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Stephenville Crossing - Old Roman Catholic Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Stephenville Crossing on the banks of St George River and looks across the river to Mattis Point. There are many unmarked graves, also lots of plain white crosses and a number of markers that were unreadable or had no information on them.

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by CYRIL DUBOURDIEU, August 12, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

* See Errata Table below for additions to this transcription

ALEXANDER,-Florance-A.Oct 18 1941Feb 21 1942

ALEXANDER, William RDec 7 1944Dec 24 1944

ALEXANDER, RaymondJuly-17,-1926Aug 3 1947

ALEXANDER, ClaudeJuly 16 1954Aug 11 1955

BARRY, BabyAug 16 1954Aug 16 1954
*wood cross
BENNETT, CredeliaJune 15 1885Dec 10 1951

BENNETT, Mary MargaretFeb 1 1922Dec 29 1954
BENNETT, Margaret RoseJuly 28 1945Oct 6 1945
D/O Mr & Mrs Ceicl Bennett (Sr)
BENOIT?, -es-ieMar 8 1899Feb 19 193738yrs*letters missing of cross
BENO, Alen18851949
*Concrete cross
BENO, Frederick18741940
*Concrete cross
BLANCHARD, Mary CMay 16 1963Jan 1 1964
Beloved D/O Theresa Blanchard
BLACHARD, Margaret RMay 9 1947Aug 22 1968
*same marker as Corey W Blanchard
BLANCHARD, Corey WAug 22 1968Aug 22 1968
*same marker as Margaret Blanchard
BRAKE, Edward AJune 22 1891Mar 22 1956

BRUMSEY, William S19081967
"Father" H/O Blanche Brumsey
BRUMSEY, Blanche P1920 1960
"Mother" W/O William S Brumsey
BRUMSEY, PearlOct 5 1960Jan 15 1961
*next to William and Blanche
BRUMSEY, Alexander Baby
Mar 6 1968
*next to William and Blanche
BYRAN, Selina
Aug 4 192129yrsW/O George W Young

*unreadable, Cement cross
CAMPBELL, Marcelin?

* no info , Cement cross
CASHIN, Annie Mary
(no dates)
Darling D/O David & Theresa
CASHIN, John E18781952
H/O Florance A Schumph
July 30 193318yrs
CORMIER, Francis MAug 11 1910Aug 20 1963
by wife & family
Sept 22 1963
Remembered by her mother & father
CURNEW, John H18981952
A/B, Royal Navy
CURNEW, Charles

May 21 195935yrs"Our Dear Son"
Sept 16 192952yrs
DOWNEY, Joseph Frank18821957
H/O Margaret Hawkins
DOWNEY, Patrick R19181947
S/O Joseph Downey & Margaret Hawkins
DOWNEY, Francis19221942
S/O Joseph Downey & Margaret Hawkins
DOWNEY, Baby Theresa19351935
D/O Joseph Downey & Margaret Hawkins
DOWNEY, Anthony Francis
July 4 19517m.Child of Anthony & VERA

*no info, wood cross
DUVAL, Edward1883May 16 1966
Beloved H/O Clara
DUVAL, Marie

*no info
DUVAL, AmbroseJuly 25 1898May 11 1960
Remembered & Loved by Daughter Betty
DUVAL, Albert(no dates)

* next to Ambrose
DUVAL, ElizabethDec 1 1850Aug 2 194892yrs* Hard to read
DUVAL, Fred1885Mar 22 195974yrs
Apr 12 195275yrsBeloved W/O John Fleet
Mar 28 194676yrsBeloved H/O Mary Fleet
FLEET, Arthur JohnDec 5 1904Nov 28 1967
Deeply mourned by Cora & Karl
GALLANT, Lawrence18811928
H/O Mariah Gallant
GALLANT, Mariah18791953
W/O Lawrence Gallant
GALLANT, Mary19061924
D/O Lawrence & Mariah
GALLANT, Andrew19071969
D/O Lawrence & Mariah
GALLANT, Theresa19111924
D/O Lawrence & Mariah
GAULTOIS, Michael1915 1962

Feb 13 1955

GORNER, Arthur Howard
Mar 27 193374yrs
HAWKINS, Margaret18951966
W/O Joseph Frank Downey
HAWKINS, Wallace18971966
Royal Navy WW1
HAWKINS, Oswald H19071965

HAWKINS, Andrew18881965
*Hard to read
HAWKINS, Patrica AnnDec - 1958Mar 7 1959?
*small cross
KEATING, MichaelFeb 18 1927Jan 2 1988

KEATING, Lillian
Feb 25 195246yrsW/O John Keating
KENT, Julia
Oct 26 1953
Beloved W/O William Kent
KING, Edward18971962
"Seaman" Nfld Royal Naval Reserve
LUCAS, IreneSept 26 1891Feb 23 1958
errected by her children
LUCAS, IreneSept 26 1992Feb 23 1958
"Mother" *same marker as Abraham Lucas
LUCAS, AbrahamDec 29 1882Mar 6 1967
LUCAS, Elizabeth18971945
*wood cross
LUCAS, BerthineAug 16 1954Aug 16 1954
*wood cross
LUCAS, Leo(no dates)

Beloved S/O Jean & William Lucas
LUCAS, Irene(no dates)

Beloved D/O Jean & William Lucas
LUCAS, David(no dates)

Beloved S/O Jean & William Lucas
LUCAS, Matilda18891944
"Mother', by sons Carl & Edward
LUCAS, Alexander(Sr)Mar 14 1866Feb 3 1956

LUCAS, AlcidApr 10 1926June 24 1963
Remembered by Brothers & Sisters
LUCAS, Evelyn(no dates)

Beloved D/O Jean & William Lucas
LUCAS, Eugene (DUBIE)July 2 1889Apr 16 1952

LUCAS, John AmbroseFeb 18 1952Nov 18 1961

MacDONALD, MaryLUCASJune 20 1914Feb 27 1968
MacISAAC, Richard18831951

MARKADAY, Pauline(no dates)

*Concrete cross
MARCHE, AnastasiaJan 17 1915Feb 19 196952yrs
Jan 24 195220yrs"Drowned"
NARDINI, Rapael A18971939
Pte. Royal NFLD Regt. WW1
O'KEEFE, Joseph
June 10 196187yrs
PARSONS, Mathilda19001951
Loving W/O Israel Parsons
PARSONS, Israel18921964

PAYNE, KennethMar 2 1945Nov 4 1968

PIEROWAY, GeorgeApr 21 1871May 7 1951
"Father" H/O Florance
PIEROWAY, Florance AnnJan 28 1898Aug 18 1963
W/O George Pieroway
RETIEFF, Robert18871950

July 22 196745yrs*stone broken
SCHUMPH, Florance A18911954
W/O John E Cashin
SHARPE, RoderickAug 17 1940June 22 1945

SIMON, AngilinaFeb 29 1892Sept 10 1987

SWYERS, Michael May 1913Apr 1967

TOBIN, Joseph ADec 5 1950May 8 1951

WEBB, Gladys
Aug 16 194844yrsW/O Frank Webb
WHITE, David Wm.July 4 1891Apr 6 1953

WHITE, BrendaSept 13 1951Jan 7 1952
*wooden cross

*Unreadable, next to Credelia Bennett
WHITE, David WilliamJuly 4 1891Apr 6 1953

WHITE, DaphneFeb 6 1949July 15 1949
* same marker as Paul White
Mar 15 1962
* same marker as Daphne White
WHITE, TheresaJan 9 1940May 15 196424yrs
YOUNG, GeorgeJan 20 1882Dec 2 1969
"Father" H/O Frances Young
YOUNG, JohnJune? 1931Feb 28 1965
* Hard to read
YOUNG?, Baby ?Hugie

*no info, tiny wood cross

*on same tiny cross as above
YOUNG, Mary J18981966

YOUNG, Albert(no dates)

*concret cross
YOUNG, John Henry(no dates)

White cement marker, unreadable next to Wallace Hawkins

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
Addition to Transcription DOWNEY, Diana.  Daughter of Joseph Francis Downey and Margaret Hawkins. Stillborn
CARTER, Jane. Dies abt. 1936
Dawn Marie Harvey Horn
HYNES, Bernard F Age 2 years. Parents names: John and Kathleen Hynes. Bernard died June 28, 1960. There is no marker in the cemetery Anne Wells
BENNETT There are 2 missing that I know of - my grandmother, Clara Mae Bennett, born June 24, 1900, died Oct 27, 1957 and her son Garvis Bennett, died Feb 14, 1970, age 42. He was the last person buried in this graveyard. Nicole Ann Nolan
BYRNE BYRAN, Selina is misspelled. The actual inscription is BYRNE, Selina. Curtis Abbott

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