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West Coast Region ~ St. George's Bay District

Sandy Point 1839-1840

Joseph Beete Jukes was a geologist appointed by the Genealogical Society of London, to do a survey of Newfoundland. He completed this survey of the Island of Newfoundland, with the exception of White Bay and the Northern Peninsula. The following list of inhabitants was taken from Jukes' notes during 1839 - 1840.

Transcribed by LAVERNE CORMIER, September 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors or errors of translation.

NameFamily SizeYrs.
Native ofAgeOccupRemarks
Forest, William211New York 23merchantpurchasing fish
Parsons, John 11 born here St. Geo. Bay- do do
Dennis, Philip 9 born here St. Geo. Bay 43 do do
Messervey, Abraham 2 born here St. Geo. Bay 28 Salmon & herring fishery &___ -
Hore, George 4 born here St. Geo. Bay 38 do-
LeHeart, Francis 5 9 St. Pierre- do-
Parsons, Mrs. 2 born here St. Geo. Bay- do-
Messervey, George 5 born here St. Geo. Bay- do-
Parsons, John 9 born here St. Go. Bay do--
Swyer, Samuel 2 58 England 76 do-
Dennis, John 7 born here St. Geo. Bay 46 do-
Parsons, James 6 born here St. Geo Bay- do-
Meservey, Philip 8 born here St. Geo. Bay- do-
Oizon, John 3 15 St. Pierre---
Meservey, John 9 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Prowey, George 6 14 St. Pierre---
Pennell, John 7 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Pennell, Clement 5 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Hunt, William 1 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Meservey, Je__ 1born here St. Geo. Bay---
Pennell, Joseph 8 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Pennell, James 7 born here St. Geo. Bay---
Jessou, Joseph20-Sydney, C.B.---
March, Francis sr.4-Cape Breton ---
Young, Benjamin2-Cape Breton-- -
Marsh, Rose2-Cape Breton---
Renouf, Julien3 -Cape Breton-- -
March, Francis jr.2-Cape Breton-- -
Duval, Charles2-Cape Breton---
Jessou, Louis1-Cape Breton---
(Note about the above 8 people.) Very poor, sometimes employed by English merchants in the Cod fishery, at other times by the French merchants. All are french descent.
Mole, William2-Cape Breton---
McHall, Jane3-Cape Breton--runs a boarding house
Hurley, William113Ireland--Salmon fishery & keeps cattle
Maddore, John7-Cape Breton---
Maddore, George6-Cape Breton---
Maddore, James6-Cape Breton---
Young, James2-Cape Breton---
Young, Francis jr.2-Cape Breton---
Young, Isaac2-Cape Breton---
Young, Lixey6-Cape Breton---
Parisaine, Benjamin5-Cape Breton---
Hoare, Mrs.1born here Sandy Point---
Biniard, Isaac5-Cape Breton---
Bennett, Brazou3-Cape Breton---
Bennett, John1-Cape Breton---
Young, James1-Cape Breton---
Pilley, John3-Cape Breton---
Lucau, John3-Cape Breton---
(Note about the above people.) Herring and Cod fishery very poor, not well hen___. Employed sometimes by English merchants and sometimes by the French. Very imprudent and fare badly during winter.
Merry, John2-----
Hayes, Bill7-----

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