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Immaculate Conception R.C. / St. Joseph's R.C.: Marriages 1870s

Note: After 1898, events were recorded at St. Joseph's Church in St. George's, but they continued to use the recording book or ledger from the Immaculate Conception Church of Sandy Point. The St. Joseph's Church is still active but the beginning of St. Joseph's was the end of the church on Sandy Point.

Instead of separating the records (as one is a continuation of the other) they are combined here as Sandy Point / St. George's, or Immaculate Conception / St. Joseph's Church records. As there is nothing anymore on Sandy Point, anyone starting a search would most likely start to inquire around St. George's.         [s/o= son of; d/o=daughter of]

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May 16, 1870Andrew Gillis of Big River, Codroy
  Catherine MacPherson of Bay St. George
  Were married in the presence of Captain James MacFarlane & Ann Gillis
May 18, 1870Frederick Renouf
  Julia Alexander
  Were married in the presence of John Goden & Pauline Garnier
May 22, 1870Julien Chassion
  Jane Benoit of Port au Port
  Were married in the presence of Placide Leblanc & Nancy Royers
May 22, 1870Marcel Doucet
  Elizabeth O'Quinn
  Were married in the presence of Victor Gallant and Mary O'Quinn
May 22, 1870Gabriel Doucette, widower
  Modeste Marche
  Were married in the presence of Charles Leblanc & Henriette Leblanc
July 17, 1870Hugh MacPherson
  Elizabeth Gillis
July 19, 1870Patrick King of Bank Head
  Caroline Long , age 20 years of Bank Head
July 19, 1870Francois Laine s/o Louis of Cape St. George
  Rosalie Young, widow of John ___
July 19, 1870Peter Blanchard age 30 years
  Melanie Perrier, age 20 years d/o Benjamin of Flat Bay
July 21, 1870Paul Aucoin, age 20 years s/o Exupere of Big River
  Elizabeth Hynes, age 18 years d/o Phillippe & Amelia Marche
July 21, 1870Francis Julien Retife from France
  Rosalia Benoit
July 26, 1870John Benoit s/o Frank of Port au Port
  Alice Benoit
July 26, 1870Isaac Duffney of Port au Port
  Maria Plover (Greene)
  Were married in the presence of Victor Young & Emelia Benoit
July 26, 1870Angus MacIsaac of Grand Beach
  Catherine Campbell d/o Stephen & Margaret Moore
  Were married in the presence of Archibald Campbell & Margaret Gillis
Nov 06, 1870Frank Matthew of Big River, Codroy
  Victoire LaCosta
  Were married in the presence of Patrick MacGrath and Sally Pieley
1 8 7 1
Jan 15, 1871Anthony LeBlanc s/o Marcel
  Julia Hynes
Jan 25, 1871James Young, age 68 years of Robinson's Head
  Jane Simms, age 55 years, widow of the late John Lapman of Codroy
Feb 4, 1871Placide White, widower, s/o Stephen
  Elizabeth Pierro, relict of the late Henry Pierro
May 31, 1871William Robin of Brittany, France
  Sophia Lucas
June 18, 1871Theophilus Tonnelier (Cooper) from St. Pierre & Miquelon
  Caroline Benoit, relict of the late Joe Matthew of Big River, Codroy
June 12, 1871Edward Cormier of this Bay
  Magdelin Gabriel d/o Andrew & ? Hall of Grand River, Codroy
June 25, 1871William Hynes, age 26 years s/o Phillip & Amelia Marche of Gravels Beach
  Ester O'Quinn, age 17 years d/o Exupere O'Quinn & Dianna O'Quinn of Big River, Codroy
June 25, 1871William Latman, age abt. 23 years
  Mrs. Sally Peillie, age 26 years, widow of the late John Peillie
July 10, 1871Andrew Alexandre of Main Gut
  Rosalie Cammie
July 12, 1871Athanase Langlois, age 36 years of Rimousky, Quebec
  Pauline Garnier, age 19 years d/o Constant & Marie Christ of this bay
Aug 15, 1871John Ogden
  Adelaide Jesso
Aug 16, 1871John Maclellan of Cape Breton
  Catherine Gillis d/o Donald Gilllis of this Bay St. George
  Were married in the presence of Capt. James MacFarlane and Joanne Croman
  My note: parents of Catherine should be Donald & Catherine Margaret MacIsaac
Aug 17, 1871I married at Cape St. George Adolphe Rivolan &
  Marie Duval
  Were married in the presence of Charles DuVal & Marie Louval
Sept 03, 1871Micheal Benoit s/o Luke Benoit
  Desiree Laine of Cape St. George
  Were married in the presence of Constance O'Quinn & Lawrence Halbot
Sept 04, 1871Michael Benoit of Flat Bay widower
  Sophia Alexander, widow of the late Frank Marche of Main Gut
  Were married in the presence of George White & Johanna Fitzpatrick
Oct 09, 1871Gilles Julien Joseph Felix s/o Gilles
  Anna Marie Toucoulet d/o Joseph & Margaret LeBlanc
  My note: This family of Duhart(e) was also known as du Basque
Oct 24, 1871Ruben LeBlanc, age 28 years s/o Marcel of Stephenville
  Mary Delaney, age 24 years
1 8 7 2
Jan 01, 1872Gilles Pillie
  Madeliene Cormier
Jan 09, 1872Joseph LeBlanc s/o Sosime
  Veronique Perrier d/o Benjamin
Feb 07, 1872Leo LeBlanc, age 23 years
  Marie LeBlanc, age 19 years d/o Patrick
Feb 07, 1872Laurent O'Quinn, age 25 years
  Louise LeBlanc, age 20 years, d/o Mary Ann O'Quinn
May 16, 1872John Henry Shepperd
  Susan Young d/o George & Susanne Webb
Jun 9, 1872Auguste Tourneau, age 43 years of La Manche, France
  Mary Ann Shepperd, age 34 years of St. George's
June 16, 1872Capt. James MacFarlane of Margaree, Cape Breton
  Mary Elizabeth Shaw of St. George's
June 17, 1872Alexander Lucas of Main Gut
  Jane Alexander
Aug 21, 1872John Benoit age 26 years
  Agnes Young, age 16 years d/o Peter Young
Aug 24, 1872John Madore, age 20 years
  Ellen Young, age 25 years
Aug 24, 1872George Young, age 22 years of Fishell's
Susanne Madore d/o the late William Madore
Oct 07, 1872Maxime Benoit of Seal Rocks
  Bridget King
Nov 03, 1872Andrew Young of Fox Island R iver
  Marie Jane Marche d/o Denis Marche of Black Duck Brook
1 8 7 3
Feb 11, 1873Benjamin Perrier
  Eliza Young of Bank Head
Feb 18, 1873William LeBlanc s/o Sosime
  Clarisse Alexandre d/o Desiree
May 04, 1873Alexander MacDonald of St. Andrews, Antigonish County, NS
  Jane Susanne Young d/o Benjamin
May 19, 1873Gilles Reneault of Cape St. George
  Louisa Duval
July 04, 1873William LeBlanc s/o Antony Leblanc
  Elizabeth Delaney d/o Joseph
  Were married in the presence of ? Leblanc & ? Delaney
July 08, 1873Victor Cormier
  Louisa Poirier
  Were married in the presence of Louis Garnier & Agnes Garnier
Aug 11, 1873John MacPherson of Robinson's Head
  Anne MacDonald of Highlands
  Were married in the presence of John Gillis & Margaret MacInnis
Aug 15, 1873John MacInnes of Cape Breton
  Catheirne MacLellan of Judique, Cape Breton
1 8 7 4
Sept 23, 1874Henry Edmonds of Burnt Island
  Marcelline Young of Fox Island River, Port au Port
Nov 01, 1874Phillip O'Quinn s/o Constant O'Quinn of Stephenville
  Elizabeth Lucas of Main Gut
Nov 03, 1874Luke Benoit
  Mary Duval d/o Pierre Duval of Cape St. George
1 8 7 5
Feb 01, 1875Joseph LeBlanc
  Celeste LeBlanc
  Note: They were related in the 2nd and 3rd degree of affinity
Oct 21, 1875Frank Benoit of Main Gut
  Madeline Joe of Grandais Brook
Nov 03, 1875John Gillis s/o Hugh Gillis of the Highlands
  Jane Beaton
  Were married in the presence of High MacInnis & Mary Ann Beaton
1 8 7 6
June 13, 1876Angus MacLellan
  Anne Downey d/o Thomas
1 8 7 7
April 08, 1877Peter MacFarlane of Port Mulgrave, N.S
  Mathilde Jane Holmes
April 09, 1877Peter MacFarlane of Margaree, Cape Breton
  Mathilde Jane Shaw
July 02, 1877James Keating, a blacksmith
  May Young
Jul 2, 1877Dan MacLean of Port aux Basque
  Mary Jane Ryan
  At St. Michael's Church, Channel in the presence of Hugh MacLeod & ?
July 07, 1877Ernest Garnier
  Marie Louisa Laura Foss of Maine, USA
  They were married in a civil ceremony in 1870 in the state of Maine, USA
Aug 02, 1877Tassien Ryan s/o of Charles Ryan of Margaree, Cape Breton
  Margaret LeBlanc eldest daughter of Thomas Leblanc & Louise Medor
1 8 7 8
June 25, 1878Maxime LeJeune s/o George Lejeune
  Marie Benoit d/o Joseph Benoit
July 11, 1878Jean Baptiste LeBlanc s/o Antoine Leblanc
  Marie Cormier
July 11, 1878Peter Cormier of Codroy
  Marie Joseph Hannon of Rose Blanche
July 11, 1878Daniel MacDonald
  Mary Ann Madore
July 11, 1878Frank Madore
  Mary MacDonald
Sept 06, 1878Felix King of Bank Head
  Polonie Cimon of Cape St. George
1 8 7 9
Jan 08, 1879Andrew Marche
  Joanna Long
Nov 13, 1884Michel Matthew (Indian)
  Mary Webb of Flat Bay
June 01, 1879Frederic LeJeune
  Adelaide Pleuvert
Jun 13, 1879Angus MacLellan
  Ann Downey, d/o the late Thomas Downey of Grand River
  Were married at Little Chapel of St. Columcille, Highlands
  In the presence of Patrick Cormier & Mary Ann MacDonald
July 31, 1879James Richard Abbott
  Mary Henrietta Shaw
Aug 10, 1879Pierre Alexandre
  Mary Louise LeBlanc d/o Sosime
Sept 01, 1879William Blanchard s/o Charles Blanchard
  Ellen Alexandre d/o Disiree Alexandre
  Were married in the presence of James Madore & Floriane Blanchard
Sept 07, 1879Andrew Hawkins
  Eugenie Lucas
Sept 15, 1879Anthony Blanchard s/o Timothee Blanchard
  Rose Perrier d/o Benjamin
  Witnessed by Manuel Perrier & Margaret Blanchard
Sept 22, 1979Edward Macon of Big River
  Marie Duhart, widow of Gilles Felix
Nov 04, 1879Gabriel, Micmac, son of Joanna
  Victoria LaCosta, widow of Frank
Nov 24, 1879Tatien LeBlanc s/o Sosime
  Catherine Alexandre d/o John Alexandre
Nov 26, 1879Capt. Louis Garnier s/o Constant Garnier, a merchant & Marie Christ
  Nancy Madore d/o Laurent Madore & Susanne LeBlanc
Nov 27, 1879Francois Garnier
  Elizabeth LeBlanc d/o Marcel & the late Marie Aime Aucoin

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