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Robinsons - St. George's Anglican Cemetery

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by DEBBIE BRAKE, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NameBirth DateDeath DateAgeRelation
Moore, George
Sept.24,19456 hrss/o George & Muriel
Hulan, Caroline Louise
Aug.16,194417 yrsd/o Harold & Ethel
Carter, William
Aug.15,194484 yrs
Legge, Gerald Kitchener
Aug.30,194528 yrss/o William R. Legge
Gale, Irene
Jan.29,194377 yrsw/o Isaac
Hulan, Hillard
Nov.194316 yrs.
Legge, Joseph
July 4,194286 yrsh/o Fanny Legge
Legge, Anne Martha
Sept.15,194255 yrsw/o William R. Legge
Hulan, Rose
March 5,193810 yrsd/o Solomon & Catherine
Hulan, Solomon
Aug.27,193449 yrs
Feb.25,193512 yrsd/o Noah & Dolly
Shears, Alice
Feb.11,194164 yrsw/o George Shears
Legge, Richard Tobias
July 31,194783 yrs
Gilliam, Arthur FredrickDec.11,1937Jan.27,1938
s/o James & Gertrude
Gale, Christopher Dean
Sept.20,194887 yrs
Gale, Kezia
Sept.12,194078 yrsw/o Dean Gale
Gale, George
June 9,195483 yrs
Gale, Rosetta Phoebe
July 21,194465 yrsw/o George Gale
Shears, Llewellyn A.
Dec.4,194058 yrsh/o Elizabeth May
Morris, Mable Rebecca19271942
d/o Ralph & Ada Morris
Morris, Clayton Lewellyn19411942
s/o Ralph & Ada Morris
Morris, Doreen
April 10,19421 yrd/o Stewart & Alice
Morris, William Warren
Dec.10,19478 yrss/o Willis & Carrie
Gale, Robert Terrence
Nov.29,194513 mthss/o Thomas & Winnifred
Shears, James Ernest
Sept.16,194822 yrsgs/o Allen & Mary Shears

Alley, Joseph Edwin
Aug.15,194892 yrs
Alley, Caroline
May 17,194688 yrs
Hulan, Baby
March 5,1948

Janes, Baby Carl
June 29,1946

Hulan, Clarence
19463 mthss/o Augustus & Muriel
Hulan, Dorothy Olive
19497 daysd/o Augustus & Muriel
Renouf, Sarah
July 12,189678 yrsw/o Joseph Renouf
Legge, Rose Ann
July 9,189457 yrsw/o Emmanual Legge
Legge, Emmanuel18321915

Alley, William N.
Feb.16,190520 yrs
???, Jane Hannah
Jan.16,191215 yrsJohn & Catherine
Gillam, Elizabeth Catherine
Sept.9,190612daysd/o Solomon & Georgie
Gillam, John
Oct.4,191477 yrs
Shears, Stephen Robert
Nov.18,191423 yrs
Shears, Moses
Nov.21,192296 yrs
Gillam, Rebecca Sophia
Aug.8,190973 yrsw/o John Henry
???, Elizabeth Jane
July 29,187814 yrsd/o John & Rebecca

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
GILLAM The name of baby Arthur Fredrick's last name should be: Gillam Jodi MacDonald
SHEARS You have ???? for the last name of Jane Hannah. Her last name is Shears. David Shears

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