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West Coast ~ 1945 Census of Newfoundland

Bay St. George District - Settlement of Stephenville Crossing (Part 3)

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Book 7; Pages 121 - 140
M - Married; S - single; W - widow; DOB - District of Birth; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.

Transcribed by NORINE MACK, March 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Carter, John HHeadW83Port Aux BasquesS'ville X
Carter, Joseph BSonM42S'ville X-
Carter, MargaretD/LawM20d/o-
Carter, CarrieGdau_4d/o-

Lucas, Henry MHeadM72S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, ElizaWifeM52Port Au Portd/o
Lucas, AnthonySonS26S'ville X-
Lucas, AlmaDauS18d/o-
Roberge, MaryDauM31d/o-
Roberge, MaryGdau_5d/o-
Lucas, Moll_Gdau_4d/o-
Lucas, FrancisGson_12-Octd/o-

Bishop, SidneyHeadM36Bay RobertsS'ville X
Bishop, Mary SWifeM38Port De Graved/o
Bishop, FrankSon_12S'ville X-
Bishop, JoanDau_11d/o-
Bishop, JohnSon_10d/o-
Bishop, Bessie JDau_8Cornerbrook-
Bishop, SidneySon_6S'ville X-
Bishop, ArthurSon_5d/o-
Bishop, WilliamSon_2d/o-

Bourgeois, VincentHeadM64S'ville S'vi'lle X
Bourgeois, KatherineWifeM50Port Au Portd/o
Bourgeois, AdolphSonS27S'ville Xd/o
Bourgeois, OliveDauS22d/od/o
Bourgeois, ElizabethDauS18d/od/o

Lucas, John AHeadM58S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, EugineWifeM53St. Pierred/o
Lucas, JosephSonS29S'ville X d/o
Lucas, ChristineDauS19d/od/o
Lucas, AmbroseSonS18d/od/o
Lucas, TheresaDau_14d/od/o
Lucas, RaymondSon_13d/od/o
Gale, Th CollinGson_3d/od/o

Shepherd, CyrilHeadM30St. George'sS'ville X
Shepherd, AlvinaWifeM26S'ville Xd/o
Shepherd, SylviaDau_5d/o-
Shepherd, Elvas FSon_3d/o-
Shepherd, Corina MDau_1d/o-
Barry, BrideNoneS23TopsailFishels

Bennett, HubertHeadM24S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, AnnieWifeM21St. George'sSt. George's
Bennett, OliveraDau_2S'ville X-
Bennett, LindaDau_1d/o-
Bennett, TerenceSon_12-Aprd/o-

Simon, NarcisHeadM58Port Au PortS'ville X
Simon, AngelinaWifeM56S'villed/o
Simon, Anna MayDauS27Port Au Portd/o
Simon, HerbertSonS26d/od/o
Simon, MaddySonS21S'ville Xd/o
Simon, LenaDauS17d/od/o
Simon, OliveneDau_15d/od/o
Simon, AustinSon_13d/od/o
Simon, HildaGdau_6d/od/o
Simon, ViolaGdau_12-Jund/o-
Simon, JosGson_12-Jand/o-

Mahar, JohnHeadM33UsaS'ville X
Mahar, ClaireWifeM30Port Au Portd/o
Mahar, John JrSon_10S'ville X-
Mahar, JosephSon_9d/o-
Mahar, AloysinsSon_8d/o-
Mahar, BernardSon_5d/o-
Mahar, LeoSon_1d/o-

Curnew, ArthurHeadM35CodroyS'ville X
Curnew, AnnieWifeM33Port Au Portd/o
Curnew, KathleenDau_15S'ville X-
Curnew, MargaretDau_14d/o-
Curnew, RaphaelSon_7d/o-
Curnew, PatrickSon_6d/o-
Curnew, JosephSon_3d/o-
Curnew, RobertSon_12-Jund/o-

Lucas, YvesHeadM21S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, MargaretWifeM21d/od/o
Lucas, A GenevieveDau_1d/o-
Lucas, V IsabelleDau_12-Mard/o-

Lucas, AlexanderHeadM31S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, MargaretWifeM31Harbor GraceS'ville X
Lucas, MichaelSon_12S'ville X-
Lucas, BridgetDau_7d/o-
Lucas, GertrudeDau_2d/o-
Lucas, Margaret EDau_12-Juld/o-
Lucas, Alexander SrFthrW84Sandy Pointd/o

Lucas, Joseph RHeadM46S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, FlorenceWifeM31d/od/o
Lucas, MartinSon_13d/o-
Lucas, MercedesDau_12d/o-
Lucas, IsaacSon_10d/o-
Lucas, KatherineDau_6d/o-
Lucas, MarieDau_5d/o-
Lucas, OliveraDau_4d/o-
Lucas, AdolphSon_3d/o-
Lucas, AlbertSon_1d/o-
Lucas, MadonnaDau_12-Febd/o-

Lucas, AnthonyHeadM30S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, RitaWifeM24d/od/o
Lucas, Margaret#Dau_7d/o-
Lucas, Theresa#Dau_7d/o-
Lucas, RobertSon_5d/o-
Lucas, GeraldSon_3d/o-
# Twins

Bennett, OmarHeadM32S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, NorahWifeM27Port Au PortPort Au Port
Bennett, FreemanSon_5S'ville X-
Bennett, FrederikSon_3d/o-
Bennett, DanielSon_2d/o-
Bennett, AudreyDau_12-Augd/o-

Lucas, AbramHeadM62S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, IreneWifeM53Port Au Portd/o
Lucas, RitaDauS23S'ville Xd/o
Lucas, HubertSonS20d/o-
Lucas, AlcideSonS19d/o-
Lucas, KathleenDauS18d/o-
Lucas, Abram JrSon_15d/o-
Lucas, VeronicaDau_14d/o-
Lucas, ReginaldDau_13d/o-
Lucas, MarinaDau_10d/o-
Lucas, RonaldGson_1d/o-
Reginald listed as daughter and female

Watson, ThomasHeadM35CornerbrookCornerbrook
Watson, AnnieWifeM35S'ville Xd/o
Watson, RachelDau_8Cornerbrook-
Watson, JeanetteDau_6S'ville X-
Watson, NigelSon_4d/o-
Watson, RonaDau_2d/o-
Watson, MadonnaDau_12-Febd/o-

Nardini, BerthaHeadW44Port Au PortS'ville X
Nardini, RaphaelSonS18S'ville X-
Nardini, JosephineDauS17d/o-
Nardini, CarmelDau_16d/o-
Nardini, AugustineSon_12d/o-
Nardini, AntonioSon_10d/o-
Nardini, BrendanSon_9d/o-

Downey, John MHeadM32S'ville XS'ville X
Downey, DorothyWifeM29S'villed/o
Downey, DoloresDau_10S'ville X-
Downey, GeraldineDau_8d/o-
Downey, JeremiahSon_7d/o-
Downey, Clara RoseDau_3d/o-
Downey, Robert JSon_12-Mard/o-
Downey, Dorothy RDau_12-Mard/o-

Howell, James LHeadM37Trinity BayTrinity Bay
Howell, GertrudeWifeM32S'ville XS'ville X
Howell, Leshe ASon_7d/o-
Howell, Herman FSon_6d/o-
Howell, David RSon_2d/o-
Bennett, LenaM/LawW63Bonne Bayd/o
Bennett, StanleyB/LawS34S'ville Xd/o

Bennett, RaymondHeadM26S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, PhilomenaWifeM21South SidneyGrand Falls
Bennett, JeromeSon_1S'ville X-

Swyers, BertramHeadM31M__ PointS'ville X
Swyers, AnnieWifeM30S'ville Xd/o
Swyers, BartamySon_8d/o-
Swyers, Mary MDau_6d/o-
Swyers, JeremiahSon_5d/o-
Swyers, GregorySon_4d/o-
Swyers, Anna DDau_2d/o-
Swyers, MargaretDau_12-Mayd/o-
Hines, Dul_CNoneS18Port Au PortPort Au Port

Gaultois, Francis AHeadW34St. George'sSt. Fintan's
Gaultois, Theresa KWifeW29St. George'sd/o
Gaultois, Margaret RDau_4St. Fintan's-
Gaultois, Franc_S PDau_3d/o-

Fitzpatrick, GordonHeadM29MarystownWhitbonne
Fitzpatrick, Sarah MWifeM27S'villeS'ville
Fitzpatrick, Mary GDau_1Cornerbrook-
Fitzpatrick, Donald JDau_12-MarCornerbrook-
Donald J listed as daughter and female

Gardner, Leon MarieHeadS27Grand FallsGrand Falls
Hoddinott, VivianNoneS22St. BarbsSt. Barbs
Carter, Bessie GNoneW50Notre Dame BaySt. John's
King, Marjorie PNoneS17Trinity BayTrinity Bay

Rees, GordonHeadM44Bell IslandUsa
Rees, HazelWifeM39Portugal CoveBelle Island

Dubay, CharlesHeadM28Port Au PortPort Au Port
Dubay, FlorenceWifeM24d/od/o
Dubay, PatriaraDau_4S'ville X-
Dubay, ReginaDau_3d/o-
Dubay, GeraldineDau_2d/o-
Dubay, LorettaDau_12-Febd/o-

Legge, Michael JHeadM23BonavistaBonavista
Legge, ChristineWifeM19Port Au PortPort Au Port

Simon, FrancisHeadM28Port Au PortPort Au Port
Simon, CelastineWifeM39d/o-
Simon, JohnSon_4S'ville X-
Simon, JerrySon_3d/o-
Simon, Mary FDau_12-Aprd/o-

Bennett, NarcisHeadM27Port Au PortPort Au Port
Bennett, LucyWifeM23St. George'sSt. George's
Bennett, SadieDau_2S'ville X-
Bennett, A . JosephSon_1d/o-
Bennett, Mary JMothW59Port Au PortPort Au Port
Bennett, Arselie JBroS14d/od/o
Bennoit, JulianUncleS63d/od/o

Madore, Peter PHeadM30S'ville XS'ville X
Madore, MadelineWifeM29d/od/o
Madore, CeciliaDau_6d/o-
Madore, JosephineDau_5d/o-
Madore, AndrewSon_2d/o-
Madore, CharlesSon_1d/o-

Lanvell, PaulHeadM44S'ville XS'ville
Lanvell, MaryWifeM48King's Coved/o

Bennoit, Mary LouiseHeadS37Port Au PortPort Au Port
Duval, AnnieNiece_14d/o-
Curnec, EvelynNiece_11d/o-
Bennoit, Alec JSon_4S'ville X-
Bennoit, Mary MDau_4d/o-

Young, EuniceHeadW38Port Au PortS'ville X
Young, MarthaDauS19S'ville X-
Young, GertrudeDauS18d/o-
Young, GeraldSon_16d/o-

Bennoit, JohnHeadM34Port Au PortS'ville X
Bennoit, Mary MWifeM22S'ville X-
Bennoit, EdnaDau_5d/o-
Bennoit, ShirleyDau_4d/o-
Bennoit, PatriciaDau_1d/o-

Lucas, William AHeadM26S'ville XS'ville X
Lucas, JeanWifeM25St. George'sDeer Lake
Lucas, David WSon_1S'ville X-
Lucas, Evelin MDau_12-Aprd/o-
Bennett, DavidB/LawM26St. George'sDeer Lake
Bennett, AnnieS/LawM30St. Paull__Deer Lake
Bennett, VivianNiece_6Deer Lake-
Bennett, IreenNiece_5d/o-
Bennett, MernaNiece_2d/o-

Chaffey, PeterHeadM35St. Jeffrey'sS'ville X
Chaffey, MargaretWifeM32S'ville X-
Chaffey, EdwardSon_15d/o-
Chaffey, HyacinthDau_13d/o-
Chaffey, MargaretDau_11d/o-
Chaffey, DouglasAd/Son_11d/o-
Chaffey, Bo_AuDau_8d/o-
Chaffey, MarieDau_4d/o-
Chaffey, EdgarSon_1d/o-

Bennett, RonaldHeadM24S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, AnnieWifeM25d/o-
Bennett, Betty JDau_3d/o-
Bennett, Mary Dau_12-Aprd/o-

Madore, ReubenHeadM51S'villeS'ville X
Madore, Mary MWifeM40S'ville X-
Madore, AlmaDauS19d/o-
Madore, AdaDauS17d/o-
Madore, LucyDau_15d/o-
Madore, Mar_OnDau_14d/o-
Madore, Reuben JrSon_11d/o-
Madore, PaulSon_7d/o-
Madore, DonaldSon_4d/o-
Madore, FintonSon_3d/o-
Madore, LawrenceSon_1d/o-

Alexander, Richard JHeadM36S'ville S'ville X
Alexander, IsabelleWifeM38d/o-
Alexander, JamesSonS19S'ville X-
Alexander, MathildaDau_15d/o-
Alexander, NormaDau_13d/o-
Alexander, MargariteDau_11d/o-
Alexander, WilliamSon_9d/o-
Alexander, JoanDau_7d/o-
Alexander, BertinaDau_5d/o-
Alexander, DorisDau_3d/o-
Alexander, E BrendaDau_1d/o-

White, Alec JrHeadM33S'ville XS'ville X
White, Doris MWife M32S'ville d/o
White, LornaDau_12S'ville X-
White, PercySon_7d/o-
White, ClariceDau_4d/o-
White, KarlSon_12-Juld/o-

White, AlecHeadM79S'villeS'ville X
White, MathildaWifeM75d/od/o

March, StanleyHeadM32S'villeS'ville
March, GeraldineWifeM31d/od/o
March, MarthaDau_11d/o-
March, ZetaDau_10d/o-
March, DorothyDau_8d/o-
March, AlbertSon_7d/o-
March, RobertSon_6d/o-
March, MarieDau_3d/o-

Curnew, EdwardHeadM52Cape RayS'ville X
Curnew, RoseWifeM51S'ville X-
Curnew, BeatriceDauS19d/o-

White, MargaretHeadD51S'villeS'ville X
White, KennethSonS19S'ville X-
White, BarbaraDauS16d/o-
White, RaymondSon_15d/o-
White, TheresaDau_14d/o-
White, GerardGson_9d/o-

Bennoit, ClementHeadM57Port Au PortS'ville X
Bennoit, Mary FWifeM64S'ville X-

Murrin, MosesHeadS35S'ville XS'ville X

Young, John HHeadM28S'ville XS'ville X
Young, ElizabethWifeM
Young, Madonna _Dau_6d/o-
Young, RobertSon_5d/o-
Young, LloydSon_4d/o-
Young, David JSon_3d/o-
Young, Edward JSon_2d/o-
Young, Gillian EDau_12-Jand/o-

Young, PatrickHead_33PlacentiaBuchans
Jackson, MarcellaWife#_31St Mary's Bayd/o
Young, RolandSon_7Cornerbrook-
Young, MarieDau_4Curling-
Young, MaryDau_2S'ville X-
Young, PatriciaDau_12-Novd/o-
# The column says "Common Law Wife"; Married Or Single is not noted for Patrick and/or Marcella

White, DavidHeadM55S'villeS'ville X
White, ElizabethWifeM49d/o-
White, WilliamSonW32d/o-

Carter, MaryHeadW39S'ville XS'ville X
Carter, AmbroseSon_19d/o-
Carter, MayDau_16d/o-
Carter, LewisSon_10d/o-
Carter, EdnaDau_9d/o-
Carter, OdielDau_8d/o-
Carter, JosephineDau_6d/o-

Downey, PatrickHeadM27S'ville XS'ville X
Downey, GladysWifeM23d/o-

Bennett, Thomas HHeadM32St. George'sSt. George's
Bennett, MargaretWifeM30S'ville XS'ville X
Bennett, LewisSon_13d/o-
Bennett, Thomas HSon_7d/o-
Bennett, LorettaDau_5d/o-
Bennett, Robert FSon_2d/o-
Bennett, ClementSon_1d/o-

Young, J HenryHeadM59S'ville XS'ville X
Young, Mary AWifeM52d/od/o
Young, GeraldineDau_14d/o-

Young, CharlesHeadM21S'ville XS'ville X
Young, M MildredWifeM22d/od/o
Young, Mary MDau_1d/o-

Cormier, William HHeadM44S'villeS'ville
Cormier, FlorenceWifeM40d/od/o
Cormier, NormaDau_13d/od/o

Name in CensusDescription of ErrorMy Name
SHEPPARD Family of Cyril Sheppard. Surname is SHEPPARD and not SHEPHERD. Son is Elias F. not Elvas F. Daughter is Currina not Corina. Carolyn Sheppard Hodgson

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