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1945 Census

Settlement of Black Duck

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Bennett, AlfredHeadM38Síville XingSíville Xing
Bennett, JennyWifeM32Port au BasqueSíville Xing
Bennett, LawrenceSon-10Síville XingSíville Xing
Bennett, LesterSon-2Síville Xing-

Benoit, John H.HeadM33Síville XingSíville Xing
Benoit, AnnieWifeM25Port au PortSíville Xing
Benoit, WalterSon-9Síville Xing-
Benoit, G. VictorSon-7Síville Xing-
Benoit, O. ElizabethDau-5Síville Xing-
Benoit, J. GilbertSon-3Síville Xing-
Benoit, J. BernardSon-2Síville Xing-

Campbell, Nigel H.H.HeadM41EnglandSíville Xing
Campbell, Janet J.WifeM37U.S.A.U.S.A.

Swyer, SamHeadM74Sandy PointSíville Xing
Swyer, Elizabeth J.WifeM53RobinsonísSíville Xing
Swyer, James W.W.SonM26Sandy PointSíville Xing
Swyer, Martha M.Dau in lawM26CurlingPort au Port
Swyer, Phyllis M.Grand Dau-3Corner Brook-

Ryan, Edward J.HeadM52CodroySíville Xing
Ryan, Elis. M.WifeM30Síville XingSíville Xing
Ryan, BernardSon-11Síville XingSíville Xing
Ryan, MaryDau-8Síville Xing-
Ryan, MathildaDau-7Síville Xing-
Ryan, Ed--- J.Son-6Síville Xing-

Gorman, John Thos.HeadM37St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Gorman, Agnes L.WifeM26St. FintanísSt. Fintanís
Gorman, RonaldSon-5Codroy-
Gorman, MargaretDau-4St. Fintanís-
Gorman, MonicaDau-4St. Fintanís-
Gorman, BernardSon-2Síville Xing-
Gorman, TheresaDau-10/12Corner Brook-

Pike, Adrain (?) F.HeadM25St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Pike, Rose S.B.WifeM27Alexander BayAlexander Bay

Brake, Leonard M,HeadM23CodroyCodroy
Brake, PhilomenaWifeM24LourdesLourdes
Brake, Patricia Dau-4Codroy-
Brake, RobertSon-3Codroy-
Brake, ReginaDau-1Codroy-

Benoit, R. AugustusHeadM35Síville XingSíville Xing
Benoit, MaryWifeM30Síville XingSíville Xing
Benoit, ElizabethDau-5Síville Xing-
Benoit, PeterSon-3Síville Xing-

March, Albert J.HeadM33LourdesPort au Port
March, AnnieWifeM30Port au PortPort au Port
March, DorothyDau-13Port au PortPort au Port
March, EileenDau-11Port au PortPort au Port
March, DonaldSon-10Port au PortPort au Port
March, MadonnaDau-7Port au Port-
March, VolaDau-5Port au Port-
March, FintonSon-1 or 4Síville Xing-
March, NicholasSon-5/12Síville Xing-
Benoit, AlecNoneD25Port au PortPort au Port

Connolly, ThomasHeadM46St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Connolly, PatriciaWifeM27Síville XingSíville Xing
Connolly, RaphaelSon-10Síville XingSíville Xing
Connolly, Mary M.Dau-8Síville Xing-
Connolly, JosephSon-7Síville Xing-
Connolly, MerinaDau-5Síville Xing-
Connolly, RonaDau-4Síville Xing-
Connolly, Teddy W.Son-3Síville Xing-
Connolly, RonaldSon-2Síville Xing-
Connolly, baby boySon-11/52Síville Xing-
Kerfont, GertrudeNoneS19Síville XingSíville Xing

Wise, DouglasHeadS 65WalesSíville Xing

Fleet, WilliamHeadM43Síville XingSíville Xing
Fleet, TheoraWifeM41JefferyísSíville Xing
Chaffey, GeraldNephew-4Síville Xing-

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