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Sandy Point - St. Stephen's Anglican Church Marriages

1880 - 1924

Information was transcribed by GREG HAWKINS, September 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Bride and Groom Age Home Father Place of Marriage Date
Sarah Jane Messervey22St. George'sPhilipSandy PointDec 22 1880
John Hilliard Pieroway26Sandy PointGeorge

Martha Jane Cutler22St. George'sAmosSandy PointSept 22 1881
Edward Thomas Butt18St. George'sSoloman

Matilda Armah Parsons
Sandy PointJohnSandy PointOct 17 1881
John Henry Parsons22Sandy PointJohn Henry

Helen Amanda Parsons22Sandy PointJohn HenrySandy PointOct 25 1881
Edmund Parsons22Sandy PointGeorge Thomas

Sarah Crewe
Sandy PointSamuelSandy PointOct 19 1882
George Henry Messervey
Sandy PointAbraham

Ann Emily Hynes24
GeorgeSandy PointJuly 25 1883
Charles Kennedy29The GravelsJames

Louisa Ann Hynes22Sandy PointGeorgeSandy PointAug 1 1883
James Simon Hann38Seal RocksJames

Margretta Harvey25
AndrewSandy PointAug 9 1883
John Philip Pieroway27The GravelsPhilip

Martha Ann Pieroway21Sandy PointGeorgeSandy PointNov 11 1883
Lawson Corkum29Jeddore, NSBenjamin

Alexena Susan Morris21Robinson's HeadRobertSandy PointFeb 4 1884
William Pennell32Sandy PointPhilip

Agnes Renouf Picot20Sandy Point
Sandy PointDec 2 1884
Samuel Augustus Vincent23Seal RocksSamuel

Mary Ann McKay28Sandy PointSamuelSandy PointDec 24 1884
John E. Romaine32Romaine's BrookErnest

Selina Alma Hinds22Sandy PointHenrySandy PointAug 3 1885
George Robert Banfield24Sandy PointWilliam

Dianah Abbott17The GravelsJohnThe GravelsAug 14 1885
Charles Henry Hinds23

Louise Young16Middle BrookAndrewSandy PointFeb 16 1887
Frederick Benoit21Bank HeadGeorge

Elvina Julia Hynes18The GravelsGeorgeThe GravelsJan 4 1889
William Thomas Gillam24The GravelsWilliam Thomas

Eliza Hunt29The GravelsWilliamThe GravelsMarch 4 1889
Jacob Bellows37The GravelsGeorge

Jane Ann Legge30The GravelsPhilipThe GravelsJune 2 1889
John William DeLouche21The GravelsJoseph

Martha Beatrice Parsons19Sandy PointJohnSandy PointOct 13 1889
Niron Samuel Messervey23Sandy PointSamuel

Matilda Clara Parsons19Sandy PointWilliam CharlesSandy PointMay 2 1890
William Leopold LeRoux22Sandy PointEdward Desire

Elizabeth Jane Fillatre24Sandy PointFrancisSandy PointJuly 28 1890
John Henry Parsons35Sandy PointWilliam

Emily Alice Swyer21
BennettSandy PointNov 6 1890
Joseph Henry Blackburn20Sandy PointWilliam

Adelaid Ann Vincent (W)36Sandy PointJohn HenrySandy PointDec 9 1890
George Henry Parsons26Sandy PointJohn

Mary Laurina Parsons28Sandy PointWilliamSandy PointDec 31 1890
Joseph Henry Pieroway30Sandy PointGeorge

Caroline Jane Shaw20Sandy PointThomasSandy PointApril 11 1891
Walter Edward LeRoux25Sandy PointEdward Desire

Elizabeth Alexander23NorthsideDesireSandy PointApril 13 1891
Joseph Porter21Seal RocksAbraham

Mary Alice Parsons20Flat BayLeonardSandy PointSept 9 1891
John Chinn Messervey24Sandy PointAbraham

Jane Ann Parsons23Flat BayWilliamSandy PointJan 6 1892
Alexander Lewis Parsons28Sandy PointJohn Henry

Mary Murphy18KilbrideMichaelSandy PointJuly 10 1892
Jonathan Mercer40Seal RocksJonathan

Josephine Fewer27Sandy PointWalterSandy PointNov 13 1892
Alfred Martin Pieroway28Sandy PointGeorge

Mary Ann Wadman25Sandy Point
Sandy PointNov 27 1892
James Simon Parsons27Sandy PointWilliam

Miriam Hill (w)40The GravelsSamuel CreweThe GravelsAug 24 1893
Robert Roberts45HermitageRobert

Rose Carter22
ThomasThree Rock CoveJune 11 1894
Alfred Retieff46Three Rock CoveFrank

Beatrice Fillatre26Sandy PointFrancisSandy PointSept 29 1894
Samuel Grant Hynes29Sandy PointHenry

Clara May Fillatre20Sandy PointSamuelSandy PointDec 31 1894
Charles Parsons24Sandy PointJohn Henry

Catherine Ann McIsaac18The GravelsDougalThe GravelsJan 26 1895
John Adolphus Hynes22The GravelsGeorge

Ida Ann LeRoux24Sandy PointEdwardSandy PointApril 19 1895
Horatio Henry Haliburton34The GravelsAlfred F.

Elizabeth Retieff19Three Rock CoveAlfredThree Rock CoveJuly 22 1895
James Anstey23Three Rock CoveEli

Isabella Sophia Messervey22Sandy PointAbrahamSandy PointAug 7 1895
Alfred Martin Messervey32Sandy PointSamuel

Laura Letitia McLean22Sandy PointDanialSandy PointNov 14 1895
Arthur Cashin29Sandy PointJohn

Fanny Betsy Legge24Robinson's HeadPhilipThe GravelsMar 8 1896
Jonathan Martin25The GravelsNathanial

Laura Benoit
Sandy PointMagloireSandy PointNov 13 1896
John Francis Fillatre28Seal RocksSamuel

Mary Ellen Parsons21The GravelsRichardThe GravelsNov 24 1896
Philip Albert Hynes22The GravelsGeorge

Sarah Louisa Hann20St. George'sAlbertSandy PointMar 18 1897
Edward Warren LeRoux23Sandy PointEdward

Violet Ida Pike18BoswarlosAlbertBoswarlosAug 3 1897
George Everett Harvey27BoswarlosAndrew

Martha Jane McKay19Main RiverJosephSandy PointAug 7 1897
Joseph Thomas Banfield31Sandy PointWilliam

Matilda Morris Legge21The GravelsPhilipThe GravelsNov 27 1897
Joseph Albert Shaw27The GravelsJames

Emma Jane Anderson29The FarmGeorgeThe GravelsNov 27 1897
Andrew Frampton29The FarmJohn

Amy Frampton18Bay of IslandsJohnThe GravelsApril 17 1898
Soloman Childs33The FarmSoloman

Martha Jane Rose22Flat BaySamuelSandy PointMay 6 1898
James Messervey29Sandy PointPhilip

Fanny Gertrude Hirst21Sandy PointEdward ClementSandy PointSept 8 1898
Millage Charles Messervey24Sandy PointCharles R.

Helena Ann McKay18Main RIverJosephSandy PointSept 29 1898
Wallace Farnell25Bay of IslandsCharles

Irene Kendall24Seal RocksJohnSandy PointMay 6 1899
William James Fillatre26Sandy PointFrancis

Norah Frances Fillatre23Sandy PointFrancisSandy PointNov 23 1899
William James Banfield36Sandy PointWilliam

Margaret Frances Renouf21Sandy PointJosephSandy PointJan 3 1900
George Albert Hoar Swyer24Sandy PointBennett

Ada Josephine Bishop21Sandy PointCharlesSandy PointMarch 12 1901
Donald John Bethune35St. George'sRoderick

Martha Jane Renouf24Sandy PointJohnSandy PointFebruary 19 1903
George Thomas Pieroway31Sandy PointPhilip

Alice Jane Vincent17Sandy PointAndrewSandy PointApril 23 1903
William James Messervey22Sandy PointGeorge

Irene Ada Hunt23Seal CoveGeorgeSandy PointOct 22 1903
Edward Walter Swyer32Seal CoveEdmund

Nellie Kennedy21Cape St. GeorgeRoderickSandy PointDec 8 1903
Ralph Ernest LeRoux19Sandy PointEdward

Helena Martha Dennis23Barachois BrookDanialSandy PointApril 15 1904
Sidney Hann27St. George'sAlbert

Louisa Maud LeRoux27Sandy PointEdward DesireSandy PointOct 22 1904
John Robert Renouf28Sandy PointPhilip

Martha Shaw25Sandy PointThomasSandy PointJan 3 1905
Samuel Charles Falle36St. George'sJohn William

Matilda Jane Renouf26Sandy PointPhilipSandy PointFeb 6 1905
George Rupert Chinn37Sandy PointJohn

Isabela McFatridge26Sandy PointJamesSandy PointDec 12 1905
Bennett Swyer28Sandy PointBennett

Maud May Boyden18Sandy PointOtisSandy PointDec 28 1905
William Bennett McLean30Sandy PointDanial

Mary Josephine LeRoux31Sandy PointEdward DesireSandy PointMar 15 1906
William Wallace Parsons33Sandy PointJohn Henry

Mary Frances Poirier16Sandy PointAlfredSandy PointJan 7 1906
Elijah Boyden21Sandy PointOtis

Emily Ann Marche16Marche's Point
Sandy PointJuly 30 1906
Luke Benoit27

Louisa Josephine Pieroway21St. George'sGeorgeSt. George'sSept 7 1906
James Percy Swyer24Seal RocksBennett

Susannah Butt22St. GeorgesSamuelSt. George'sSept 12 1906
Robert Hulan30Robinson's HeadWilliam

Mary Murial Gorner17Stephenville XingArthurMain RiverNov 14 1906
Charles Cecil Martyn28Main RiverCharles

Victoria Amelia Swyer24Sandy PointNelsonSandy PointJan 25 1907
Joseph Canning29Bay of IsalndsJohn

Elizabeth Ann Gillam21
IsraelSt. George'sJune 17 1907
Joseph Wilfred Pieroway25St. George'sGeorge

Cora Ann Pieroway29St. George'sGeorgeSt. George'sSept 25 1907
Isaac Moores29Robinson's HeadWilliam

Jessie Anna Belle Renouf27Sandy PointJohn H.Sandy PointJan 22 1908
Charles Henry Wilson Vincen29Sandy PointDavid

Ella Lucretia Hunt24Seal CoveGeorgeStephenville CrossinFeb 20 1908
Philip Samuel Dennis35Barachois BrookDanial

Amelia Vincent19Sandy PointAndrewSandy PointJune 23 1908
Reginald Edward Berry22Sandy PointGeorge Edward

Rose Woods (w)52St. George's
Sandy PointJuly 28 1909
William Colson47Sandy Point

Isabella Armah McKay
Stephenvile XingJosephStephenvile CrossingJanuary 18 1910
Frederick Rupert Martin24LewisporteAustin

Amelia Tucker26Sandy Point
Sandy PointApril 1 1910
George Henry Warren30Sandy Point

Gertrude May Renouf21Sandy PointJohn HenrySandy PointApril 21 1910
Otto Richard Abbott24Sandy PointJames

Angelina Young21Flat BayThomasSandy PointSept 22 1911
Alexander Francois30Flat BayBenjamin

Maud McKay20Stephenville XingJosephStephenville CrossinDec 18 1911
Jacob Bishop35Stephenville XingJacob

Mary Josephe Simon18Cape St. GeorgeYvesPort au PortFeb 16 1912
Thomas Martin28Port au PortNathanial

Elizabeth M. Marks21St. George'sCharlesSandy PointJuly 23 1912
Harold S. Tipple21Little RiverEdward

Mary Agnes Perrier19Spruce BrookFrederickSpruce BrookSept 27 1912
George Allan Hardey21Spruce BrookWilliam

Theresa Blanchard25Sandy PointPascalSandy PointApril 29 1913
Alexander Messervey48Sandy PointAbraham

Pheobe Bellows22Sandy PointRobertSandy PointJune 11 1913
William Seaward35Sandy PointWilliam

Edith May Gillam19Robinson's
St. GeorgesSept 3 1913
George Alfred Pieroway25St. George'sGeorge

Edna Jane Pieroway20St. George'sJohn H.St. George'sOct 14 1913
Charles Edward Sulee33
Charles W.

Gladys Parsons20Sandy PointJohnSandy PointNov 26 1913
William Hulan24CartyvilleStephen

Catherine McIsaac18Sandy PointSimonSandy PointMar 21 1914
Bennett Swyer35Sandy PointBennett

Catherine Benoit22Stephenville XingAbrahamStephenville CrossinJune 18 1914
Alfred McKay21Stephenville XingJoseph

Doretta Maud Messervey24Sandy PointGeorgeSandy PointSept 30 1914
Benjamin Parsons26CodroyAmbrose

Mabel B. Harvey21BoswarlosAndrewSandy PointMay 13 1915
Charles McFatridge22Sandy PointHenry

Annie Pieroway21Sandy PointAlfredSandy PointJan 29 1915
Edwin Morris27St. George'sWilliam

Elizabeth Jane Morris25Robinson'sJosephSandy PointAug 25 1915
Samuel Swyer44Sandy PointBennett

Myra Susie Morris  **See Errata table below22Sandy PointIsaacSandy PointJuly 25 1916
Frank Louis Forward42Sandy PointAmbrose

Etta Neill30Sandy PointCharlesSandy PointDec 7 1916
Ralph LeRoux31Sandy PointEdward

Jane McEachern19Sandy PointSimonSandy PointApril 24 1917
Joseph Shaw33Sandy PointThomas

Beatrice Keeping20North SydneyWilliamSandy PointAug 27 1917
Peter Colson21Sandy PointWilliam

Henrietta Abbott (w) (Shaw56Sandy PointThomasSandy PointDec 13 1917
Edward Parsons58Sandy PointGeorge Thomas

Bridget Walsh20St. George'sWilliamSt. George'sJuly 24 1918
John D. LeRoux20St. George'sPeter

Irene Hulan21CartyvilleWilliamSandy PointSept 12 1918
Frank Swyer33Sandy PointBennett

Florence May Pynn23St. George'sSelby R.Sandy PointJan 14 1919
Arthur James Symonds26St. John'sWilliam

Mildred Messervey18Sandy PointJohnSandy PointJanuary 27 1919
Edwin Renouf21Sandy PointJohn

Cecily Marche25Port au PortAlbertSandy PointApril 1 1919
Charles Hynes27Port au PortCharles

Hannah Carter21BoswarlosWilliamSandy PointAug 29 1919
Israel Hunt34Port au PortWilliam

Mary Shears16Robinson'sAllanSt. George'sOct 25 1920
John Alley23Robinson'sJoseph

Bessie Rowsell25Leading TicklesLeanderStephenville CrossinApril 4 1921
James Carter30Stephenville XingJohn

Bertha Soaper27BoswarlosRichardStephenville CrossinJuly 11 1921
Cecil Martin30ChannelAustin

Winnifred Vincent23Nardini'sWilliamSt. George'sAug 2 1921
Ralph Tulk26Stephenville XingBenjamin

Bertha Fleet20Stephenville XingJohnSandy PointOctober 26 1921
Notman McKay22Stephenville XingJoseph

Florence Parsons19Stephenville XingJohnStephenville CrossinJuly 21 1923
John McFatridge22Stephenville XingWalter

Evelyn Banfield20Sandy PointJamesSandy PointJanuary 10 1924
John D. McEachern23Jeffrey'sArchibald

Amelia E. McEachern18Jeffrey'sThomasSandy PointSept 14 1922
Charles F. Banfield22Sandy PointJames

Georgina Messervey28Sandy PointGeorgeSandy PointJune 24 1924
Gilbert Fillatre38Sandy PointFrancis

Josephine LeRoux18Sandy PointRalphSandy PointSept 16 1925
Samuel Godden Tilley25Sandy PointAbram

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
MORRIS, Myra Susie The surname should be MERCER.   Correct name confirmed with her son's Obit. Dianne MacIntyre

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