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Lovell's Directory 1871

Flat Bay

A settlement at the head of St. George's Bay, on the French Shore. Both fishing and farming are engaged in. Distance from Sandy Point 8 miles by boat. Population 150.

Name Occupation
Bennett, Peterfisherman
Blanchard, Timothyfisherman
Butt, Solomonfarmer
Cannier, Edwardfisherman
Delaney, Jamesfisherman
Duffney, Frederickfisherman
Furman, Lewisfisherman
Furman, Patrickfisherman
Houng, Alfredfisherman
King, Francisfisherman
King, Reubenfisherman
King, Robertfisherman
Long, Georgefisherman
Longepe, Paulfisherman
McPherson, Roryfisherman
Madore, Georgefisherman
Madore, Williamfisherman
Morris, Thomasfisherman
Mote, Williamfisherman
Newell, Josiahfisherman
Parashaw, B.fisherman
Parashaw, Benjaminfarmer
Parsons, Lionalfisherman
Sheppard, Georgefisherman
Sheppard, Williamfisherman
Webb, Johnfisherman
White, S.fisherman
White, Thomasfisherman
Young, Andrewfisherman
Young, Baptistefisherman
Young, Danielfisherman
Young, Francisfisherman
Young, Henryfisherman
Young, Jamesfisherman
Young, Johnfisherman

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