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Shallop Cove - Non-Denomination Cemetery

Headstone inscriptions were transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER and MARY ST. CROIX, July 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath DateAdditional Information
AndersonHubert19061995Double headstone with Minnie F. Anderson. Married March 24th, 1934
AndersonMinnie F.19111990Double headstone with Hubert Anderson, married March 24th, 1934
AndersonSarah J. Blake18971980Wife of William Anderson
CompanionP. Joseph18911988
CompanionStanley19192001Nfld overseas Forestry Unit WW2
CookGeorge E.April 23rd, 1911Jan 7th, 1979
CookIvor R.19142000Double headstone with Freda (Law) Cook, born 1923, still living.
CookJean M.19181995Double headstone with A. Godfrey Cook, born 1913, still living.
CookLily Rhoda18911978Mother
CookWilliam Alfred18781963Beloved Husband & Father
CutlerAlbert F.
April 12th, 1964age 84 years
CutlerArthur Garfield19081989
CutlerBaby Jamie Leigh
Nov 29th, 1992
CutlerClyde J.18861980Double headstone with Mary K. Cutler
CutlerDinahOct 13th, 1889Feb 5th, 1979Double headstone with John Hewitt Cutler
CutlerDonna M.
CutlerEdith J.1886May 5th, 1957Double headstone with Wallace Cutler
CutlerElla JaneNov 9th, 1885Nov 23rd, 1976
CutlerEuniceNov 20th, 1886Nov. 1946Double headstone with Gordon Cutler
CutlerFtederick L.19171979Double headstone with Lydia (Mary) Cutler
CutlerGordonNov 20th, 1886Jan 13th, 1960Double headstone with Eunice Cutler
CutlerJ. Wilson18831958In loving memory of Uncle Wilson
CutlerJames H.Feb 28th, 1918Jan 15th, 1987Double headstone with Marion G. Cutler, born March 13, 1920, still living.
CutlerJohn HewittMay 28th, 1888Jan 18th, 1980Double headstone with Dinah Cutler
CutlerLloyd J.19141976Double headstone with Sarah J. Cutler, born 1922, still living.
CutlerLydia (Mary)19161982Double headstone with Frederick L. Cutler dates

CutlerMary Ann18561924Wife of Amos
CutlerMary K.18951978Double headstone with Clyde J. Cutler
CutlerNeatha L.19311990Loving wife of Robert Cutler
CutlerRobert19242000Beloved Husband of Delores, married Sept 12th, 1991 (sic)
CutlerWallace1878Apr 10th, 1941Double headstone with Edith J. Cutler
CutlerWilliam G.1882Feb 19th, 1957
CutlerWilliam Milton19121989Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy WW2
DennisRuby19431995Loving wife & Mother dates

JessoFrankApr 16th, 1914Dec 16th, 1991Loving Husband
JessoGadSep 15th, 1951Apr 29th, 1992Loving Son
MajorFrank V.19091999Double headstone with Annie V. Major, born 1912, still living.
McDermottGifford J.May 13th, 1908Aug 25th, 1987
McKayJoan Elizabeth ButtApril 3rd, 1936Sept 20th, 1998Married Aug 2nd, 1955, double headstone, one side blank
MorrisJessie Maud18871971Beloved wife of Percy Morris
MorrisPercy D.18841935
StonePliny L.Dec 6th, 1885April 3rd, 1973of West Point
StricklandClara J.19371997Double headstone with Ronald N. Strickland, born 1933- still living
StricklandGertrude L.Sept 28th, 1909Dec 25th, 1974Beloved wife of Wilfred L. Strickland
StricklandLeslieno dates

StricklandRoy N.19011985Double headstone with Sarah M. Strickland
StricklandSarah M.19121994Double headstone with Roy N. Strickland
StricklandWilfred L.19062000Double headstone with Janet I. Strickland, born 1911 - still living.
StricklandWilliamDec 12th, 1936July 28th, 1999
SwyerA. EdwardJuly 27th, 1904Jan 10th, 1981Double headstone with Mildred G. Swyer, Born Dec 9, 1907
YoungDaniel19321989Double headstone with Gertrude Young
YoungGertrude19301990Double headstone with Daniel Young
YoungHerbert19211992Husband of Elfreda Madge

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Swyer Mildred G. Swyer (Morris), born December 9, 1907 & died February 19, 2007, wife of Edward Augustus Swyer Tammy Hammond

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