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1945 Census

Settlement of George's Lake

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Blanchard, WilfredHeadM56St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Blanchard, HelenWifeM38Port au PortSíville Xing
Blanchard, HaroldSon-14St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Blanchard, AugustusSon-13St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Blanchard, RonaldSon-11Síville XingSíville Xing
Blanchard, RobertSon-9Síville Xing-
Blanchard, TimothySon-7Síville Xing-
Blanchard, EdnaDau-6Síville Xing-
Blanchard, IdaDau-5Síville Xing-
Blanchard, CyrilSon-3Síville Xing-

Samms, John R.HeadM36CodroySt. Georgeís
Samms, PhilomenaWifeM35St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, BeatriceDau-19St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, WilsonSon-18St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, HenrySon-17St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, RussellSon-11St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, WilliamSon--10St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Samms, CoraDau-9St. Georgeís-
Samms, JeanDau-8St. Georgeís-
Samms, ShirleyDau-5St. Georgeís-
Samms, JamesFatherW75CodroySt. Georgeís

Hynes, Edward,HeadM32Port au PortPort au Port
Hynes, EdwinaWifeM33Síville XingSíville Xing
Hynes, Raymond F.Son-1Síville Xing-

Young, Stanley J.HeadM27St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Young, A. KatherineWifeM23Bay of Isl.Corner Brook

Young, BerthaHeadS28St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Young, SylvesterSon-11Corner BrookSíville Xing
Young, EllaDau-9St. Georgeís-

Young, DominickHeadM26St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, JuliaWife (C.L.)S39St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, VenetiaDau-12St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, RonaldSon-8St. Georgeís-
Young, MarieDau-5St. Georgeís-

Young, MartinHeadW57St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Webb, FrancisSon in LawD28St. GeorgeísCorner Brook
Webb, StellaDauD25St. GeorgeísCorner Brook
Webb, Frank J.Grand Dau-8Síville Xing-
Lamine, MichaelNoneD47Port au PortPort au Port
Bennett, PhillisNoneD37Port au PortSt. Georgeís

Presyon, ArthurHeadD45St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Rose, EileenNoneS42Port au PortSíville Xing
Hynes, DorothyNoneS21Port au PortPort au Port
Hynes, A----yNone-1Síville Xing-

Green, JosephHeadS43CodroySt. Georgeís
Young, PaulineNoneM48St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, RussellNoneS22St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, GeorgeNone-12St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
Young, Rita M.None-8St. Georgeís-
Young, SheilaNone-14St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís

White, EdwardHeadM51StephenvilleSt. Georgeís
White, KatherineWifeM44BonivistaSt. Georgeís
White, FrankSon-18BadgerSt. Georgeís
White, JohnSon-16BadgerSt. Georgeís
White, EdwardSon-14BadgerSt. Georgeís
White, HarveySon-12St. GeorgeSt. Georgeís
White, Fred (?)Son-6Heatherton-

McCarthy, LenardHeadM31Corner BrookCorner Brook
McCarthy, EmmyWifeM29Síville XingCorner Brook
McCarthy, Emma L--aDau-5Corner Brook-
McCarthy, Lenard R.Son-4Corner Brook-
McCarthy, Eli-- M. H. Dau-1Corner Brook-

Hynes, DavidHeadS24Port au PortPort au Port
King, JeanNoneS24St. GeorgeísSt. Georgeís
King, MarieNone*-3St. Georgeís-
King, D. Kath.None*-9/12Síville Xing-
Legge, JamesNone*D36St. DavidísSt. David
* had a ? mark after None

Bishop, EdwardHeadM71Bay RobertsSíville Xing
Bishop, Emma L.WifeM66Bay RobertsSíville Xing
Bishop, Wilfred (????)SonS25Síville XingSíville Xing

Hynes, E. JosephHeadS27Port au PortPort au Port
Hynes, J. WilsonBrotherS19Port au PortPort au Port

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