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1945 Census

Settlement of St. Fintan's

Microfilm Reel #M-8067; Book ; Pages 61 - 62 M - Married; S - single; W - widow; "-" - blank or cannot transcribe the writing.
Transcribed by STEPHEN GILLIS, September 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.
Name Relation Status Age Birthplace
Shears, DudleyHusbandM36St. Fintan's
Shears, MinaWifeM41Garnish
Shears, WilliamSonS11St. Fintan's
Shears, MaxwellSonS12St. Fintan's

Fraser, HenryHusbandM73Harbor Grace
Fraser, FannieWifeM63Lewisport
Fraser, MaryDauS21St. Fintan's

Fraser, CarletonHusbandM36Spanairds Bay
Fraser, ElsieWifeM31St. Fintan's
Fraser, VictoriaDauS12St. Fintan's
Fraser, RalphSonS10St. Fintan's
Fraser, RobertSonS8St. Fintan's
Fraser, Carleton, SonS6St. Fintan's
Fraser, GermaineDauS5St. Fintan's
Fraser, EileenDauS3St. Fintan's

Connolly, DanielHusbandM42Trinity North
Connolly, SusanneWifeM41Trinity South
Connolly, LeoSonS16Deerlake
Connolly, GloriaDauS18Corner Brook
Connolly, MairynDauS4St. Fintan's
Connolly, PatrickSonS14Trinity North
Connolly, EdwardSonS11Trinity North
Connolly, DanielSonS2Corner Brook

Gaultois, AnnProprietorS40St. John's

Goff, Edward L.HusbandW68Harbor Grace

Chaffey, RichardHusbandM59St. Fintan's

Gillis, John F.HusbandM67St. Fintan's
Gillis, MargaretWifeM56Harbor Grace
Gillis, MichaelSonS27St. Fintan's
Gillis, BettyDauS22St. Fintan's
Gillis, John J.SonS21St. Fintan's
Gillis, LawernceSonS19St. Fintan's
Gillis, CyrilSonS13St. Fintan's
Gillis, JoanDauS15St. Fintan's

Garnier, Albert J.HusbandM65St. Fintan's
Garnier, MargaretWifeM61St. Fintan's
Garmier, Augustine A.SonS29St. Fintan's
Garnier, Albert B.SonS23St. Fintan's
Garnier, MargueriteDauS17St. Fintan's

Farrell, CorneliusHusbandM43St. Fintan's
Farrell, CatherineWifeM41St. Fintan's
Farrell, PatriciaDauS9St. Fintan's

Halbot, IsadoreHusbandM48St. Fintan's
Halbot, MaryWifeM39St. Fintan's
Halbot, MarieDauS11St. Fintan's
Halbot, LorraineDauS9St. Fintan's
Halbot, ModestSisterS41St. Fintan's

Garnier, RichardHusbandM34St. Fintan's
Garnier, AdaWifeM34St. Fintan's
Garnier, MaxwellSonS10St. Fintan's
Garnier, RobertSonS9St. Fintan's
Garnier, RonaldSonS7St. Fintan's
Garnier, DavidSonS4St. Fintan's
Garnier, BernardSonS2St. Fintan's
Garnier, FredaDauS12St. Fintan's
Garnier, Jeresa **See Errata table belowDauS6St. Fintan's

Quilty, NicholasHusbandM40St. Fintan's
Quilty, WinnieWifeM34St. Fintan's

Fortune, EdwardHusbandM47St. Fintan's
Fortune, SarahWifeM35St. Fintan's
Fortune, EthelDauS16St. Fintan's
Fortune, ClassieDauS14St. Fintan's
Fortune, GarvaniaDauS9St. Fintan's
Fortune, WilliamSonS15St. Fintan's

Halbot, Joseph F.HusbandM49St. Fintan's
Halbot, AnnieWifeM49Placentia
Halbot, JeanDauS18St. Fintan's
Halbot, MaryDauS16St. Fintan's
Halbot, CarmelDauS12St. Fintan's
Halbot, John J.SonS28St. Fintan's
Halbot, EdwardSonS25St. Fintan's
Halbot, FrankSonS20St. Fintan's
Halbot, GerardSonS19St. Fintan's
Halbot, RaymondSonS13St. Fintan's
Halbot, MichaelSonS6St. Fintan's

King, JamesFatherW48St. Fintan's
King, TheresaDauS21St. Fintan's
King, MargaretDauS18St. Fintan's
King, RitaDauS11St. Fintan's
King, WillisSonS20St. Fintan's
King, FrancisSonS18St. Fintan's
King, RaymondSonS14St. Fintan's
King, EdwardSonS13St. Fintan's
King, JosephSonS5St. Fintan's

Gillis, AllanBachelorS61St. Fintan's

Pike, Stephen J.HusbandM56St. Fintan's
Pike, JessieWifeM45St. Fintan's
Pike, RusselSonS12Humber

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
GARNIER, Jeresa Her given name was Theresa.  She was my mother. Suzanne Sheppard

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