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Stephenville - Hillside Interfaith Cemetery

Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Anglican and United Church Sections

Hansen Memorial Highway, Stephenville, NL. The individual sections of Hillside interfaith are: Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Anglican & United.
Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by RANDY YOUNG, HELEN WHIFFEN & EVELYN HULAN, September 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath DateAge Relation Information
Pentecostal Section

BlackwoodJr.November 5, ?

BaileyWilfred T.

63 years

BownesWilliam GeorgeMarch 11, 1922December 2, 1987

BoydLenora Mary Bursey19371995

Husband to Florence Brinston
BurtBarbara (Martin)19041999
Wife to Alphaeus Burt
Husband to Barbara Burt
BurtChesley R.

81 years



ClarkVirtue ElizabethJune 9, 1926March 20, 1978

ClarkeJoseph1911January 7, 1973
Husband to Olive Clarke
CoishCecil OttoJune 14, 1918April 16, 1986

CollinsSimonOctober 21, 1929July 23, 1986

CollinsTammy ElaineSeptember 21, 1988April 27, 1990

DalleySamuel Raymond (Duke)19311977

Wife to Samuel B. Dalley
DalleySamuel B. (Ben)19021980
Husband to Josephine Dalley
DaweFrederick J.April 2, 1926October 17, 1998

EarleDouglas Sr.May 13, 1922April 28, 1996

EddyMyrtle B.19061984
Wife to Lewis S. Eddy
EddyLewis S.19051971
Husband to Myrtle B. Eddy
FreakeStephen E.April 19, 1928May 26, 1991
Husband to Ruth Freake
FreakeRuthDecember 11, 1928September 17, 1994
Wife to Stephen E. Freake, Married Septemeber 24, 1951
HarveyStella M.

81 Years


HodgeDouglas January 14, 1970June 1985

HuntCharles Gordon19201993

JanesDavid R. W.March 14, 1892September 10, 1988

LongMyrtle J.19261991
Wife to Hedley N. Long, Married October 12, 1943
LuscombeMelvin Hubert19461994

LuscombeBaby Boy19741974


MesserveyIrving Edward19271985

MootreyWilliam Jr.19681981


77 years


NewmanWallace W.19501983


NewmanWilliam M.19441981

NormanJohn WilliamJuly 29, 1914October 3, 1995

OlsonMelbourne JohannesOctober 17, 1907November 15, 1981

PierceyArchibald L.19081980



PollardBabyJuly 12, 1926July 12, 1926**See errata table below

RichardsRuth (Eddy)19311990

SheppardDorman A.January 21, 1918October 29, 1973
Husband to Grace D. Holmes
SpracklinEdith May19131983

WhiteAndrew D.January 15, 1990January 15, 1990

WhiteJessie KaylaApril 23, 1993

WiltonMichaelApril 4, 1978

YoungPaul Robert19741996

Salvation Army Section
AshJohn R.19081997
Husband to Alice S. Ash
AshAlice S.19121987
Wife to John R. Ash
BoydTwin Girls of Calvin and Alice BoydJuly 2, 1976

BoydGlenn W.August 8, 1982Son of Ashley & Shirley Boyd


CooperDarrellMay 2, 1979June 18, 1982

CuffHerbert Tobias19091994

DiamondGeorge ReginaldMarch 27, 1933December 21, 1997

Father of Paul, Kyla, Kendra & Kelly
GoudieSean Arthur CarlJuly 1, 1977December 21, 1998

HicksClyde H.October 1, 1935July 9, 1994
Husband to Isabelle Hicks
HicksFrank D.November 18, 1903November 29, 1993

LushBetty MaeMay 10, 1942October 19, 1996

LushFrederick C.November 2, 1929September 6, 1987
Husband to Marion Lush
LushGladys M.19101986

NurseJohn J.19221992
Husband to Irene Nurse Married June 6, 1945
PikeFannie ElizabethJanuary 13, 1925October 5, 1992

RideoutWilliam J.

69 years

RobertsClaudine April19781992
Daughter of Doug & Cheryl Roberts
SimmsHarold ElwinSeptember 12, 1926October 1, 1991

TuckerAndrew WayneNovember 23, 1987December 25, 1996
Son of Wayne & Beverly Tucker
WhiteHughie J.


Anglican Section
ArchibaldLucille C. (Dawe)19251992

ArchibaldGordon H.1924May 9, 1991

Double headstone
AtkinsBabySeptember 24, 1975September 24, 1975


BartlettClarissa (Cull)19071987
Wife to Joseph Bartlett
BartlettJoseph1903September 4, 1973
Husband to Clarissa (Cull) Bartlett
BartlettPearlJuly 24, 1918July 25, 1993
Wife to Donald Bartlett
BartlettDonaldAugust 9, 1914September 30, 1982

Private in Royal Canadian Air Force Husband to Pearl Bartlett
BillardMary J.18891983

BonnellLinda R.August 26, 1990


BradburyIreneMarch 27, 1926November 19, 1991

Double Headstone Wife to Edward T. Bradbury
BradburyEdward T.19221995

Merchant Navy Veteran Double Headstone Husband to Irene
BrownBatton WalterNovember 1929February 1989

BrownWilfred J.19181996

Double Headstone Husband to Mary C. Brown
Carberry Thomas19051977

Husband to Ada B. Collett

76 Years

ColsonMarjorieDecember 29, 1924November 17, 1991

ColsonPeter W.

Wooden Cross No information
CribbJohn H.19371972

CraneW. Cyril19381993

Wife to Gordon Dawe
Husband to May Dawe
DavisAlice L.

DelaneyFaye I. C.July 22, 1948May 25, 1999
Wife of Bill Delaney - Mother of Todd
DicksCharles Howard19161994
Husband to Maise A. DicksRoyal Navy World War 2
DodgeLillian M.18961981

DomineyMildred D. (Cunningham)19231992
Wife to Henry DomineyDouble Headstone
Husband to Mildred D. Cunningham Double Headstone
DykeElizabeth CrystalAugust 26, 1987July 28, 1988

EdisonJoan L. M.October 8, 1926August 7, 1993

EricksonAksel ChristopherApril 16, 1920September 9, 1991

FooteStanley J.1916
1985Husband to Elizabeth Foote
FooteJosephMay 14, 1918April 19, 1995

Royal Artillery
FooteWayneJuly 28, 1953January 7, 1994

Ford Cyril J.

No Information
FowlowC. Jean (Smith)19231979

LAW - RCAF WD World War 2

No Information
Husband to Gladys Fowlow
Wife to Maxwell Fowlow
FrenchPhileppa J.October 31, 1986

FryeAlbert1897September 24, 1973
Husband to Mary A. FryeNavel Reserve
FryeMary A.18991982
Wife to Albert Frye
GaleCharles G.July 11, 1940September 16, 1981
Husband to Delphine B. GaleDouble Headstone
GaleDelphine B.
March 8, 1948
Wife to Charles G. Gale
GrantDr. Reuben Carroll19021983


Wooden Cross No Information
Wife to Eric R. Galbraith
GalbraithEric R.19081978
Husband to Ann Galbraith

Husband to Melvina Hayter Double Headstone
Wife to Arthur HayterDouble Headstone
HewlinHarvey K.19252000
Husband to Elvena M. HulanMarried April 22, 1946
HewlinElvena M. (Hulan)1926

Wife to Harvey K. HewlinMarried April 22, 1946
HickmanJames S. Sr.19371989

Wife to CurtisDouble Headstone

Husband to Charlotte HickmanDouble Headstone

HillierMelvin G.19191994
Husband to Pansy Hillier
HillierRodney Blaine19631980
Son of Reg & Marie Hillier
HinesBaden Kenneth19661980

HinesFrank HenryAugust 30, 1903December 26, 1977

HiscockJonathan Frederick1961June 1, 1983

HouseHarold B.19201990
Husband to Dulcie M. CainesMarried August 14, 1947
HulanWilliam James19251997
Husband to Rose Hulan Mar. Jan. 15, 1957Double Headstone
HulanRose1928Wife to W. James Hulan
Married January 15, 1957
HumberPhilip WalterJuly 19, 1931January 28, 1995

HumberRuby Sarah19251989
Wife to William Edward HumberDouble Headstone
HumberWilliam Edward19351989
Husband to Ruby Sarah Humber

Wooden Cross No Information
KeatingViolet D. (Feltham)May 16, 1947No info
Wife to James Keating Mother of Jamie Keating
KendallAngus W.September 5, 1915August 6, 1995
Husband to Marion B. Kendall
KendallMarion B.
July 28, 1918
Wife to Angus W. KendallDouble Headstone
King Isaac E.19111993

KindenGordon EdwardSeptember 8, 1916October 8, 1980

KnightEdith Rita19221990

LeCoureJames W. (Kinslow)March 5, 1984March 5, 1984

LeggeDelores Pearl

Age 65 years
Wooden Cross
LeggeEster Emily19151922

LeggeJohnna (Joan)May 13, 1920July 15, 1993

Husband to Amy LillyDouble Headstone
LocklynGarfieldJuly 12, 1922Husband to Annie B. Durdle
Married October 30, 1958
LocklynAnnie B. (Durdle)January 12, 1916May 15, 1988
Wife to Garfield LocklynMarried October 30, 1958
LoderArthur J.19101990
Husband to Myrtle Loder
Wife to Arthur J. Loder
MacDonaldHazel Mary19151999
Wife to Freeman George MacDonaldDouble Headstone
MacDonaldFreeman George
Husband to Hazel Mary MacDonald
MacIntoshJeanne C.19161983
Wife to Edward D. MacIntosh Double Headstone
MacIntoshEdward D.18981987
Husband to Jeanne C. MacIntosh Double Headstone
MarshallGordon J.19251989
Husband to Winnefred J. Marshall
Wife to John Daniel McEachren Double Headstone
McEachrenJohn Daniel19001974
Husband to Evelyn McEachren Double Headstone
McKayDaniel N.19081974
Husband to Phoebe McKay
Wife to Daniel N. McKay
McLeanRobert GaryDecember 29, 1978March 21, 1980

MeadRuby K.19221997

Wife to George Meade
Meade George H.19091983
Husband to Edna Meade
MilesGeorge M.September 14, 1902December 29, 1974

MilesVivianDecember 17, 1904March 11, 1982
Wife to Hubert Miles
MilesHubert1900May 27, 1989
Husband to Vivian Miles Private Nfld Regiment WW 2
Wife to Joseph W. MusseauDouble Headstone
MusseauJoseph W.19081990
Husband to Marie Musseau Double Headstone

OakeEddie H.19381983

Husband to Hilda Oake
PardyEdgar E.19151991
Husband to Gertrude Pardy Double Headstone
Wife to Edgar E. PardyDouble Headstone
ParsonsGeorge A.May 14, 1937April 27, 1997
Husband to Margaret Parsons Married July 7, 1959 DH
Parsons MargaretOctober 4, 1938

Wife to George A. Parsons Married July 7, 1959 DH
Parsons Alfred1897May 3, 1977
Husband to Olive Parsons Private Royal Nfld Regiment
ParsonsOlive P.19081986
Wife to Alfred Parsons
PelleyCyril K.May 3, 2000

PetiteGeorge T.19181999

PeytonJohn Elias19111993
Husband to Janet Peyton Royal Navy Royal Marines WW 2
Wife to John Elias

Wooden cross - no information
PilgrimWilliam J.19121990
Husband to Cicely Pilgrim

PlunkettCyril G.19261990
Husband to Doreen V. Plunkett
PlunkettDoreen V.19361991
Wife to Cyril G. Plunkett

RalphJoseph C.19411986

RalphMoses D.19101977

ReidDonna M.July 15, 1962October 26, 1990

RendellLouis A.19111989
Husband to Lilly Rendell
RideoutAaronDecember 1, 1993December 1, 1993

Wife to Reuben Roberts
Husband to Florence Roberts
RobertsTrevor RandellJanuary 28, 1994February 9, 1994
Son of Randy and Elaine Roberts
RobertsRayna ElaineAugust 29, 1990August 29, 1990
Daughter of Randy and Elaine Roberts
RobertsHollySeptember 7, 1991September 7, 1991
Daughter of Randy and Elaine Roberts

RoseStanley George19021980

RossHazel Ruth Louise19211990
Wife to George Sidney RossDouble Headstone
RossGeorge Sidney1922Husband to Hazel Ruth Ross

Double Headstone

SheppardAlma JeanMay 15, 1926December 25, 1996


ShortBaby K.

Wooden Cross No Information
SimmsWilliam Jacob19121978
Husband to Pearle Simms
Simms PearleOctober 13, 1917November 29, 1999

SladeWilliam F.February 21, 1915October 18, 1988
Husband to Isabel G. Slade
SladeIsabel G. December 28, 1929April 27, 1990


StricklandBlancheOctober 26, 1990October 26, 1990
Twin to Shirley and Daughter of Lynn and Wes Strickland
StricklandShirleyOctober 26, 1990October 26, 1990
Twin to Blanche and Daughter of Lynn and Wes Strickland
Strickland Ian Roland19781982
Son of Roland and Terry L. Strickland
StevensJamie Lynn
May 5, 1993

StevensPaul LeonardAugust 21, 1970May 3, 1989
Son of Paul Boulos and Ann Stevens
StylesLeonard G.19181989
Husband to Sadie B. StylesDouble Headstone
StylesSadie B.19251989
Wife to Leonard G. Styles Double Headstone
StylesSidney H.19131991
Husband to Sue M. StylesDouble Headstone
StylesSue M.19191999
Wife to Sidney H. StylesDouble Headstone
SquiresWilliam Russell19281989

SquiresWilliam G. (MD.)19351989

TaylorRobert B.19071993
Husband to Effie F. TaylorDouble Headstone
TaylorEffie F.1909Wife to Robert B. Taylor
Double Headstone
Husband to Elsie TaylorDouble Headstone
Taylor Elsie19061995
Wife to Alexander Taylor Double Headstone

No Information
VallisMary J.1911March 14, 1983

VallisGordon L.May 13, 1920July 15, 1993

WhiteDonna L.

42 Years
Wooden Cross
Wife to George Willis

Husband to Stella Willis

WilkinsMarie EdnaNovember 5, 1943May 11, 1997

United Church Section
AndersonLachlan Scottie19172000

BillardGilbert W.18971984

BrinstonEstelleJune 2, 1914May 31, 1988
Wife to Walter Brinston
Husband to Estelle Brinston
BurtonMyrtleDecember 19, 1923May 26, 1992
Wife to Wilson BurtonDouble Headstone
November 2, 1918
Husband to MyrtleDouble Headstone
Butler---December 28, 1924December 24, 1982

CampbellColin MewsApril 27, 1926September 13, 1991

Royal Nfld Regiment / WW2 / Double Headstone
CampbellBeulahAugust 8, 1931February 9, 1994
Wife to Colin Mews CampellMarried October 21, 1950 DH
CarterLeonardDecember 29, 1930August 8, 1991

ChaulkGladysMarch 18, 1920June 5, 1985
Wife to Arthur Chaulk
Husband to GladysGunner Royal Artillery
Wife to Stanley CollinsDouble Headstone
Husband to Irene CollinsDouble Headstone
CooperClaude F.19071988
Husband to Blanch M. Cooper Double Headstone
CooperBlanch M.19111991
Wife to Claude F. CooperDouble Headstone

CuffDawson Hayward1919October 1, 1976
Husband to Edith Cuff
CuffEdith1918August 1, 1982
Wife to Dawson Hayward Cuff
DavisRalph W.June 26, 1932March 15, 1977

Husband to Louise Dyke

Wife to Maxwell Dyke
FarnellKevin DuncanOctober 16, 1943December 7, 1996


Wooden Cross No information
GoodyearClara E.18931980
Wife to William GoodyearDouble Headstone
Husband to Clara E. GoodyearDouble Headstone
HancockMaegan Dora19861987


HaydenWalter1908January 3, 1976


No Information
JessoBoyd RalphJanuary 13, 1942June 15, 2000

JewerMr. & Mrs.

Cross No Information
KeepingReuben J.19261989


LidstoneAnnie Amelia18921986
Wife of Theophilus Lidstone
Husband to Annie Amelia Lidstone
Son of Annie & Theophilus Lidstone


No Information

MilesMary MurielDecember 14, 1925August 17, 1978

NobleReginald Theodore19191992

Royal Artillery World War 2
Father of Elsie Noseworthy
PelleyFred A.19131998
Husband to Sybil T. PelleyDouble Headstone
PelleySybil T.1914

Wife to Fred A. PelleyDouble Headstone
PikeJames F.19291999
Husband to Eileen PikeDouble Headstone

Wife to James F. PikeDouble Headstone
PikeTheodore T.19001975
Husband to Annie R. Pike
PikeAnnie R.19181989

PitcherMelvin WilliamNovember 9, 1940August 21, 1987


Pinsent Glenn DouglasOctober 10, 1950June 29, 1976

ReidAmelia RoseannaApril 5, 1916December 2, 1992

Renouf VincentSeptember 30, 1926August 12, 1976

RorstadMelvin K.1914June 2000

Husband to Theresa J. RoseDouble Headstone
RoseTheresa J.19071989
Wife to Samuel RoseDouble Headstone
SharpeWilliam JohnSeptember 10, 1914June 2, 1995

SheppardDev KyleOctober 3, 1984August 27, 1993

SimmonsEvelyn M.19361993

SimmonsOtto J.19321991

StoneWilliam T.1907

Husband to Marie Stone (Weeks)Double Headstone
StoneMarie (Weeks)19061988
Wife to William T. StoneDouble Headstone
StrattonAnnie Pearl19021981
Wife to Stephen Bourne Stratton Double Headstone
StrattonStephen Bourne18901977
Husband to Annie Pearl Stratton Double Headstone
ThistleAllison M.September 25, 1923

Wife to Fred G. ThistleDouble Headstone
ThistleFred G.August 7, 1915November 5, 1996
Husband to Allison M. Thistle Double Headstone

WallEdna A.19141994
Wife to Steward B. WallDouble Headstone
WallSteward B.19121988
Husband to Edna A. WallDouble Headstone

WayHubertNovember 11, 1913

Husband to VeraDouble Headstone
WayVeraMay 19, 1914Septmeber 30, 1993
Wife to Hubert WayDouble Headstone
Wife to Charles Wells
Husband to Geneva Wells
WhiteGeneva A.December 18, 1934August 12, 1976
Wife to Garland W. WhiteDouble Headstone
WhiteGarland W.July 25, 1930

Husband to Geneva A. White

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
POLLARD Baby boy Pollard, date of birth and death should read July 12, 1976. Alice Pollard
HAMMOND Spelling error. Dereck Hammond is incorrect, it should be Derek Hammond . Tammy Hammond
PIEROWAY Information for Charles Pieroway with only a wooden cross is as follows: Charles Lloyd Pieroway, born October 23,1907 to Joseph & Elisabeth (Gilliam)in St.George's, husband of Joyce(Shears), father of Raymond Lloyd, Grandfather of Debbie, Keith, and Dana, died on Feb 16, 1979. Debbie
COLLIER In the Anglican section of Hillside Interfaith cemetary COLSON, Blanche - 76 years should be COLLIER, Blanche. Lucy Samms
YOUNG Two names missing info: DONALD J. YOUNG July 7, 1956 -August 21, 1977. Also, MILDRED YOUNG, September 4, 1922 - October 9,1998. Double Headstone. Hilda
POWER Power, Jean: it states that she was born May 6, 1923; it should read born May 14, 1923. The death is ok. her daughter

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