NL GenWeb Census Data

West Coast ~ 1945 Census of Newfoundland

Bay St. George District - Settlement of Stephenville Crossing (Part 2)

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Book 7; Pages 121 - 140
M - Married; S - single; W - widow; DOB - District of Birth; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.

Transcribed by NORINE MACK, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Chaffey, WilliamHeadM37JefferiesS'ville X
Chaffey, JosephineWifeM35S'ville Xd/o
Chaffey, Arthur JSon_15d/od/o
Chaffey, MaryDau_12d/od/o
Chaffey, OdetteDau_11d/od/o
Chaffey, WilliamSon_10d/od/o
Chaffey, OliveraDau_9d/od/o
Chaffey, DenotaDau_8d/od/o
Chaffey, MurdockSon_7d/od/o
Chaffey, DouglasSon_5d/od/o
Chaffey, DianaDau_2d/od/o
Chaffey, ArchibaldSon_12-Aprd/od/o

Gaultois, GeorgeHeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Gaultois, AgnesWifeM20Notre Dame BayTrinity Bay

Gaultois, MichaelHeadM30St. George'sSt. George's
Gaultois, MarieWifeM29Sandy PointPort Au Port

Wells, RalphHeadM35TwillingateBuchans
Wells, MaudWifeM33Millertown_
Wells, HaroldSon_9Buchans-
Wells, ClydeSon_7d/o-
Wells, AllanSon_6d/o-
Wells, GladysDau_3Bishops Falls_
Wells, Ralph Jr.Son_12-JulS'ville X-

Banfield, RoyHeadM43Sandy PointS'ville_
Banfield, M GraceWifeM36Deer Lake_
Banfield, DoloresDau_15S'ville X-
Banfield, LesterSon_12d/o-
Banfield, SylviaDau_9d/o-
Banfield, George WSon_5d/o-

White, RalphHeadM48St. George's St. George's
White, SarahWifeM52St. George'sS'ville X
White, ThomasSonS15St. George'sd/o
Bennett, RonaNone_10S'ville X-
Downey, ThomasB/LawS57Port Au Portd/o
Downey, JohnB/LawS51d/od/o

Banfield, Charles FHeadM45Sandy PointS'ville X
Banfield, E MaryWifeM30New PerlicanNew Perlican
Banfield, RobertSonS23S'ville XS'ville X
Banfield, WilliamSonS19d/od/o
Banfield, NoraDauS18d/od/o
Banfield, LloydSon_14d/od/o
Banfield, EdgarSon_12d/od/o
Banfield, JoanDau_10d/od/o

Bishop, Daisy PTemp HdM29S'ville XS'ville X
Bishop, MelbaDau_8Winsor Fldd/o
Bishop, LindaDau_6d/od/o
Bishop, EleanorDau_4S'ville X-
Bishop, DonaldSon_12-Sepd/o-
Bishop, HarveyHeadM39Bay RobertsPort Au Port
Bishop, LaviniaWifeM33Notre Dame Bay_
Bishop, Harvey NSon_12Deer Lake-
Bishop, Norma LDau_11d/o-
Bishop, Raymond MSon_10d/o-
Bishop, Vera BDau_6d/o-
Bishop, Doris EDau_3Cornerbrook-
Noble, WilhelminaM/LawW60White BayDeer Lake

Madore, AlcideHeadM52S'villeS'ville X
Madore, Mary SWifeM47S'ville X-
Madore, P JosephSonS21d/od/o
Madore, G AustenSonS18d/od/o
Madore, MildredDauS17d/o-
Madore, HarietDau_15d/o-
Madore, EthelrodDau_14d/o-
Madore, Alcide JSon_8d/o-
Madore, ReginaDau_6d/o-
Madore, AudreyDau_5d/o-
Tobin, HarrietM/LawW78St. AndrewsS'ville X
Lucas, DoloresNone_1S'ville X-

Tobin, Joseph AHeadM29_S'ville X
Tobin, GraceWifeM29_-
Tobin, PatriciaAdpdau_6_-

Mc Kay, Alfred JHeadM52Sandy PointS'ville X
Mc Kay, MargaretWifeM53S'ville X-
Mc Kay, Melo_Gson_6_-
Mc Kay, Diana RGdau_5--

White, CalisteHeadM75S'villeS'ville X
White, Mary MWifeM66Port Au Port_
White, CyrilSonS26S'ville-
Robin, MildredNoneS19Port Au PortPort Au Port

Downey, FrankJeadM63Codroy ValleyS'ville X
Downey, MargaretWifeM50S'ville Xd/o
Downey, AnthonySonS30d/od/o
Downey, JosephSonS28d/od/o
Downey, BarnabySonS26d/od/o
Downey, ImeldaDauS24d/od/o
Downey, SebastianSonS21d/oD/P
Downey, VeronicaDauS19d/od/o
Downey, BazilSonS17d/od/o
Downey, WilliamSonS16d/od/o
Downey, JaneDau_13d/od/o
Downey, TerenceSon_9d/o-
Downey, MichaelSon_8d/o-
Downey, RonaldSon_6d/o-
Hawkins, JaneM/LawW89_S'ville X
Downey, FrancisGson_2--
Downey, HannahGdau_1--

Herridge, ManuelHeadM33Fortune BayFortune Bay
Herridge, AnneWifeM40S'villeBishop Falls
Herridge, MaryDau_1S'ville X-

Benoit, JosephHeadW65Port Au PortS'ville X
Benoit, Joseph MSonS32S'ville X-
Benoit, EdwardSonS25d/o-
Benoit, EileenDauS21d/o-
Benoit, AlexSonS19d/o-
Benoit, CarlSonS17d/o-
Benoit, AlcideSon_15d/o-
Benoit, Mary IdaDau_13d/o-
Benoit, JoanDau_12d/o-
Benoit, KavenSon_10d/o-
Benoit, Anna MarieGdau_12-Novd/o-

Joy, James KHeadM36Port Au Port_
Joy, Martina FWifeM38Bay Of Islands_
Joy, PatriciaDau_10Grandfalls-
Joy, KevinSon_7S'ville X-
Joy, AltonSon_4d/o-
Joy, DennisSon_12-Jund/o-

Mc Isaac, RonaldHeadM32S'ville XS'ville X
Mc Isaac, GertrudeWifeM32d/od/o
Mc Isaac, Greta MDau_3d/od/o
Mc Isaac, ElaineDau_7d/od/o
Mc Isaac, Janet EDau_5d/o-

Mc Isaac, DouglasHeadM28S'ville XS'ville X
Mc Isaac, GeraldineWifeM27S'villed/o
Mc Isaac, LindaDau_5S'ville X-
Mc Isaac, HowardSon_4d/o-

Hawkins, AndrewHeadM56_S'ville X
Hawkins, AgathaWifeM55S'villed/o
Hawkins, SimonSonS22S'ville Xd/o
Hawkins, PancratusSonS20d/od/o
Hawkins, AgathaDauS18d/od/o
Hawkins, WilliamSon_12d/o-
Hynes, AmedraS/LawM45Port Au PortPort Au Port
Hynes, BernadetteDauM27S'ville XS'ville X
Hynes, SylvesterGson_12Port Au Port-
Hynes, LawrenceGson_3S'ville X-
Hynes, H MichaelGson_1d/o-
Hynes, N ConradGson_12-Febd/o-

Bennett, AlbertHeadM63S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, DebraWifeM62Bonne Bay-
Bennett, HubertSonS25S'ville X-
Bennett, EvelyneDauS21d/o-
Bennett, OliverSonS18d/o-
Bennett, Charles JGson_4d/o-

Bennett, HaroldHeadM32S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, MaryWifeM23Port De S_Port De _
Bennett, ReginaldSon_5S'ville X-
Bennett, KevinSon_2d/o-
Bennett, HaroldSon_12-Mayd/o-

White, GerrardHeadM32S'villeS/Ville
White, SusanWifeM26St. George'sSt. George's
White, VivianDau_5d/o-
White, VeronicaDau_1d/o-
White, Gerrard DSon_12-JanS'ville X-
Duval, ElizabethNoneS23d/oS'ville X

Duval, EdwardHeadM65Port Au PortS'ville X
Duval, ClaraWifeM58d/od/o
Duval, JosephSonS30S'ville X-
Duval, JohnSonS25d/o-
Duval, AlbertSonS22d/o-

Campbell, John FHeadM30Port Au PortS'ville X
Campbell, NellieWifeM25S'ville X-
Campbell, James JSon_3d/o-
Campbell, M MarjorieDau_2d/o-
Campbell, MurdockSon_12-Augd/o-
Duval, PhilomenaS/Law_19d/oS'ville X

Duval, AmbroseHeadM47S'ville XS'ville X
Duval, ElizabethWifeM43Port Au Portd/o
Duval, JameDauS21S'ville X-
Duval, Eve JosDau-17d/o-
Duval, WilfretSon_13d/o-
Duval, GertrudeDau_15d/o-
Duval, GeraldSon_10d/o-
Duval, Mary VDau_8d/o-
Duval, RaymondSon_3d/o-
* Arrows Indicate That Gertrude Should Be Listed Before Wilfret

Bennett, Cecil AHeadM34S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, GenevieveWifeM31St. George'sSt. George's
Bennett, GeraldSon_8S'ville X-
Bennett, Gero_SSon_7d/o-
Bennett, Cecil JrSon_5d/o-
Bennett, Melvin JSon_3d/o-
Bennett, Margaret*Dau_12-Mard/o-
Plover, BeatriceNone_20Deer LakeSt. George's
Adams, RoyHeadM31Milton T B-
Adams, Ruth WifeM30George's BrookSt. John's
* +Oct. 6th Written To The Left Of Her Name

Duval, FredHeadM57Port Au PortS'ville X
Duval, MaryWifeM52d/od/o
Keating, MichaelB/Law-WCodroyd/o
Bennett, PankratiusNoneM22S'villed/o
Bennett, MaryNoneM23S'ville Xd/o
Bennett, MateryNone_12-Mayd/o-
Whalen, NelsonNone_2d/o-

Young, AdelaideHeadD73CodroyS'ville X
Young, WallisSonS42St. George'sd/o
Young, HubertSonD35d/od/o
Young, RoseDauS32d/od/o

Young, FredHeadS37St. George'sS'ville X

Curnew, Albert VHeadM46S'ville XS'ville X
Curnew, AngelaWifeM44Port Au Portd/o
Abbott, Arthur RS/LawM24Grandfallsd/o
Abbott, Annie RDauM22S'ville Xd/o
Penney, Eliz. -LindaGdau_1d/o-

Curnew, WilliamHeadM38S'ville XS'ville
Curnew, ViolaWifeM45S'villed/o
Curnew, BarbaraDau_9d/o-
Curnew, DostonSon_3S'ville X-
Bennett, RoySson_16Deer LakeS'ville
Bennett, VioletSdau_14d/o-

Swyers, LeeHeadS36S'ville XS'ville X
Swyers, JamesFatherW79Sandy Pointd/o
Sl__White, JosephineNiece_11North Sidney-

Mc Fatridge, JohnHeadM48RobinsonS'ville X
Mc Fatridge, FlorenceWifeM41S'ville X-
Mc Fatridge, GarfieldSonS17d/o-
Mc Fatridge, StanleySon_13d/o-
Mc Fatridge, AshtonSon_5d/o-
Mc Fatridge, ClaudeSon_4d/o-

Young, GeorgeHeadM61Sandy PointS'ville X
Young, Mary FWifeM51Port Au Portd/o
Young, Nekem JSon_9S'ville X-
Young, John BSonM30d/oS'ville X
Young, Mary MD/LawM29d/od/o
Young, MaiziGdau_5d/o-
Young, PiusGson_4d/o-
Young, M ElsieGdau_1d/o-

Ozon, PeterHeadM40Port Au PortS'ville X
Ozon, Mary JWifeM30S'ville X-
Ozon, Peter JSon_8d/o-
Ozon, Rona CDau_6d/o-

Curnew, JohnHeadM47Poux Basques *Deer Lake
Curnew, SuzanneWifeM36S'ville X-
Curnew, GeraldSon_14Deer Lake-
Curnew, CecilSon_13d/o-
Curnew, ReginaldSon_11d/o-
Curnew, TheresaDau_8d/o-
Curnew, NelsonSon_6S'ville X-
Curnew, Elsie _Dau_12-Aprd/o-
* As Written

Marcaday, AlbertHeadM76St. PierreS'ville X
Marcaday, PaulineWifeM79Port Au Port-
Ozon, SophieS/LawW70d/o-

Curnew, GeorgeHeadM73CodroyS'ville X
Curnew, ElizabethWifeM70Cornerbrookd/o

Keating, John DHeadM39Port Au PortS'ville X
Keating, LillianWifeM39S'ville Xd/o
Keating, MichaelSonS19d/o-
Keating, TheresaDauS17d/o-
Keating, ChristineDau_15d/o-
Keating, HughSon_14d/o-
Keating, HaroldSon_12d/o-
Keating, NoreenDau_11d/o-
Keating, BlancheDau_9d/o-
Keating, MaryDau_4d/o-
Keating, CharlesSon_2d/o-
Keating, JohnSon_1d/o-

Hawkins, OswaldHeadM38S'ville XS'ville X
Hawkins, MaryWifeM37Port Au Portd/o
Hawkins, JohnSonS16S'ville X-
Hawkins, ThaddeusSon_14d/o-
Hawkins, MurielDau_12d/o-
Hawkins, PhyllisDau_10d/o-
Hawkins, HerbertSon_7d/o-
Hawkins, BernadetteDau_4d/o-
Hawkins, Clea PiusSon_2d/o-

Tobin, TheresaHeadM18S'ville XS'ville X
Tobin, ElizabethDau_1d/o-

Hawkins, WallaceHeadW48S'ville XS'ville X
Hawkins, AgnesDauS23d/o-
Hawkins, TerenceGson_6d/o-
Hawkins, CarmelitaGdau_3d/o-

Curnew, CharlesHeadM23S'ville XS'ville X
Curnew, LenaWifeM18Deer LakeS'ville
Curnew, GeraldSon_2S'ville X-

Downey, JamesHeadM32S'ville XS'ville X
Downey, DoraWifeM27Port Au Portd/o
Downey, RaymondSon_10S'ville X-
Downey, PatrickSon_9d/o-
Downey, MarieDau_8d/o-
Downey, KevinSon_6d/o-
Downey, DanielSon_2d/o-
Downey, MauriceSon_1d/o-

Pieroway, GeorgeHeadM76Sandy PointS'ville X
Pieroway, FlorenceWifeM49Port Au Portd/o
Pieroway, AlbertSonS23S'ville X-
Pieroway, JohnSonS19d/o-
Pieroway, AndrewSonS17d/o-
Pieroway, RaymondSonS16d/o-
Pieroway, ThomasSon_14d/o-
Pieroway, AugustineSon_11d/o-
Pieroway, _Dau_10d/o-
Pieroway, JosephSon_6d/o-
Pieroway, MarinaGdau_6d/o-

Lucas, Thomas AHeadM36S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, KatherineWifeM36UsaGrandfalls
Lucas, LanDau_3S'ville X-
Lucas, MarianDau_1d/o-

Lucas, James JHeadM36S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, Annie JWifeM31d/od/o
Lucas, GeraldineDau_11d/od/o
Lucas, RuthDau_9d/o-
Lucas, DoloresDau_7d/o-
Lucas, VeraDau_4d/o-
Lucas, NormaDau_3d/o-
Lucas, James JrSon_2d/o-
Lucas, W_ Or Willman?Son_12-Aprd/o-

Spicer, Richard HHeadM36EnglandEngland
Spicer, G Ann MWifeM30Germanyd/o
Spicer, HilaryDau_12-JulEngland-
Turnbull, Hilda MNoneS23LabradorCartwright

Murphy, AndrewHeadM37Trinity STrinity S
Murphy, UrsulineWifeM3_d/o-
Murphy, RaySon_15Usa-
Murphy, Pauline DDau_14Trinity S-
Murphy, ReginaDau_12d/o-
Murphy, BerniceDau_10d/o-

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