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Source:  Microfilm # N31067 (National Archive)
A series of articles published in the L'Evangeline (Newspaper) , 
Monton, N.B.

"Les Acadiennes de Terre-Neuve"    
by Thomas W. Leblanc  published : 15 April 1948 

Chevarie (Excerpt) Vital Chevarie des Iles-Madeleine vint a St-Georges avec sa famille en 1850. Il y resta plusieurs annees puis retourna aux Iles-Madeleine. Quatre de ses enfants resterent a St-Georges: Dimon et Elissa etaient maries; Lucien resta a Terre-Neuve quatre ou cinq puis alla s'etablir a Pointe-Lebel, Cote-Nord, ou il passa le reste de ses jours. Quant a William, il s'en alla naviguer et ne revint jamais a Terre-Neuve. MY NOTE: I believe that Dimon is a typo and should be Simon. (Translation by Leo Doucet) Vital Chevarie from the Magdellan Islands came to St. George’s with his family in 1850. They remained for several years until returning to the Magdellan Islands. Four of his children remained in St. George’s: Dimon and Elissa were married; Lucien remained in Newfoundland for four or five years before establishing himself at Point-Lebel, on the Northern Coast, where he spent the remainder of his days. As for William, he from went away as a navigator and never returned to Newfoundland.
The Article was written by Thomas Leblanc of St. George's in 1948 and published in the l'Evangeline Newspaper of New Brunswick. It was transcribed by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and posted to the Internet in September 1998 by Stephen Baker

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