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West Coast ~ 1945 Census of Newfoundland

Bay St. George District - Settlement of Spruce Brook

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Pages
M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.

Transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, December 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Pike, GeorgeHeadM27WithbourneSíville Xing
Pike, Mary M.WifeM33CodroySíville Xing
Pike, Patricia M.Dau-4Síville Xing-
Pike, George G. jr.Son-8/12Síville Xing-
Chaisson, AgnesNoneS18SearstonSearston

Cross, Clyde L.HeadM29CanadaSíville Xing
Cross, LeoneWifeM30Port au PortSíville Xing
Cross, VictoriaDau-6Síville Xing-
Cross, Mary A. M.Dau-3Síville Xing-
Cross, Clyde J.Son-2Síville Xing-
Cross, RosemaryDau-10/12Síville Xing-

Simon, John E.HeadM43Port au PortSíville Xing
Simon, Mary L.Wife M47Port au PortSíville Xing
Simon, Michael J.SonS18Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Bridget A.Dau-17Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Mary L.Dau-15Síville XingSíville Xing
Simon, Kathleen M.Dau-12Síville XingSíville Xing
Bennett, Donald J.Adopted Son-1Síville Xing-
Laney, Gordon J.Nephew-1Codroy-

Madore, John N.HeadM45StephenvilleSíville Xing
Madore, MargaretWifeM40Port au PortSíville Xing
Madore, RaymondSon-11Síville XingSíville Xing
Madore, TerrenceSon-9Síville Xing-
Madore, Mary G.Dau-7Síville Xing-
Madore, ClaytonSon-1Síville Xing-

Kent, Ronald J.HeadM40Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Frederick (sic)WifeM39CanadaGambo
Kent, Pauline M.(blank)S17Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Margaret A.(blank)-15Conception B.Gambo
Kent, James J.Son-14Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Winnifred M.(blank)-12Conception B.Gambo
Kent, Ronald jr.Son-9Gambo-
Kent, Dennis F.Son-7Gambo-
Kent, Michael J.Son-5Gambo-
Kent, Patricia K.Dau-7/12Síville Xing-

McDonald, Ralph J.HeadM48St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Mary A.WifeM37Port au PortSíville Xing
McDonald, James W.SonS18St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Gerald F.Son-13St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
McDonald, Marie (?) Ch.Dau-12Síville XingSíville Xing
McDonald, Collin J.Son-9Síville Xing-
McDonald, Edna M.Dau-8Síville Xing-
McDonald, Norma P.Dau-4Síville Xing-

Lefitte, Will. Thos.HeadM49Port au PortSíville Xing
Lefitte, AdaWifeM45St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Lefitte, AugustusFoster SonS18Port au PortSíville Xing
Lefitte, MaryFoster Dau-14StephenvilleSíville Xing

Howell, Arthur D.HeadM39WithbourneSíville Xing
Howell, Lillian J.WifeM28St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Howell, Gloria W.Dau-3St. Georgeís-

Young, James D.HeadW63St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Rose, Herbert J.NoneM32R------ BaySíville Xing
Rose, DorothyWifeM23St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Rose, WallaceSon-6Síville Xing-
Rose, HerbertSon-5Síville Xing-
Rose, ClaudineDau-3Síville Xing-
Rose, CecilSon-2Síville Xing-
Rose, RitaDau-11/12Síville Xing-

Parsons, Mathew I.HeadM34Port au PortSíville Xing
Parsons, EthelWifeM33Fortune BayCorner Brook
Parsons, Mathew M. jr.Son-3/12Corner Brook-

Pike, MosesHeadM72CarbonearSíville Xing
Pike, JuliaWifeM59Harbor GraceSíville Xing
Pike, William C.SonS24St. JohnísSíville Xing
Pike, GordonSon (adopted)S17Port au ChoixSíville Xing
Pike, Christina M.Dau (adopted)-9St. Johnís-

Pike, Edward M.HeadM36St. JohnísSíville Xing
Pike, Christina P.WifeM34CanadaSíville Xing
Pike, Delores P.DauS13Corner BrookSíville Xing
Pike, Edward L.Son-10Corner BrookSíville Xing
Pike, Ester V.Dau-9Síville Xing-
Pike, Elaine S.Dau-6Corner Brook-
Pike, Tex GlennSon-3Corner Brook-

Delaney, Joseph A.HeadM53St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Katherine M.WifeM51Argentia (??)Síville Xing
Delaney, Gerald V.Son-21St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Alicia M.Dau-20St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Margaret A.Dau-16St. GeorgeísSíville Xing
Delaney, Timothy R.Son-15Síville XingSíville Xing

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
ROSE Herbert Rose, place of birth is Fortune Bay not R_ _ _ Bay. Tracy

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