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1945 Census

Settlement of Jeffrey's

Microfilm Reel #M-8067 M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing. Birth Place St. Georges Bay unless stated otherwise.
Transcribed by STEVE GILLIS, May 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Sex Status Age Birthplace
Chaffey, HowardSonMS28
Chaffey, MorganSonMS20
Chaffey, CatherineMotherFS50
Chaffey, StellaDauFS16

Fortune, AndrewHusbandMM39
Fortune, MaryWifeFM29Daniels Harbor
Fortune, RonaldSonMS8
Fortune, IsaacSonMS4

Fortune, HubertHusbandMM45
Fortune, WillamenaWifeFM39

Fortune, IsaacHusbandMM67
Fortune, MaryWifeFM70

Fortune, NormanHusbandMM31
Fortune, EthalWifeFM30
Fortune, FrederickSonMS11mths
Fortune, IrisDauFS8
Fortune, MaryDauFS4

Gilliam, RichardHusbandMM42
Gilliam, RitaWifeFM43
Gilliam, MathildeDauFS12
Gilliam, CharlesSonMS7
Gilliam, MaryMotherFW81

Gilliam, William A.HusbandMM59
Gilliam, NinaWifeFM23Burgeo
Gilliam, MaryDauFS3

McEachren, John D.HusbandMM44
McEachren, EvelynWifeFM41
McEachren, FrancesDauFS19
McEachren, MaryDauFS16
McEachren, EdnaDauFS9
McEachren, EvelynDauFS6
McEachren, JamesSonMS17
McEachren, CameronSonMS12
McEachren, BanfieldSonMS10
McEachren, MervinSonMS3
McEachren, RichardSonMS1
McEachren, SelbySonMS4mths

Fortune, WilliamHusbandMM44
Fortune, MableWifeFM42Burgeo
Fortune, FremanSonMS16Burgeo

Fortune, ObediahHusbandMM39
Fortune, AliceWifeFM31
Fortune, Thomas SonMS7
Fortune, LloydSonMS6
Fortune, HelenDauFS2
Fortune, ShirleyDauFS4mths
Fortune, MaryMotherFW76

McEachren, StephenHusbandMM27
McEachren, AlvinaWifeFM22
McEachren, RodneySonMS2

McEachren, RaymondHusbandMM25
McEachren, WinifredWifeFM22
McEachren, LionelSonMS3

McEachren, HughHusbandMM59
McEachren, CarolineWifeFM49

Harvey, WilliamHusbandMM51
Harvey, AnnieWifeFM49
Harvey, LeslieSonMS14

Harvey, GarfieldHusbandMM27
Harvey, ElizabethWifeFM23Hermitage
Harvey, LeoSonMS2
Harvey, MarolinDauFS6mths

Shears, George N.HusbandMM73
Shears, SarahWifeFM67Burgeo

Shears, BissetHusbandMM34
Shears, MarthaWifeFM34

Shears, SarahHeadFW48
Shears, AnnDauFS17
Shears, SydneySonMS15

Hulan, ArnoldHusbandMM35
Hulan, DrucillaWifeFM27
Hulan, LindySonMS10

Chaffey, WarrenHusbandMM41
Chaffey, LeilaWifeFM36
Fortune, JamesFriendMW81

McEachren, ArchibaldHusbandMM69
McEachren, CatherineWifeFM62

Harvey, RichardHusbandMM32
Harvey, BeatriceWifeFM30
Harvey, EddleySonMS7
Harvey, NevilleSonMS6
Harvey, AllisonSonMS5
Harvey, EvaDauFS9
Harvey, ThelmaDauFS3
Harvey, StellaDauFS4mths

Parsons, JaneHeadFW53
Parsons, EllisSonMS26
Chaffey, OctaviusFatherMW93

Harvey, IsaacHusbandMM59
Harvey, PricillaWifeFM48
Harvey, JoanDauFS10

Madore, WarrenHusbandMM38
Madore, EffieWifeFM34
Madore, LeonSonMS16
Madore, AustinSonMS13
Madore, CalvinSonMS10
Madore, FredSonMS9
Madore, ChurchillSonMS5
Madore, WarrenSonMS2
Madore, EthelDauFS11
Madore, MariaDauFS8
Madore, GeradineDauFS7
Madore, RoseDauFS4
Madore, BelleDauFS3
Madore, MaryDauFS1mth

Chaffey, GeorgeHusbandMM69
Chaffey, MaryWifeFM66
Chaffey, EdwardSonMS29

Chaffey, BenjaminHusbandMM63
Chaffey, MarthaWifeFM53
Chaffey, WesleySonMS22
Chaffey, RussellSonMS14
Chaffey, DouglasSonMS12
Chaffey, HildaDauFS28
Chaffey, LidiaDauFS19
Chaffey, MariaDauFS15
Chaffey, ShirleyDauFS5
Chaffey, MaxSonMS1mth

Chaffey, WilliamHusbandMM24
Chaffey, PhyllisWifeFM19
Chaffey, HelenDauFS9mth

Hulan, JacobHusbandMM34
Hulan, AnnieWifeFM43
Hulan, PaulSonMS10
Hulan, EricSonMS7
Hulan, NeilSonMS6

Hulan, OttoHusbandMM61
Hulan, MayWifeFM51
Hulan, EdgarSonMS20
Hulan, RonaldSonMS15
Hulan, AdeliaDauFS13
Hulan, AliceDauFS9

Chaffey, William J.HeadMW72
Chaffey, AllanGrSonMS22Burgeo

Morris, ClydeHusbandMM39
Morris, AnnabelleWifeFM36
Morris, DelwinSonMS20
Morris, FredSonMS18
Morris, KevinSonMS16
Morris, DavidSonMS5
Morris, RoySonMS4mth
Morris, DinaDauFS14
Morris, AlbertaDauFS12
Morris, JwanitaDauFS8
Morris, SylviaDauFS4

Shears, BellmanHusbandMM49
Shears, JesseWifeFM48
Shears, LocksleySonMS23

Hulan, LeonardHusbandMM66
Hulan, MaryWifeFM42
Hulan, WilliamSonMS20
Hulan, GeorgeSonMS17
Hulan, ClementSonMS15
Hulan, LynnDauFS10
Hulan, ChristinaDauFS13

Hulan, WindsorHusbandMM23
Hulan, NinaWifeFM21
Hulan, MaudMotherFW59St. Johnís

Hulan, WilliamHusbandMM37
Hulan, LeahWifeFM23
Hulan, RobertSonMS4
Hulan, ChesleySonMS4mths

Legge, EmanuelHusbandMM27
Legge, AnnieWifeFM25
Legge, HarrySonMS7
Legge, AugustusSonMS5
Legge, EugeneSonMS3
Legge, RolandSonMS1

Madore, StephenHusbandMM45
Madore, CassieWifeFM40
Madore, HerminSonMS20
Madore, LeopoldSonMS16
Madore, ClarenceSonMS15
Madore, MelvinSonMS6
Madore, GloriaDauFS14
Madore, GeorginaDauFS10
Madore, RonaDauFS8
Madore, SheilaDauFS5

Hulan, AlbertHusbandMM46
Hulan, AnnieWifeFM42
Hulan, ArthurSonMS6
Hulan, HowardSonMS3
Hulan, EllaDauFS17
Hulan, MargaretDauFS5

McEchren, CecilHusbandMM43
McEchren, LilianWifeFM41
McEchren, TimothySonMS20
McEchren, ReginaldSonMS13
McEchren, GeneviveDauFS12
Hulan, LouisaMotherFW79Burgeo

Morris, HerbertHusbandMM32
Morris, MaryWifeFM26
Morris, GarlandSonMS7
Morris, ElvinSonMS10mths
Morris, CoraDauFS4

Morris, WilliamHeadMW56
Morris, ArthurSonMS27
Morris, EmanuelSonMS21

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
Legge Harry Son of Emmanuel & Annie should be Henry. Henry also has a twin brother David who is not listed. I'm Henry's son. John A. Legge
Morris Elvin Morris, son of Herbert Morris, should be Eldon. Sabrina E. Morris

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