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St. George's Bay - McAlpine's 1904

Sandy Point

Alexander, Oliver;  fisherman 
Alexander, Edward;  fisherman 
Barter, Joseph;  carpenter and fisherman 
Bishop, Charles R. ;  miner 
Barry, Ernest;  fisherman 
Barry, William;  fisherman 
Banfield, W. James;  fisherman 
Banfield, Joseph;  fisherman 
Bethune, D. J. ;  fisherman 
Chevery [Shevary], Simon;  fisherman 
Cashin, Arthur;  fisherman 
Cashin, Francis;  fisherman 
Cashin, John;  fisherman 
China, George R. ;  fisherman 
Chinn, Abram B. ;  fisherman 
Chinn, Ulric W. ;  fisherman 
Du'hart, Adolph;  fisherman 
Dennis, William;  fisherman 
Filliatre, William J. ;  fisherman 
Filliatre, Francis;  fisherman 
Filliatre, Samuel;  fisherman 
Gallant, Walter;  fisherman 
Gallant, Alexander;  fisherman 
Garnier, Francis;  fisherman 
Garnier, Albert;  fisherman 
Goodland, George;  caretaker 
Hynes, Henry;  fisherman 
Hynes, Samuel;  fisherman 
Hynes, Frederick;  fisherman 
Halbot, Edward;  fisherman 
Halbot, Adolph;  shopkeeper and general merchant 
Hirst, E.C.;  jp, otary public 
Jeffery, Rev. C; 
Keating, John;  blacksmith 
King, Patrick;  fisherman 
Leroux, Wilfred C. ;  fisherman 
Leroux, Walter E.;  general dealer 
Lisegan, Alfred;  fisherman 
Langlois, Hubert;  fisherman 
Langlois, Rennie;  fisherman 
Langlois, Louis;  fisherman 
Leroux,  Leopold;  fisherman 
Messervey, philip;  fisherman 
Morris, John;  fisherman 
McFatridge, Henry;  fisherman 
McFatridge, John;  fisherman 
McFatridge, Daniel;  fisherman 
McFatridge, Samuel;  fisherman 
McFatridge, James;  fisherman 
Messervey, Niron;  fisherman 
Messervey, George jr. ;  fisherman 
Messervey, Alfred;  fisherman 
Messervey, Alex;  fisherman 
Messervey, John;  fisherman 
McDonald, Hector;  fisherman 
 McLean, William;  fisherman 
 McLean, Daniel;  fisherman 
O'Reilly, Ambrose;  fisherman 
O'Reilly, Aloysuis;  sub. Col. H.M. 
Messervey, James;  sub. Col. H.M. 
Messervey, George;  sub. Col. H.M. 
McLennan, John;  sub. Col. H.M. 
Messervey, Milliage;  lighthouse kpr-customs 
Parsons, Charles;  fisherman 
Perreway, Alfred;  fisherman 
Parsons, Elvyn A. ;  fisherman 
Parsons, Edward;  fisherman 
Parsons, Lewis;  fisherman 
Pielly, Harold;  fisherman 
Pourier, Frederick;  fisherman 
 Parsons, George;  fisherman 
 Parsons, John E. ;  fisherman 
Parsons, William;  fisherman 
Penuell, Joseph;  fisherman 
Parsons, John;  fisherman 
Perreway, Jospeh M. ;  fisherman 
Renouf, Isaac;  fisherman 
Renouf, Philip;  fisherman 
Renouf, John R. ;  fisherman 
Renouf, Joseph;  fisherman 
Renouf, John jr. ;  fisherman 
Ryan, Thomas;  ferryman and fisherman 
Renouf, Clement;  sub. Col. H.M. - customs 
Renouf, Frederick;  fisherman 
Renouf, Alfered;  fisherman 
Shaw, Samuel;  fisherman 
Swyer, Benet;  fisherman 
Seaward, Rufus;  fisherman 
Seaward, William;  fisherman 
Sheppard, Medrick;  fisherman 
Sheppard, James;  fisherman 
Swyer, Edward;  fisherman 
Swyer, Walter;  fisherman 
Swyer, George A. ;  fisherman 
Swyer, Nelson;  fisherman 
Shaw, Thomas;  fisherman 
Thomas, James;  fisherman 
Thomas, Michael;  fisherman 
Thomas, Alfred;  fisherman 
Thomas, John;  fisherman 
Tipple, Edward;  operator 
Vincent, Charles;  fisherman 
Young, John;  fisherman 
Young, Thomas;  fisherman 
Young, John H. ;  fisherman 
Young, Frederick;  fisherman 
Young, John jr. ;  fisherman 
Young, Alexander;  fisherman 

The above data was transcribed by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and posted to the Internet in August 1998 by Stephen Baker.

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Bay St. George District