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West Coast - Lovell's Directory 1871

Bay St. George ~ Robinson's Head

A settlement on the south side of St. George's Bay on the French Shore. Distance from Sandy Point 19 miles by boat. Population 125.
De Basque, Josephfisherman
Evans, Thomasfisherman
Gale, Charlesfisherman
Gilham, Johnfisherman
Gill, Johnfisherman
Henlan, Edwardfisherman
Henlan, Williamfisherman
Legge, Emanuelfisherman
Legge, Philipfisherman
Legge, Williamfisherman
Moore, Williamfisherman
Morris, Robertfisherman
Morris, Williamfisherman
Renouf, Clementfisherman
Shears, Jamesfisherman
Shears, Mosesfisherman
Shears, Williamfisherman
Webb, Johnfisherman
White, Michaelfisherman
Young, Frankfisherman

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Bay St. George District