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1945 Census

Settlement of Harmon II

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Book 8; Pages 197 - 203 M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by HANK WEIDLE, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace District in 1935
Dominey, HenryHeadM25BurgeoBurgeo
Dominey, MildredWifeM22BurgeoBurgeo
Dominey, JamesSonS2St Georges
Cunningham, MaudeMother in LawW43BurgeoBurgeo
Cunningham, EileenSister in LawS4St Georges

McLean, AngusHeadM37St Georges
McLean, MagdalenWifeM36St Georges
McLean, SamuelSonS17St Georges
McLean, CeliaDaughterS14St Georges
McLean, RolandSonS4St Georges
McLean, AndrewSonS2St Georges

McEachern, John J.HeadM25St Georges
McEachern, EmmaWifeM23Hermitage

Shanahan, Robert F.HeadM25Harbour GraceHarbour Grace
Shanahan, ElizabethWifeM19Harbour MainHarbour Main
Shanahan, KevinSonS8 mo.Harbour Grace

McCann, Dennis"-"S23ConceptionConception

Power, Raphael"-"S20TrinityTrinity

Woodford, George"-"M24ConceptionConception
Downey, Gilbert J."-"S30White BayWhite Bay
McNeil, Fredrick A."-"S21St Georges

Powell, Joseph"-"S20BonavistaBonavista
Coles, Alfred F."-"M58TrinityTrinity

Callahan, William"-"S19HumberHumber

Power, Gerald"-"S17HumberHumber

Earle, James"-"M25ConceptionConception

Luvererte, Onslow"-"S23FortuneFortune

Jennings, Allister"-"S27TwillingateTwillingate

Langdon, Brian"-"S19HumberHumber

Abbott, Joseph"-"M31BonavistaBonavista

Bennett, Trembelett"-"S28BonavistaBonavista

Delney, Edward J."-"S17HumberHumber

Aucoin, William"-"S21St Georges

Hicks, Earl"-"S20BonavistaBonavista

Hayward, Rance"-"S22BonavistaBonavista

Jones, George"-"W26TwillingateTwillingate

Gillan, William T."-"S19St BarbeSt Barbe

Roberts, James R."-"S17St BarbeSt Barbe

Roberts, Heber"-"S19St BarbeSt Barbe

Griffin, Clarence"-"M42BurinBurin

Williams, Gerald"-"S18BurinBurin

Legg, Charles Jr."-"M55St GeorgesHumber

Green, Ernest"-"S29PlacentiaPlacentia

Hall, David F."-"S46St Georges

Welbourne, Martin"-"S29FogoFogo

Fitzgerald, Raymond"-"S24BonavistaBonavista

Fitzgerald, Louis"-"S21BonavistaBonavista

Norm__, Patrick"-"S25PlacentiaPlacentia

Hynes, Lawrence"-"S17St Georges

Hynes, Richard C.Head (Sic)M39St Georges
Hynes, MaryWife (Sic)M34St Georges
Hynes, VincentSon (Sic)S15St Georges
Hynes, KevinSon (Sic)S13St Georges
Hynes, LewisSon (Sic)S10St Georges
Hynes, MarkSon (Sic)S8St Georges
Hynes, HelenDaughter (Sic)S7St Georges
Hynes, GerardSon (Sic)S6St Georges
Hynes, JohnSon (Sic)S5St Georges
Hynes, PatrickSon (Sic)S4St Georges
Hynes, HenrySon (Sic)S3St Georges
Hynes, MathewSon (Sic)S11 mo.St Georges

Tavener, Colin B.Head (Sic)M32St John'sPort au Basques
Tavener, CavellWife (Sic)M25Grand FallsGrand Falls
Tavener, Dennis J.Son (Sic)S8Grand Falls
Tavener, Ann A.Daughter (Sic)S3Grand Falls
Tavener, StanleySon (Sic)S2St Lawrence

Murley, Lisley H.HeadM32HumberHumber
Murley, EmmaWifeM31Humber
Murley, DorothyDaughterS15HumberHumber
Brake, Ivy J.SisterM25HumberHumber

Musseau, Joseph W.HeadM38St. George'sPort au Basques
Musseau, MariaWifeM30Port au BasquesSt Georges
Musseau, ShirleyDaughterS9Port au Basques
Musseau, BernardSonS8Port au Basques
Musseau, BerniceDaughterS7Port au Basques
Musseau, Walter J.SonS5Port au Basques
Musseau, RusselSonS4Port au Basques
Musseau, MadonnaDaughterS2Port au Basques
Musseau, ElizabethDaughterS6 mo.St Georges
Young, GeneviveCousinS14Port au BasquesSt Georges

Dwyer, EdwardHeadM33Harbour MainHarbour Main
Dwyer, AnnieWifeM26Harbour MainHarbour Main
Dwyer, IrisDaughterS6Harbour Main
Dwyer, AlphonsusSonS4Harbour Main
Dwyer, BrendanSonS2Placentia
Cunningham, ElizaServantS19BurgeoBurgeo

Brake, MurdockHeadM23HumberHumber
Brake, Annie V.WifeM24St Georges
Brake, Rodney R.SonS1St Georges
Brake, BabySonS1 mo.St Georges

Hanlon, John F.HeadM33St JosephsSt Josephs
Hanlon, Mary V.WifeM25St Georges
Hanlon, John J.SonS6St Georges
Hanlon Hugh J.SonS5St Georges
Hanlon, Mary J.DaughterS3St Georges
Hanlon, Charles A.SonS2St Georges
Hanlon, Monica A.DaughterS1 mo.St Georges

Mercer, Augustus"-"M45ConceptionGrand Falls

Bown, Ernest F."-"S35Bell IslandCanada

Fagan, Brendan J."-"S19St Johns E.St Johns E.

Gale, Wilfred G."-"S24St Georges

Duffnias, Mark"-"S17St Georges

Flynn (Sic), Ellis"-"S19St Georges

Faulkner, Henry"-"W51BonavistaBonavista

Janes, Howard"-"S40St BarbeHumber

Quinlan, Raymond S."-"S28Bay De VerdeBay De Verde

Pelley, Fredrick A.HeadM36Notre DameNotre Dame
Pelley, SybilWifeM30St Georges

White, John P."-"S30St Georges

Jewer, Cliford W.HeadM29Notre DameNotre Dame
Jewer, Annie L.WifeM32Notre DameNotre Dame
Jewer, BarbaraDaughterS5Grand Falls
Jewer, RonaldSonS2Grand Falls

Tulk, HubertHeadM34St BarbeHumber
Tulk, AliceWifeM26Port au PortHumber
Tulk, FrankSonS11HumberHumber

Butler, Hubert J.HeadM27Notre DameHumber
Butler, ThersaWifeM28BonavistaHumber
Butler, RoySonS8Humber
Butler, EricSonS6Humber
Butler, LouiseDaughterS5Humber
Butler, MervinSonS4Humber
Butler, JoanDaughterS11 mo.St Georges

Pilgrim, HarrisHeadM39CanadaSt Georges
Pilgrim, KathleenWifeM28St Georges
Pilgrim, WilliamSonS8Humber
Pilgrim, RonaldSonS6St Georges
Pilgrim, PhilipSonS4St Georges
Pilgrim, RosettaDaughterS2St Georges

Sullivan, James J.HeadM27PlacentiaHumber
Sullivan, Loretta M.WifeM27St GeorgesHumber
Sullivan, Constance M.DaughterS3Humber
Sullivan, Kenneth S.SonS1Humber
Sullivan, AnitaDaughterS3 mo.Humber

Keough, Edward G.HeadM28St Johns E.St Johns
Keough, Ann E.WifeM25CanadaPort au Port
Keough Elizabeth A.DaughterS1St Georges

Snow, Wilfred R.HeadM31ConceptionHumber
Snow, ElizabethWifeM33HermitageHumber
Snow, Evelyn A.DaughterS12HumberHumber
Parsons, MaryBoarderS22CarbonearCarbonear

Martin, ChelseyHeadM37St BarbeHumber
Martin, FlorenceWifeM28TwillingateHumber
Martin, ShirleyDaughterS9Humber
Martin, DonaldSonS8Humber
Martin, GeraldSonS5Humber
Martin, WilliamSonS2St Georges

Martin, John W.HeadM45St Georges
Martin, CarmelWifeM32St Georges
Martin, Charles G.SonS7St Georges

Rose, Heber T."-"S21FortuneFortune

Knott, John W.HeadM48HermitageHumber
Knott, EmilyWifeM46HermitageHumber
Lily, MarathaAd. DaughterS20HermitageHumber

Wall, Fredrick J."-"S50Harbour MainHumber

Foote, Roland S."-"S19CanadaBurin
Penton, Abraham"-"M34FogoFogo

Legge, Narvel B."-"S35St Georges

MacPherson, Alexander S."-"
35St Georges

Mullaly, William S."-"S19Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Pitts, Clarence"-"S17TrinityTrinity

House, Stewart D."-"S28BonavistaBonavista

Day, Howard O."-"S25FogoFogo

Healey, Rodger"-"S18St Johns E.St Johns

Abbott, Mark L."-"S18Port au Port

Barker, Louis M."-"S19BonavistaBonavista

Taylor, Galphine C."-"S24BonavistaBonavista

Butler, Burcell"-"S17TrinityTrinity
Barbour, Baxter"-"S18TrinityTrinity
Shea, Patrick B."-"S22FogoFogo

Abett, Albert"-"S20FogoFogo

Ryan, Myrtle E."-"S23ConceptionConception

Darrigan, Mabel E."-"S22HumberHumber

Tucker, Louisa"-"S18St BarbeSt Barbe

MacDonald, Priscilla"-"S21Port au Port

Vaters, Walter"-"M33CarbonearCarbonear

Hinchey, James S."-"S28Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Goulding, Margaret M."-"S18Grand FallsGrand Falls

Jones, Marion G."-"S21Grand FallsGrand Falls

Butt, Irene W."-"S19Harbour GraceHarbour Grace

Douay, John V."-"S20BurinBurin

Batstone, Robert M."-"M61Notre DameNotre Dame

Mercer, Roy"-"S23ConceptionConception

Swyer, Alphonsus"-"S24St Georges

Caines, Harvey"-"S19HumberHumber

Pardy, Francis"-"W41FortuneAt Sea

Lamb, Patrick"-"S30PlacentiaPlacentia

Fitzgerald, Edward"-"S24ConceptionConception

Webb, Joseph"-"M49St BarbeSt Barbe

March, Rodrick F."-"S17Port au Port

Hynes, Hilliard C."-"S17Port au Port

Walsh, Francis J."-"S21PlacentiaPlacentia

Dinn, James A."-"M37PlacentiaPlacentia

Colberlin, Edwin A."-"M49TwillingateGrand Falls

Cribb, Chesley"-"S17HermitageHermitage

Carason, Maxwell W."-"S17St BarbeSt Barbe

Cleary, Thomas"-"M23Harbour GraceHarbour Grace

Harris, Chester E."-"S21Trinity S.Trinity S.

Power, Daniel J."-"M55Harbour MainHarbour Main

Stewart, Edward F."-"S25FortuneFortune

Hunt, Charles G."-"M25Port au Port

Hunt, Rose J."-"M25FogoFogo

Butt, William P."-"M39FogoFogo

Wiseman, Bernard W."-"S21Notre DameNotre Dame

Handcock, James"-"M44Notre DameNotre Dame

Butler, James B."-"M56St BarbeHumber

Kieley, William F."-"S18St John's W.St John's W.

Bruce, Richard J."-"S23Port au Port

McCormack, George B."-"S35St MarysSt Marys

Gillam, William S."-"S38St Georges

Gillis, Dominic S."-"S32St Georges

Storey, Herbert J."-"S22BurinBurin

Bruce, Walter S."-"S27St Georges

Chaulk, Boyd G."-"S17FogoFogo

Cullimore, Alfred J."-"M42TrinityTrinity

Lasaga, Stanley W."-"S18St Georges

Short, John A."-"S19BonavistaBonavista

Corbett, John P."-"S18ConceptionConception

MacDonald, John"-"S17HumberHarbour Main

Fitzpatrick, Thomas"-"M27ConceptionConception

Jackman, Clyde"-"S19HermitageHermitage

Fitzpatrick, Patrick"-"M52ConceptionConception

Simms, Gordon"-"S20HermitageHermitage

Cleary, Dennis R."-"S31PlacentiaPlacentia

Roche, Katheryn"-"S25St Johns E.St Johns E.

Courtney, Hubert A."-"S18St John's C.St John's C.

Sulley, Russel L."-"S20White BayWhite Bay

Poole, William J."-"S23ConceptionConception

Coveryduck, William"-"M48Port DeGravePort DeGrave

Kennedy, John E."-"S19Grand FallsGrand Falls

Freeman, Edwin C."-"S20TrinityTrinity

Woodrow, Michael"-"S26Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Day, Harold A."-"S38TwillingateFogo

Higgins, Andrew"-"S17Grand FallsGrand Falls

Johnson, John"-"S25Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Cove, Frank"-"S21LabradorLabrador

Spencer, William"-"S22Green BayGreen Bay

Walters, Raymond"-"S17TrinityTrinity

Hill, Harold S."-"S21Notre DameNotre Dame

Sheppard, Fredrick"-"S23FogoFogo

Delaney, Alicia M."-"S19St Georges

Healey, Marie"-"S23Grand FallsGrand Falls

Pike, Colin B."-"S16BonavistaBonavista

Beanland, Ronald"-"S18St Georges

Simms, Arthur J."-"S23White BayWhite Bay

Noseworthy, Alexander"-"S20Harbour GraceHarbour Grace

Smith, Walter"-"S21ConceptionConception

Foley, Patrick"-"S18Harbour MainHarbour Main

Colson, Gordon"-"S22St Georges

Bulgin, Donald A."-"S18HumberHumber

Hickey, Peter"-"S19PlacentiaPlacentia

Hearn, Edward P."-"S45TwillingateHumber

Hoskins, Thomas"-"S20TrinityTrinity

Mahoney, Raymond P."-"M37Harbour MainHarbour Main

Hunter, Ernest E."-"M45St Johns W.St Johns W.

Bruce, John J."-"S18Harbour GraceSt Johns W.

Warren, John R."-"S19Fortune

Warford, Frank S."-"S24ConceptionConception

Wills, Eric"-"S19FortuneFortune

Miles, Norman"-"S23BurgeoBurgeo

Colford, Richard"-"M59Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Musseau, Benjamin"-"M59BurgeoHumber

McHugh, Thersa"-"M31Port au PortHumber

Blandford, Jane F."-"M26Grand FallsGrand Falls

Ingram, Joseph H."-"W28Port au BasquesPort au Basques

Basla, Mary D."-"S27HumberHumber

Downey, Jean D."-"S19Bell IslandBell Island

Pardy, Edgar E."-"M31White BayWhite Bay

Pardy, Gertrude"-"M31Notre DameWhite Bay

Rice, William"-"M58ConceptionConception

Whalen, Felix"-"S21FortuneFortune

Warren, William H."-"S18HumberHumber

Walsh, Patrick"-"S18Harbour MainHarbour Main

Miller, Ernest J."-"S18PlacentiaPlacentia

Carroll, Mary E."-"S20HumberHumber

McIsaac, Lloyd V. (Sic)"-"S18Grand FallsGrand Falls

McCarthy, Irene M."-"S19HumberHumber

Smith, Lorna M."-"S20HumberHumber

Gosine, Helen M."-"S20Bell IslandBell Island

Whitfild, Mullitt"-"S21FogoFogo

Pennel, Otto"-"S24FogoFogo

Russel, William"-"S32BonavistaBonavista

Austin, John"-"S22TrinityTrinity

Kelly, Robert"-"S31FogoGrand Falls

Reardon, Gregory"-"M25FogoFogo

Keel, John T."-"M31BonavistaBonavista

Simmons, Eric H."-"S20Trinity S.Trinity S.

Rideout, Gertrude"-"S18Notre DameNotre Dame

Aucoin, Georgina"-"S18Port au Port

McHugh, Thersa"-"M31St GeorgesHumber (My Note: Possible duplicate of record on p. 201, line #47)

Delaney, Fredrick J."-"S18St Georges

Hynes, Vincent"-"S25BonavistaBonavista

Harris, John"-"M37FortuneFortune

Gillis, Rita M."-"S24St Georges

Lane, JamesHead (Sic)M29BurgeoBurgeo
Lane, LillieWife (Sic)M29BurgeoBurgeo
Lane, MarieDaughter (Sic)S2Burgeo

Sharp, John W.Head (Sic)M31CarbonearTrinity S.
Sharp, SusieWife (Sic)M22Trinity S.Trinity S.
Sharp, RaymondSon (Sic)S3Trinity S.

Billard, William R."-"M27BurgeoPort au Basques

Martin, Melvina"-"S19HumberHumber

Cooper, Vernon G."-"S19HumberHumber

Bonnell, Randell"-"S19FortuneFortune

Byrne, Frank"-"S26HumberHumber

Gushue, Maurice G."-"S34HumberHumber

Lecardin, Adele"-"S24Port au PortCanada

Durdle, James T."-"M32BonavistaBonavista

Temple, Harold N."-"M40TrinityGrand Falls

White, Tillie B."-"S21St Georges

Young, Ruben"-"S22TrinityTrinity

Stelle, Mark E."-"M38Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Wall, James"-"S45Harbour MainHarbour Main

Howell, Edmond"-"S30Bay DeVerdeBay DeVerde

Fagner, Joseph"-"S32ConceptionConception

Cleary, John J."-"M31Harbour GraceHarbour Grace

Chauld, Lynn L."-"S17FogoFogo

Hicks, Gordon B."-"M29FogoFogo

McHugh, Geraldine M."-"W35St GeorgesHumber

Tulk, Wallace C."-"S19FogoFogo

Sparrow, Robert"-"S27PlacentiaPlacentia

Grant, John"-"S17BurgeoBurgeo

Hulan, Raymond"-"S17St Georges

Fleming, Elizabeth"-"S24ConceptionConception

Fitzpatrick, Maria A."-"S23ConceptionConception

Greene, Joseph"-"M35PlacentiaPlacentia

Snook, Pius B."-"S21FortuneFortune

Ford, Ronald R."-"S16Port au BasquesPort au Basques

Gallant, Walter J."-"S26St Georges

Pennell, Elton"-"S24FogoFogo

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