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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Bay St. George District - Town of St. Teresa's

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 113-117
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Duphney, JohnHeadM42
Duphney, RoseWifeM27
Duphney, JohnSonS9
Duphney, RonaldSonS7
Duphney, PatriciaDaughterS5
Duphney, RoySonS4
Duphney, LionelSonS2
Duphney, BradleySonS1
March, AndrewHeadW79
March, UrsulaDaughterS43
March, ElizabethDaughterS41
Young, MaryHeadW65
Young, ThomasSonS22
Young, WilliamHeadS"4_"
Brennan, Rev. WalterHeadS47
Hollahan, EllenServantS34
MacDonald, MargaretHeadW52
MacDonald, MichaelSonM32
MacDonald, HenrySonS27
MacDonald, FrancisSonS20
MacDonald, ThomasSonS19
Cormier, WilfredHeadS32
Young, EarnistineHousekeeperM30
Young, EdgarStep SonS10
Webb, MaryHeadW50
Swyer, AdenSonS6
Webb, EvelynDaughterS24
Webb, JeanDaughterS16
Webb, EileenDaughterS9
King, JamesHeadM28
King, MaryWifeM28
King, LouisSonS16
King, MatildaDaughterS15
King, WalterSonS14
King, TeresaDaughterS13
King, WillisSonS11
King, MargaretDaughterS9
King, FrancisSonS7
King, RaymondSonS5
King, EdwardSonS3
King, ZetaDaughterS1
Young, GeorgeHeadM40
Young, An___?M36
Young, AugustusSonS12
Young, DorothyDaughterS10
Young, RoseDaughterS8
Young, NeilSonS7
Young, FlorenceDaughterS6
King, FrancisHeadM66
King, AliceWifeM58
Young, MaryHeadM29
Young, GraceDaughterS5
Young, GloriaDaughterS2
Green, JosephLodgerS28
Cormier, FrederickHeadS27
MacDonald, MargaretHousekeeperS30
MacDonald, RichardTemp. adopt SonS9
MacDonald, EuniceTemp. Adopt Dau.S8
Burchell, NeilHeadM27
Burchell, JosephineWifeM23
Burchell, MaryDaughterS3
Burchell, CorneliusSonS2
Burchell, AngelinaDaughterS1
Cormier, WilliamHeadM63
Cormier, MargaretWifeM62
Young, MatildaServantS19
MacDonald, JohnHeadM42
MacDonald, JosephineWifeM21
MacDonald, GeraldSonS2
Cormier, FrederickHeadM55
Cormier, MaryWifeM42
Cormier, LeoSonS23
Cormier, ArthurSonS20
Cormier, NeilSonS18
Cormier, DeliaDaughterS16
Cormier, HubertSonS14
Cormier, BenedictSonS12
Cormier, EdwardSonS10
Cormier, BernardSonS8
Cormier, JohnSonS6
Cormier, ZitaDaughterS4
Cormier, AlonzoSonS2
Cormier, PatrickHeadM59
Cormier, IsabelWifeM54
Webb, MaryGrand DaughterS9
Cormier, MedrickHeadM69
Cormier, MaryWifeM60
Cormier, JohnBrotherS38
King, ThomasHeadM49
King, MaryWifeM37
King, RichardSonS19
King, EdithDaughterS15
King, CorneliusSonS13
King, KathleenDaughterS11
King, CliffordSonS9
King, CeciliaMotherW74
King, MichaelNephewS16
King, IreneNieceS15
Benoit, MikeBrotherS38
MacDonald, MaryHeadS83
Burchell, FrancisHeadM31
Burchell, EffieWifeM27
Strand, CharlesHeadM44
Strand, JosephineWifeM41
Strand, FrancisSonS21
Strand, LeonaDaughterS19
Cormier, EdithHeadM18
Cormier, EarlSonS2
Long, GeorgeHeadM45
Long, JosephineDaughterS22
Long, WilliamSonS21
Long, JamesSonS19
Long, WilliamHeadM72
Long, ElizabethWifeM72
Long, MaryStep DaughterM53
Long, JamesHeadM42

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Bay St. George District