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Immaculate Conception R.C. / St. Joseph's R.C.: Marriages 1860s

Note: After 1898, events were recorded at St. Joseph's Church in St. George's, but they continued to use the recording book or ledger from the Immaculate Conception Church of Sandy Point. The St. Joseph's Church is still active but the beginning of St. Joseph's was the end of the church on Sandy Point.

Instead of separating the records (as one is a continuation of the other) they are combined here as Sandy Point / St. George's, or Immaculate Conception / St. Joseph's Church records. As there is nothing anymore on Sandy Point, anyone starting a search would most likely start to inquire around St. George's.         [s/o= son of; d/o=daughter of]

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1 8 6 0
Jan 10, 1860Victor Dannois s/o the late Jean & Rosalie Marche
 Victoire Lucas d/o the late Jean Marie & Henrietta LeJeune
Oct 08, 1860Olivier Julien (Indian)
 Jeanne Park (Indian)
Oct 09, 1860Noel Frank Joe
 Esther Julien
Oct 23, 1860Felicien Godet s/o the late Jean & Palegie Cormier
 Felicite Doucet d/o Pierre & Marie Cormier
Nov 05, 1860Gabriel Doucet s/o Pierre & Marie Cormier
 Virginie LeBlanc d/o Simon & Marie LeBlanc from Margaree, Cape Breton
Nov 27, 1860Dominique Poirier s/o Simon & the late Edesse Cormier
 Bridgette Alexandre d/o Jean Marie & Julie LeJeune
Nov 27, 1860Pierre Leroux s/o Jean & the late Charlotte Bouyer from France
 Adeline Duval d/o Charles & Francoise Benoit
Dec 01, 1860Simon Gallant (Margaree, Cape Breton)
 Josephine Boissel d/o Jean & Rosalie Marche
1 8 6 1
Feb 11, 1861Simon LeBlanc s/o Simon & Marie LeBlanc from Margaree, Cape Breton
 Marie Louise Marche d/o the late Francois & Emilie LeJeune
May 29, 1861Jules Benoit
 Marie Josseau
June 03, 1861Pierre Haniard
 Marie LeJeune, widow of William Barry
Sept 16, 1861Prosper Jacques Auguste Tonault, widower of Monique Franoise Gobel of France
 Rosalie Duval d/o Charles & Francoise Benoit
Nov 4, 1861Jean LeJeune s/o Isadore & Elizabeth Benoit
 Jeanne Quirk d/o Joseph & Adelaide Cousel
1 8 6 2
Jan 22, 1862Christopher Michael Agathe
 Mary Webb
Oct 14, 1862Alexander Gillis
 Anne Gillis
Oct 16, 1862Fabien Godet s/o the late Jean & the late Pelagie Cormier
 Francis Cormier d/o the late Tranquill & the late Angelique Deveau
Nov 24, 1862Gilles Pillet s/o Jean & Marie LeJeune
 Jeanne LeJeune d/o the late George & Marie LeJeune
Nov 29, 1862Michel LeBlanc
 Elsey Webb
Sept 23, 1862Paul King
 Francois LeJeune
1 8 6 3
June 23, 1863Alexandre LeJeune s/o
 Ursule Benoit d/o Louis & Ursule Marche of Port au Port
July 27, 1863Patrick Cormier s/o Firmin & Marie Judith Doucet
 Olive Pillet d/o Jean & Marie LeJeune
Aug 8, 1863Firmin Cormier, widower
 Louise Brown, Widow
Aug 10, 1863George Medor
 Marie Camus d/o Francois & Nathalie Duyon
Aug 31, 1863Jean Pillet s/o Jean & the late Marie LeJeune
 Celeste LaCosta d/o Jean Costa & Adele Couenne
Sept 05, 1863Ambroise Gallant
 Felicite Poirier
Sept 22, 1863Alexander Lucas s/o the late Jean Marie & Henrietta LeJeune
 Marie Benoit d/o Jean & the late Judith LeJeune
Oct 28, 1863Francois (Indian) s/o Francois & the late Marie of Grand River
 Eulalie Benoit d/o Jean & the late Henrietta Alexandre
Nov 15, 1863Luc Benoit, widower of Helene Leblanc
 Catherine Josseau d/o Alex & Anne Young
1 8 6 4
June 15, 1864Pierre Benoit
 Catherine McNeil, widow of Jean Michel
July 26, 1864Jean Benoit s/o George & Charolette Alexandre
 Marie LeJeune d/o Benjamin & Ursule Marche
Aug 13, 1864Pierre Eugene Gogenetch s/o Joseph & Francois Gingras, St. Pierre
 Marie LaCosta d/o Jean & Adele Couenne
Aug 13, 1864Disiree Alexandre s/o Desiree & Genevieve Josseau
 Pauline Halbot d/o the late Francois & the late Modeste Bernard
1 8 6 5
July 31, 1865Jacques Webb
 Celeste Alexandre
July 24, 1865Francis Xavier Benoit Louis & Ursule Marche
 Josephine Bourgeois d/o the late Raymond & Ester Bourgeois
Aug 07, 1865William Ryan s/o the late Michael & Genevieve Medor
 Marie Cormier d/o Firmin & the late Judith Doucet
Aug 12, 1865Victor Young
 Elizabeth Marche
Oct 10, 1865Hippolyte Reneau s/o Julien & the late Elizabeth Marche of Cape St. George
 Sophia Marie Lucas d/o the late Jean Marie & Henrietta LeJeune
Oct 11, 1865Victor Marche
 Francoise LeJeune
Oct 19, 1865Amedee Bisson s/o Jean & Jeanne Laneau of France
 Christine Barbe Felix d/o Gilles & Barbe Marche
Nov 17, 1865Peter Jesseau s/o Alexander Josseau & Anne Young
 Elizabeth Barry d/o the late William & Marie LeJeune
Nov 22, 1865John Maclellan
 Christine MacPherson
Nov 23, 1865Edward Marche s/o the late Jean Marie & Marie LeJeune
 Adelaide Alexandre d/o Jean & Julie LeJeune
Nov 24, 1865Jean Marie Greillard
-Rosalie LeJeune d/o of the late Jean and the late Francoise Benoit
Nov 27, 1865William Medor s/o William & Marie Couenne
 Josephine Cormier d/o Isadore & Magdeline Vigneau
Dec 01, 1865Francois LeJeune
 Rosealie Cormier d/o Isadore & Madeleine Vigneau
1 8 6 6
June 04, 1866Adolph Garnier s/o Constant & Marie Christ
 Elizabeth LeBlanc d/o Antoine Leblanc & Marie Leblanc
June 04, 1866Patrick LeBlanc s/o Aime & Elizabeth Leblanc
 Marie Louise Garnier d/o Constant & Marie Christ
June 05, 1866Didier Shepherd s/o George Shepperd & Marie Josseau
 Margaret Hogden d/o John & Sally Marche
June 11, 1866Samuel MacLeod s/o Duncan & Isabelle Gillis of Port au Port
 Effy MacIsaac d/o Donald & the late Mary MacPharlane
June 23, 1866Thomas Bergeron
 Marcelline Moore d/o Bill & Adelaide Benoit
1 8 6 7
Aug 13, 1867Gabriel LeBlanc s/o Marcel & Marie Aucoin
 Dominthille Hynes d/o Phillip & Amelia Marche
Aug 13, 1867Jean Gregoire LeBlanc s/o Celestin & Modeste Cormier
 Helene LeBlanc d/o Aime & Elizabeth LeBlanc
Oct 28, 1867Jean Bapstiste LeJeune
 Marcelline Marche d/o Urbaine & Celeste Alexandre
Oct 29, 1867Frank Bernard
 Anna Cormier
Nov 06, 1867Pierre Elizagat
 Charlotte Benoit
Nov 14, 1867Maxime LeBlanc s/o the late Celestin & Modeste Cormier
 Luce Blanchard d/o Charles & Henrietta Godet
1 8 6 8
Feb 20, 1868Yves Bourdoulon ( France)
 Delphine Benoit d/o Louis & Ursule Marche
June 22, 1868Jean LeJeune
 Celina Young
July 13, 1868Micheal Benoit
 Emilia Marche
July 13, 1868Paul Benoit s/o Paul & Victoire LeBlanc
 Bridgette LeBlanc d/o Aime & Elizabeth LeBlanc
July 29, 1868John Laine
 Marie Louise Reneau d/o Julien & the late Elizabeth Marche
1 8 6 9
Jan2, 1869John Duffee of Bay Chaleurs
 Ann Campbell of Cape St. George
Oct 20, 1869Jean Doucet, age 23 years, s/o Peter & Marie Cormier of Kippen's
 Margaret Gallant, age 17 years, d/o Felix & Mary LeBlanc
Oct 24, 1869Adolphe Laine, age 24 years, s/o Louis of Cape St. George
 Mary Campbell d/o Stephen & Margaret Moore
Oct 26, 1869Archibald Campbell, age 25 years of Cape St. George
 Anne Isabelle MacIsaac of Gravels Beach
Nov 17, 1869Stephen Gallant, age 23 years, s/o Felix and Mary Leblanc
 Flora Delaney d/o Joseph and Susanne O'Quinn
Nov 23, 1869Joseph Noel of Brigus, Conception Bay
 Sarah Jane Lapman of bay St. George
Nov 27, 1869Joseph Young
 Alice Marche
Dec 12, 1869Damas LeBlanc, age 27 years s/o Stephen
 Mary Royer, age 16 years d/o Charles & Esther Bourgeois

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