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West Coast ~ 1945 Census of Newfoundland

Bay St. George District - Settlement of Stephenville Crossing (Part 1)

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Book 7; Pages 121 - 140
M - Married; S - single; W - widow; DOB - District of Birth; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.

Transcribed by NORINE MACK, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Young, HaroldHeadM26S'villeS'ville X
Young, MaryWifeM31d/o-
Young, Harold ASonS6S'ville X-
Young, PriscillaDauS5S'ville-
Young, YvonneDauS3S'ville X-
Young, LeoSonS2S'ville X-
Young, KennethSonS12-OctS'ville X-

Swyers, StanleyHeadM27S'ville XS'ville X
Swyers, DorothyWifeM25d/o-
Swyers, DorisDauS7d/o-
Swyers, GeraldSonS3d/o-
Swyers, LindaDauS12-Mard/o-

Parsons, IsraelHeadM53St. George'sS'ville X
Parsons, MathildaWifeM45Port Au Port-
Parsons, Ignatius JSonS20S'ville X-
Parsons, Herman JSonS17d/o-
Parsons, Rosalie MDauS16d/o-
Parsons, Sheila MDauS14d/o-
Parsons, Muriel MDauS12d/o-
Parsons, Albert HSonS10d/o-
Parsons, Elizabeth HDauS8d/o-
Parsons, MarthaDauS5d/o-
Parsons, ClaudiaDauS2d/o-
Lucas, RosalieMothW82d/o-

Dollard, Francis NHeadM45Harbour B_S'ville
Dollard, MercedesWifeM31S'ville-
Dollard, Neil SSonS5S'ville-
Dollard, Richard JSonS4S'ville X-
Dollard, Marie TDauS1d/o-
Dollard, Cecilia ADauS12-NovS'ville X-

Russell, Hilery FHeadM20S'villeS'ville
Russell, Jean VWifeM24Notre Dame BayN D B
Russell, Sylvia KDauS12-OctS'ville-
Scammell, Dorothy BNoneS38Change IslandChange Isl

Chaffey, KatherineHeadW67HeathertonS'ville X
Chaffey, GeraldSonS28Jeffers-
Gabriel, RichardS/LawM38S'ville-
Gabriel, AveryDauM33Jeffers-
Gabriel, AndrewGsonS12S'ville X-
Gabriel, ReginaGdauS7S'ville X-
Gabriel, AlbertGsonS5d/o-
Gabriel, RonaldGsonS4d/o-
Gabriel, BrendanGdauS1d/o-

March, John EHeadM38S'vlleS'ville
March, MariaWifeM24S'ville X-
March, J EdwardSonS7S'ville X-
March, Ellen MDauS5d/o-
March, J EdgarSonS3d/o-
March, W ClydeSonS1d/o-
Hogan, WilliamNoneS30CarbonearCarbonear

Bishop, Robert HHeadM37Bay RobertsS'ville X
Bishop, MargueriteWifeM40Hearts Contentd/o
Bishop, Robert OSonS12S'ville X-
Bishop, GordonSonS8d/o-
Underhay, EllenM/LawW73Hearts ContentS'ville X

Parsons, J Daniel HHeadM42Sandy PointS'ville X
Parsons, MariWifeM40NorwayS'ville X
Parsons, Anna EDauS14S'ville X-
Parsons, John ASonS11d/o-
Parsons, Raymond WSonS7d/o-

Mcisaac, Richard JHeadM59Port Au PortS'ville X
Mcisaac, AngelaWifeM54Sandy PointS'ville X
Phillips, Mary MDauM23S'ville X-
Phillips, Barbara JGdauS12-Augd/o-

Mc Kay, A NormanHeadM46Sandy PointS'ville X
Mc Kay, BerthaWifeM44S'ville X-
Mc Kay, A PercySonS23d/o-
Mc Kay, RaymondSonS18d/o-
Mc Kay, Cora MDauS17d/o-
Mc Kay, J CliffordSonS15d/o-
Mc Kay, RonaDauS12d/o-

Mc Fatridge, Charles HHeadM52Sandy PointS'ville X
Mc Fatridge, Mabel BWifeM51Port Au Portd/o
Mc Fatridge, Earl ASonS23S'ville X-
Mc Fatridge, NormaDauS20d/o-
Mc Fatridge, Karl ASonS18d/o-
Mc Fatridge, Melba MDauS15d/o=
Cousins, ElizabethNoneS33KelligrewsCape Broyle
Young, LeonaNoneS18CornerbrookDeer Lake

Cashin, John EHeadM67Sandy PointS'ville X
Cashin, FlorenceWifeM54S'ville-
Cashin, MargueriteDauS25S'ville X-
Cashin, DavidSonS23d/o-
Cashin, TeresaDauS16d/o-

House, DavidHeadM35St. BarbSummerside
House, M EmmaWifeM33B Of Islandsd/o
Shepherd, JoanAdpt S/Law-13d/od/o

Abbott, James C_M49Sandy PointDeer Lake
Abbott, AnnieWifeM49TwillingateDeer Lake
Abbott, HaroldSonS23Grand FallsDeer Lake
Abbott, WoodrowSonS20Deer Laked/o
Abbott, WeldonSonS15Deer Laked/o

White, Arsene_M56S'villeS'ville X
White, AdainSonS27S'ville X-

Parsons, James E_W55Sandy PointS'ville_
Parsons, MarjorieDauS24S'ville Xd/o
Parsons, NetaDauS19d/o-
Parsons, JamesSonS14d/o-
Parsons, DorisDauS13d/o-
Parsons, R-SonS9d/o-
Parsons, EdnaDauS7S'ville X-
Parsons, MargaretGdauS3--
Parsons, SandraGdauS12-Mar- -

Brake, E ArthurHeadM53St. George'sSt. George's
Brake, Mary CWifeM51S'villed/o
Brake, RaymondSonS21St. George'sd/o
Brake, LeoSonS19d/o-
Brake, LouiseDauS17d/o
Brake, StellaDauS16S'ville X-
Brake, GenevieveDauS8d/o-

Brake, J AidenHeadM28St. George'sS'ville X
Brake, Mary OWifeM25S'villeS'ville
Brake, Mary GDauS12-JunCornerbrook-

Fleet, John JHeadM73St. John'sS'ville X
Fleet, Mary SWifeM69S'ville Xd/o
Fleet, ArthurSonS41Howardsd/o
Fleet, N DorothyDauS10S'ville Xd/o
Fleet, SuzanneGdauS8d/od/o
Abbott, Sadie ADauW38Deer LakeS'ville
Abbott, OliveraGdauS14S'ville Xd/o
Abbott, Mona EGdauS12d/od/o
Abbott, Joan BGdauS11d/od/o
Hayward, DaltonNoneM37Musgrave HarborGander
Hayward, HaroldNoneS10Port Aux Basques-
Shears, William LNoneS23JeffreysJeffreys
Mc Isaac, ArchibaldNoneS18St. Andrew'sSt. Andrew's

O'keefe, Joseph JHeadM71PlacentiaS'ville X
O'keefe, Margaret JWifeM65S'ville XHumbermouth
Mc Hugh, GeraldineDauW37d/od/o
Mc Hugh, LauraGdauS7Glenwood-
O'keefe, KathleenDauS26S'ville XHumbermouth
O'keefe, Margaret JGdauS4d/od/o

Gallant, MariaHeadW710Conception BayS'ville X
Gallant, Andrew JSonS38S'ville Xd/o
Gallant, RonaldSonS36d/od/o
Gallant, BernardSonS32d/od/o
Gallant, GerraseSonS30d/od/o

Gabriel, IreenHeadW77Sandy PointS'ville X
Gabriel, JohnSonD41S'villed/o
Gabriel, HenrySonS36d/od/o
Gabriel, MaryDauS36d/od/o
Curnew, MadeleineDauD36d/od/o

Stoyles, J C_HeadS52Bell IslandCape St. George
Stoyles, Mary ESisS35d/od/o
Farrell, ChristineNoneS18St. AlbansSt. Albans

Russell, Harold JHeadM39S'villeS'ville
Russell, Bridget GWifeM37d/od/o
Russell, CarmelDauS19d/od/o
Russell, FrederikSonS17d/od/o
Russell, CosmasSonS16d/od/o
Russell, BeulahDauS12d/od/o
Russell, AllanSonS10d/od/o
Russell, GeraldineDauS9d/od/o
Russell, TheresaDauS6d/od/o
Russell, TobiasSonS1d/od/o

Bennett, Joseph LHeadM42St. George'sS'ville _
Bennett, MaryWifeM40S'ville Xd/o
Bennett, PercySonS18Montreald/o
Bennett, SheilaDauS16Montreald/o
Bennett, ViolaDau_14St. George'sd/o
Bennett, IreneDauS12S'ville X-
Bennett, OliveraDauS10d/o-
Bennett, AdaDau_8d/o-
Bennett, LivingstSon_6d/o-
Bennett, MelvinSon_5d/o-
Bennett, Margar_TeDau_3d/o-
Bennett, LevernaDau_12-Octd/o-

Curnew, GeorgeHeadM45Port Aux BasquesDeer Lake
Curnew, Mary EWifeM40S'villed/o
Curnew, MargaretDauS19d/od/o
Curnew, CliftonSon_13Deer Laked/o
Curnew, J WilliamSon_11d/od/o
Curnew, Millie JDau_7d/od/o
Curnew, Frederik GSon_4d/od/o
Curnew, BernardSon_1S'ville-
Curnew, Mary EGdau_12-JunS'ville X-

Bennett, NormanHead,38S'ville XDeer Lake
Bennett, HeltieWifeM28Deer Laked/o
Bennett, Edmond LSon_9d/od/o
Bennett, D AnnetteDau_7d/od/o
Bennett, M GretaDau_5d/od/o
Bennett, L NormaDau_4d/od/o
Bennett, BernardSon_2d/od/o
Bennett, VincentSon_1d/od/o
Alexander, Annie ENoneD22S'ville-

Alexander, PascalHeadM66S'ville XS'ville X
Alexander, Mary AWifeM66S'villed/o
Alexander, AdolphSonM31S'ville Xd/o
Alexander, Eliz FD/LawM31S'villed/o
Alexander, RafaelGson_9S'ville Xd/o
Alexander, Mary VGdau_5d/od/o
Alexander, M ClaudiaGdau_2d/od/o

Alexander, John FHeadM41S'villeS'ville X
Alexander, EuniceWifeM47d/od/o
Alexander, Pascal HSonS17S'ville Xd/o
Alexander, Joseph JSon_15d/od/o
Alexander, KathleenDau_13d/od/o
Alexander, MerivaDau_9d/od/o
Alexander, DorothyDau_7d/od/o
Alexander, GeraldSon_4d/od/o
Laney, John JNoneS24S'villeS'ville X

Alexander, Richard PHeadM36S'ville XS'ville X
Alexander, MargaretWifeM31Port Au Portd/o
Alexander, M BerthaDau_15S'ville Xd/o
Alexander, M ThelmaDau_12d/od/o
Alexander, MargaruiteDau_9d/od/o
Alexander, R IvanSon_8d/od/o
Alexander, SedellaDau_6d/od/o

Louvive, John BHeadM45S'ville_
Louvive, MaryWifeM33Port Au Port_
Louvive, Agnes MDau_14S'ville XS'ville X
Louvive, RichardSon_12d/od/o
Louvive, AloysiusSon_10d/od/o
Louvive, RitaDau_6d/od/o
Louvive, PhileminaDau_4d/od/o
Louvive, James HSon_2d/od/o

Louville, John BHeadW45Port Au PortS'ville X
Louville, WilliamSonM38S'villed/o
Louville, BridgetD/LawM30Port Au Portd/o
Louville, ZitaGdau_12S'ville Xd/o
Louville, GordonGson_10d/od/o
Louville, MaryGdau_8d/od/o
Louville, Earl JGson_6d/od/o
Louville, MonicaGdau_5d/od/o
Louville, W PeterGson_2d/od/o
Louville, TheresaGdau_1d/od/o

Martyn, Charles CHeadM61EnglandS'ville X
Martyn, Mary MWifeM51St. John'sd/o

Retieff, Robert JHeadM57LourdesLourdes
Retieff, Alice MWifeM53d/od/o
Retieff, Denota MDau_11d/od/o
Retieff, Lennard JSon_14d/od/o
*Arrows indicate Denota should be listed before Lennard

Curnew, James WHeadM53Port Aux BasquesS'ville X
Curnew, H AnnaWifeM52S'ville Xd/o
Curnew, GodfreySonS24d/od/o
Curnew, DorothyDauS22d/od/o
Curnew, CorneliusSon_19d/od/o
Curnew, EugenieDau_12d/od/o

Sharp, CharlesHeadM28S'ville XS'ville X
Sharp, ClaraWifeM26d/od/o
Sharp, GertrudeDau_10d/od/o
Sharp, Charles JSon_8d/od/o
Sharp, PatrickSon_6d/od/o
Sharp, RobertSon_3d/od/o
Sharp, JohnSon_12-Jund/od/o

Critchley, Augustus JHeadM35GreenspondSt. John's
Critchley, AliceWifeM35Jersey Usad/o
Critchley, Augustus JSon_14Montreald/o
Critchley, John ASon_12St. John'sd/o
Critchley, Roswell TSon_10d/od/o
Critchley, Phillip RSon_9d/od/o
Critchley, William SSon_8d/od/o
Critchley, Gerald D YSon_4d/od/o
Critchley, Mary EDau_3S'ville X-
Critchley, Alice MDau_1d/o-

Fillatre, Charles THeadM29Sandy PointS'ville
Fillatre, Hazel MWifeM27HalifaxHalifax
Fillatre, Charles T JSon_4S'ville X-
Fillatre, John WSon_12-Febd/o-

Webb, FrankHeadM29S'ville XS'ville X
Webb, GladysWifeM41BotwoodSt. Barts
Webb, Mary GDau_4S'ville XS'ville X
Webb, Norah ADau_1d/od/o
Bennett, JeanNieceS22d/o-

Webb, WilliamHeadM72St. George'sS'ville X
Webb, PaulinePaulineM72d/od/o
Bennett, EileenGdauS19S'ville X-
Bennett, GertrudeGdauS16d/od/o
Bennett, JessieGdauS8d/od/o
Blanchard, JohnNoneD54St. George'sS'ville X

Swyers, WalterHeadM55S'ville XS'ville X
Swyers, Mary JWifeM58S'villed/o
Swyers, AlfredSonS27S'ville X-
Swyers, MaryDauS22d/o-
Swyers, GeorgeSonS19d/o-
Swyers, RaymondGson_2d/o-
Swyers, Michael JSonM31S'ville-
Swyers, BlancheD/LawM28S'ville X-
Swyers, CarmelitaGdau_7d/o-
Swyers, JosephineGdau_5d/o-
Swyers, GodfreyGson_12-Mayd/o-

Bennett, AugustusHeadM47Port Au PortS'ville X
Bennett, Clara MWifeMMS'ville Xd/o
Bennett, GordonSonS19d/od/o
Bennett, GarvisSonS17d/od/o
Bennet, EarlSon_14d/od/o
Bennett, KatherineDau_11d/od/o
Bennett, ThomasSon_7d/od/o
Bennett, MayDau_5d/od/o
(Webb) Young, StellaNoneD35d/od/o

Tuff, George BHeadM64Old PerlicanSt. John's
Tuff, ArralWifeM33Sandy PointS'ville X

Swyers, W MartinHeadM30S'ville XS'ville X
Swyers, VinamayWifeM25Port Au Portd/o
Swyers, TerenceSon_6S'ville X-
Swyers, OliversDau_4d/od/o
Swyers, MarieDau_3d/od/o
Swyers, JamesSon_1d/od/o
Swyers, BrendanSon_12-Jand/od/o
Hawkins, WilliamNoneS62d/od/o

Russell, PeterHeadM54?S'villeS'ville
Russell, HelenWifeM44d/od/o
Russell, PearlDauS26d/od/o
Russell, CecilSonS22d/od/o
Russell, HildaDauS17d/od/o
Russell, VivianDauS16d/od/o
Russell, CeciliaDau_14d/od/o
Russell, EricSon_12d/od/o
Russell, TerenceSon_11d/od/o
Russell, HaywardSon_8d/od/o

Curnew, Alfred THeadM34S'ville XS'ville X
Curnew, E FlorenceWifeM20Port Au PortPort Au Port
Curnew, RitaDau_2S'ville XS'ville X
Curnew, Margaret RDau_12-Sepd/od/o
Curnew, CharlesBroD36d/oS'ville X
Curnew, JosephineNiece_3d/oS'ville X

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
LOUVELLE It should be the surname LOUVELLE not Louvive nor Louville. Madonna Louvelle

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