marywifem45
Muise, Waltersons19
Muise, Jessiedaus18
Muise, Petersons15
Muise, Victorsons13
Muise, Elizabethdaus10
Muise, Evelyndaus9
Muise, Teresadaus7
Muise, Olivinedaus6
Muise, Josephinedaus5
Muise, Augustinesons3
Blanchard, Gordongrsons1
Muise, Mosesheadm39
Muise, Adawifem26
Muise, Gertiedaus10
Muise, Hughsons8
Muise, Edwardsons5
Muise, Reginadaus4
Muise, Sarahdaus2
Muise, Dorothydaus11 mos.
Renouf, Peterheadm42
Renouf, Jessicawifem39
Renouf, Mosessons14
Renouf, Williamsons13
Renouf, Jamessons10
Renouf, Petersons8
Renouf, Percysons4
Renouf, Kathleendaus3
Renouf, Leosons1 mo.
Oliver, Josephheadm44
Oliver, H. Josephinewifem43
Oliver, Marjoriedaus14
Oliver, Leo Msons1
Ledbeater, Maryheadw50
Ledbeater, Fredericsons20
Perrier, Benjaminlodgers50
Ryan, Margaretheadw78
White, Frederickheadm_
White, Evelynwifem_
White, Rossa/sons16
White, Catherineheadw75
White, Robertsons34
Alexander, Lucydomestics18
Alexander, Peterheadm82
Alexander, Bridgetwifem66
Alexander, Jamesheadm38
Alexander, Teresawifem31
Alexander, Odile M.daus6
Alexander, Davidsons5
Alexander, Benedictsons9 mos.
O'Quinn, Lillianad/daus6
Cormick, Marydomestics20
Ryan, Johnheadm64
Ryan, Mary J.wifem58
Grandy, Johnad/sons12
White, Thomasheads53
White, Williamfatherm87
White, Elizabethmotherm82
White, Lawrenceheadm49
White, Marywifem34
White, Samuelsons21
White, Austensons19
White, Mildreddaus18
White, Hildadaus16
Bennett, Almaad/daus8
Swyers, Josephheadm39
Swyers, Josephinewifem38
Swyers, Corneliussons15
Swyers, Marjoriedaus12
Swyers, Roseanndaus10
Swyers, Haroldsons_
Swyers, Geraldinedaus_
*Morrisay, Johnheadm50
*Morrisay, Annewifem50
*Morrisay, Marydaus21
*Morrisay, Gertrudedaus17
*Morrisay, Geraldsons15
*Morrisay, Adeledaus13
*Morrisay, Johnsons11
*Morrisay, Waltersons7
*Meade, Noraauntw89
*Young, George@---
@ this name was crossed out; the rest of the entry is illegible
*The notation {Court House and Gaol } appeared across the second column, immediately after the names.
Benoit, Albertheadm44
Benoit, Marywifem37
Benoit, Raymondad/sons7
Benoit, Monicaad/daus7
Young, Johnheadm64
Young, Sarahwifem58
Young, Evelyndaus19
Young, Augustinesons17
Hynes, Frederickheadm59
Hynes, Marywifem62
Hynes, Normansons39
@Hynes, Waltersons24
Hynes, Marksons16
@ This entry was crossed out.
Leleone, Frankheadm26
Leleone, Evawifem24
Leleone, Claytonsons1
Leleone, Donaldsons1 mo.
Power, Primoheadm53
Power, Laurawifem50
Power, Josephsons27
Power, Thomassons2_
Power, Margaretdaus2_
Power, Mariedaus__
Power, Dorothydaus18
Power, Redmondsons17
Power, Michaelsons15
Power, Louissons13
Power, Leosons10
The following entry appeared below the last line on p 137. The entry would have been between Power, Marie and Power, Dorothy. I have moved it to keep the Power family intact.
Young, Maud___
These entries appeared after Power, Leo.
McFatridge, Edwardheadm26
McFatridge, Gracewifem20
McFatridge, Brendadaus1
LeRoux, Ralph E.headm50
LeRoux, Etta N.wifem45
LeRoux, Adadaus20
LeRoux, Gordonsons15
LeRoux, Leonadaus12
LeRoux, Walter E.brom69
Halbot, Johnheadm51
Halbot, Clarawifem43
Halbot, Teresadaus22
Halbot, Augustinesons19
Halbot, Eileendaus17
Halbot, Rosedaus15
Halbot, Johnsons11
Blanchard, Joseph E.headm61
Blanchard, Marywifem44
#O'Brien, W P---
#Entry crossed out - notation says "See Table A"
Dunn, John B.headm51
Dunn, Clarawifem50
Dunn, J. Bernardsons23
Dunn, Kevinsons18
Dunn, Sheiladaus17
Bates, Margaret Mnieces9
Butler, M Josephheadm_
Butler, Gladyswifem_
Butler, Jamessons_
Butler, Mauddaus18
Butler, Geraldsons16
Butler, Williamsons14
Butler, Ronaldsons10
Butler, Teresadaus7
Butler, Maureendaus4
Gaultois, Joseph Aheadm57
Gaultois, Rosewifem48
Gaultois, Annedaus30
Gaultois, Francissons24
Gaultois, Georgesons21
Gaultois, Michaelsons20
Gaultois, Josephinedaus18
Gaultois, Leodaus16
Gaultois, Mariedaus14
Gaultois, Dallisdaus11
Gaultois, Haroldsons9
Gaultois, Marguerite Cdaus6
Gaultois, Teresa Hdaus3
Renouf, Most Rev. H. T.heads63
Gresne, rev. Robert Jpriests28
Meehan, Margarethousekeeperw62
Griffin, Clara Adomestics25
Sister M. DeSalesheads50
Sister M. Terencenuns69
Sister M. Ignatiusnuns38
Sister Margaret Marynuns47
Sister Philomenanuns36
Sister Oliveranuns33
Sister __izaganuns32
Sister Angelanuns25
Sister Je_ne_nuns22
Caines, Lillian_s21
Caines, Madelienedomestics24
Ozon, Louis Jheadm38
Ozon, Beatricewifem32
Ozon, Lauradaus11
Ozon, Edwardsons9
Ozon, Josephsons7
Ozon, Robertsons5
McLellan, Dougaldheadm50
McLellan, Franceswifem45
Hayes, Augustine Dheadm34
Hayes, L. Marywifem29
Hayes, James R.fatherw71
Cormier, Annedomestics19
White, Hubertheadm62
White, Catherinewifem53
White, Michaelsons23
White, Bernardsons19
White, Patricksons16
White, Marydaus14
White, Rodericksons11
White, Bartholemewheadm29
White, Christinawifem24
White, Patricksons6
White, Gerardsons4
White, Teresadaus2
White, Frankheadm57
White, Adelewifem50
White, Annedaus29
White, J. Francisa/sons20
Worrell, Eldon G.headm30
Worrell, Eva E.wifem29
McLellan, John A.headm66
McLellan, Catherinewifem64
_D_y, Archibaldboarders42
Gallant, Susanheadw38
Gallant, Waltersons16
Gallant, Reginadaus4
Gallant, Ronaldsons2
Delaney, Johnheadm51
Delaney, Emily Awifem61
Muise, Maryboarders27
Kent, William Rboarderm29
Kent, Aves _boarderm30
Gillis, Eleanorboarder_48
Pynn, Selbyheadm64
Pynn, Annewifem66
Pynn, Gordonsons28
Gorman, Stephenheadw63
Gorman, Bridgetdaus30
Gorman, Thomassons26
Hudson, Georgeheadm58
Hudson, Juliawifem52
Hudson, Charlessons25
Delaney, W. Albertheadm41
Delaney, Margaretwifem55
Miller, Gustave Ca/sons16
Benoit, Louisheadm41
Benoit, Agneswifem39
Benoit, Williamsons15
Benoit, Dorothydaus14
Benoit, Louissons_
Benoit, Cecilsons7
Benoit, Claytonsons6
Benoit, Violadaus4
Benoit, Kevinsons2
Benoit, Terencesons1 mo.
Bethune, Roderickheads31
Hall, Johnheadm64
Hall, Catherinewifem52
Hall, Elizabethdaus26
Hall, Madeleinedaus24
Hall, Kathleendaus22
Hall, Anthonysons20
Hall, Margaretdaus16
Hall, Donaldsons12
Hall, Paulsons10
Hall, Michaelsons7
England, Georgeheadw67
England, Nelsonsons27
Pieroway, Georgeheadm47
Pieroway, Edith Mwifem41
Pieroway, Kennethsons20
Pieroway, Polonadau214
Pieroway, Georgesons11
Pieroway, Morgansons9
Pieroway, Maydaus7
Pieroway, Marydaus6
Pieroway, Johnheadw80
Butt, Samuel Hheadm52
Butt, Mary Ewifem43
Butt, Cavelldaus8
Butt, Phylisdaus6
Butt, Shirleydaus1
Butt, Alfredheadm61
Butt, Maudwifem63
Butt, Dudleysons29
Butt, Hedleysons27
Butt, Charlessons22
Butt, Hilliardheadw55
Butt, Reathadaus27
Butt, Edgarsons19
Butt, Audreydaus12
Hudson, Al_d_headm64
Hudson, Miriamwifem64
Hudson, Jamessons31
Hudson, Miriam E.daus26
LeRoux, Peterheadm56
LeRoux, Irenewifem57
LeRoux, Petersons14
LeRoux, Selmadaus12
Hudson, Jamesheadm59
Hudson, Annewifem55
*Hudson, Everittsons21
Hudson, Veradaus20
Hudson, Andrewsons17
*this entry was crossed out - no notation
Tulk, A. MacDonaldheadm36
Tulk, Hazelwifem37
Tulk, Junedaus5
Tulk, Patriciadaus3
Garland, Nehemiahheadm68
Garland, Susanahwifem59
Garland, Charlessons46
Garland, Jamesheadm44
Garland, Mary E.wifem35
Garland, Janedaus14
Garland, Alicedaus12
Garland, Myrtledaus10
Garland, Bessiedaus8
Garland, P. Garfieldsons7
Garland, H. Georgesons2
Garland, Ivy M.daus6 mos.
Butt, Normanheadm54
Garland, Florencewifem37
Symonds, Gordons/sons11
Symonds, Malcolmsons2
Butt, Frederickheadm44
Butt, Adeliawifem44
Butt, Wilbertsons18
Butt, Hildadaus16
Butt, Thelmadaus15
Butt, Maxwellsons13
Butt, Jeandaus11
Butt, Raysons9
Butt, Altonsons5
Butt, Junedaus4
Butt, Earlsons3
Butt, Samuelheadm75
Butt, Emilywifem47
Dunford, Thomass/sons13
Goodyear, Williamheadm65
Goodyear, Sarahwifem67
Goodyear, A. Mauddaus31
Pieroway, Josephheadm54
Pieroway, Elizabethwifem49
Pieroway, Charlessons27
Pieroway, Geraldsons25
Pieroway, Wallacesons23
Pieroway, Percysons18
Pieroway, Fredadaus16
Pieroway, Edwinsons14
Pieroway, Inadaus10
Dennis, Philipheadm6_
Dennis, Ellawifem50
Dennis, Marjoriedaus20
Dennis, Winnifreddaus17
Morris, Arnoldheads46
Morris, Louisamotherw89
Goodyear, Isaac Cheadm49
Goodyear, Adeliawifem55
Goodyear, Gracedaus21
Goodyear, Charlessons20
Goodyear, Arnoldsons18
Goodyear, Hazeldaus14
Morris, Haroldheadm48
Morris, Christinawifem48
Morris, Lesliesons19
Morris, Raymondsons16
Morris, Almadaus12
Morris, Myrtledaus9
Morris, Frederickheadm52
Morris, Georginawifem40
Morris, Arthursons14
Morris, Charlessons4
LeRoux, E. Warrenheadm61
LeRoux, Sarah Louisawifem56
LeRoux, Fredericksons18
Morris, Percyheadm51
Morris, Jessie M wifem47
Morris, Robert Psons8
Hann, Mary Am/laww85
Brown, Georgeboarder_65
Morris, Thomasheadm57
Morris, Martha Awifem54
Morris, Cecilsons24
Morris, Howardsons21
Morris, Bertramsons19
Morris, Rodericksons17
Swyer, Edwardheadm31
Swyer, Mildredwifem28
Swyer, Waltersons9
Swyer, Sadiedaus7
Swyer, Eldonsons3
Dawe, Ernestheadm34
Dawe, Marjoriewifem26
Dawe, Noreendaus6
Dawe, Allansons5
Dawe, Phylisdaus4
Dawe, Mariondaus3
Dawe, Patiencemotherw74
Pieroway, Lawsonheadm49
Pieroway, I Clarawifem46
Pieroway, Mary Pdaus23
Sheppard, Charlesheadm57
Sheppard, Annewifem57
Sheppard, Augustinesons27
Sheppard, Eliassons26
Sheppard, Cyrilsons24
Sheppard, Raymondsons23
Sheppard, Margaretdaus18
Sheppard, Henrysons15
Sheppard, Charlotttedaus14
Sheppard, Walterheadm29
Sheppard, Genevievewifem_
Sheppard, Eileendaus_
Sheppard, Teresadaus_
Sheppard, Josephheadm_
Sheppard, Philomenawifem_
Sheppard, Jamessons26
Sheppard, Francissons23
Sheppard, Edwardsons20
Sheppard, Agnesdaus17
Shannon, Josephgrsons7
Sheppard, Hilliardheadm28
Sheppard, Almawifem20
Sheppard, Audreydaus7 mos.
Falle, Samuelheadw66
Falle, Mary Js/motherw79
Holmes, Rev. Albertheadm36
Holmes, Nettawifem30
Holmes, Douglassons1
Benoit, Thomasheadm67
Benoit, Annewifem58
Benoit, Stephensons24
Benoit, Jamessons20
Paul, Josephlodgers47
Muise, Alexanderheadm52
Muise, Marywifem47
Muise, Ralphsons20
Muise, Lucydaus17
Muise, Corneliussons13
Muise, Violetdaus7
Note: The following entries were in a different handwriting than the rest of the census; blanks are indicated; it was very difficult to read.
Joung, Mosesblanks4
White, Odellblanks23
McLellan, Reginablanks22
Pieroway, Johnhead_28
Brown, Wm. Hblank_35
MacDonald, Jamesblank__
L_yley, Wm.Blank__

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