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Immaculate Conception R.C. Church: Deaths 1860s

All dates are the death dates except if an "F" is seen after the date then this is the date of the funeral. In these cases, the death date not known.

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Death DateNameSpouseParentsBirth Place
Jan 7Isadore, Joe(abt 50yrs old)Henrietta Noel--
Apr 9Joseph, ??(3yrs old)---
May 3Halbot, Francois(44yrs &14 days)Modeste LeJeuneFrancis Halbot Francois Perrine JosseauNicolas,France
May 14LeBlanc, Marie Elizabeth(6mths)-Eusebe LeBlanc Elizabeth Blanchard-
June 4Medor, John(b. 1820)Anne Louise Brown--
Jan 26Michel, Mary-John Michel Catherine McNill-
Jan 8Frank Joe, Helene Paul(18mths)-Paul Frank Joe Helene Isadore-
Feb 21Clanse, Patrick(74yrs old)---
Feb 21Blanchard, Elizabeth(abt 25yrs old)Eusebe LeBlancCharles Blanchard Henrietta Godet-
May 26Marche, Louis(9 days)-Denis Marche Mary Anne MacIsaac-
June 24LeBlanc, Victoire(27yrs old)Pierre CormierJoseph LeBlanc Celeste LeBlanc-
July 12Doucet, Marie Judith(56yrs old)Firmin Cormier--
July 14LeJeune, Guillaume(16yrs old)-Alexis LeJeune Anne Eleanor Quirk-
Sept 13Josseau, Joseph(75yrs old)Anne Marche--
Jan 2Marie, Christina Francois---
Jan 2Marie, Etienne Francois---
Jan 2Francois ?Francois Marie--
Jan 2Marie, Francois(b. 1816)Francois ?--
Jan 2Marie, Julienne Francois(b.1834)---
Mar 15Noel, Francois(27yrs old)John Etienne--
Mar 29Etienne, Jean Baptiste(14 days old)-John Etienne Francois Noel-
Mar 30Cormier, Pierre(abt 32yrs old)Victoire LeBlanc--
Apr 4Etienne, Noel(18mths old)-John Etienne Francois Noel-
May 01Jacques, Theresa(57yrs old)Christophe Agathe--
May 23Noel, Marie(abt 66yrs old)Noel Gougou--
May 27Jacques, MarieLouise(b.1786)---
June 1Marche, Rosealie(abt 37yrs old)Jean Boissel--
June 11Bernard, Apolline(abt 57yrs old)---
June 17LeBlanc, Germain(abt 80yrs old)Felicite Longuepee--
June 21LeBlanc, Camille(1yrs old)-Antoine LeBlanc Marie LeBlanc-
Oct 7Frank Joe, Marianne( 9yrs old)-Noel Frank Joe MadeleineBurgeo
Nov 13LeBlanc, Susanne( 17yrs &2mths, 23days)-Cecime LeBlanc Vitaline Aucoin-
Dec 20Ryan, John(drowned)-Micheal Ryan Genevieve Medor-
Dec 20Ryan, Micheal(abt 50yrs old)(drowned)Genevieve Medor--
Dec 20Ryan Patrick(b. 1851)(drowned)-Micheal Ryan Genevieve Medor-
*On June 10 1862, according to the news from wandering Indians it was supposed that about the second of January 1862 in the woods about 12 miles from civilization, that nine persons perished from hunger. A funeral service was held for these persons. They are: Francois aged 48, Marie his wife aged 46. Their children three boys and four girls: Marie aged 26, Julienne aged 13, Christine aged 3, Etienne aged 16, Francois aged 8, one boy no name, one girl no name. They were all In dians. The news was brought by a brother of the father.
Feb 5LeJeune, ? (Baby)-Jean LeJeune Jeanne Quirk-
Feb 19Julien, Esther(26yrs old)Noel Frank Joe--
Feb 22Frank Joe, Noel(5mths)-Noel Frank Joe Esther Julien-
May 15DuHarde, Rosalie(6mths &19 days)-Joseph DuHarde Margaret LeBlanc-
May 25Cormier, Marie Judith(6yrs & 9mths, 26 days)-Lubin Cormier Elizabeth LeBlanc-
June 27Long, Ursule(2yrs old)-George Long Marie LeJeune-
Aug 19Cronin, Richard Marc-James Cronin Helen Butterfield-
Sept 22Frank Joe, Francois(19yrs old)-Paul Frank Joe Marianne Helen Isadore-
Sept 30MacIsaac, Cecily(23yrs old)-Donald MacIsaac Mary MacPharlane-
Oct 1Pillet, Jean(b. 1796)Marie LeJeune-France
Apr 14Benoit, Francois(Fanny)Pierre Lesagast--
Feb 5Doucet, Henrietta(53yrs old)Phillippe Chaisson--
Apr 13Frank Joe, Angelique---
July 12MacLellan, DanielCatherine Gale--
Sept 8LeJeune, Marie(26yrs old)Jean BenoitBenjamin LeJeune Ursule Marche-
Dec 19Agathe, Marie Elizabeth(abt 3yrs old)-Christophe Michel Agathe Marie Nancy Webb-
Dec 25 FLeBlanc, ?-Antoine LeBlanc-
Feb 11Leroux, Marie Louise(2mths old)-Pierre Leroux Adeline Duval-
Apr 13Frank Joe, Angelique(60yrs old)Frank Joe--
May 30Isadore, Marianne (47yrs old)Paul Frank Joe--
Nov 17LeJeune, Elizabeth-Andre Flavin LeJeune Elizabeth Young-
Jan 4Gabriel, Marianne(b. 1798)---
Mar 15Shepperd, Maxime(10 days old)-William Shepperd Anne Benoit-
Mar 18Shepperd, Edourd Emile(12 days old)-William Shepperd Anne Benoit-
Nov 10Gallant, LucePlacide LeBlanc--

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