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McAlpine's 1904

St. George's

Alexander, Peter;  fisherman 
Alexander, James;  fisherman 
Butt, Solomon;  fisherman 
Butt, Edward;  fisherman 
Butt, Nathaniel;  fisherman 
Butt, Samuel;  fisherman 
Butt, Alfred;  fisherman 
Butt, Wallace;  fisherman 
Blanchard, William;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Anthony;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Magloire;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Sylvan;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Amedi;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Peter;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Amedi S. ;  fisherman 
Brake, Edward;  fisherman 
Benoit, Henry;  fisherman 
Benoit, John;  fisherman 
Benoit, George;  fisherman 
Benoit, Peter;  fisherman 
Benoit, Thomas;  fisherman 
Benoit, John;  fisherman 
Benoit, Paul;  fisherman 
Benoit, Peter J. ;  fisherman 
Benoit, Frederick;  fisherman 
Benoit, David;  fisherman 
Cutler, Wallace;  fisherman 
Cutler, William;  fisherman 
Cutler, Amos;  fisherman 
Cutler, Amos sr. ;  fisherman 
Cutler, Edward;  fisherman 
Colombe, Narcissius;  fisherman 
Colombe, Frank;  fisherman 
Delaney, Joseph;  fisherman 
Delaney, William;  fisherman 
Delaney, Laurence;  fisherman 
Donovan, William;  fisherman 
Dwyer, Patrick;  fisherman 
Fall, John;  fisherman 
Fall, John W. ;  fisherman 
Fall, Samuel;  fisherman 
Gorman, Stephen;  fisherman 
Garnier, Constance;  fisherman 
Garnier, Adolph;  fisherman 
Hayes, Jas. R.;  general dealer 
Henderson, John E. ;  telegraph operator and station agent 
Hann, Albert;  fisherman 
Hann, Sidney;  fisherman 
Keefe, Joseph;  fisherman 
Leroux, Warren;  shopkeeper 
Muir, Moses;  blacksmith 
McLean, willaim;  fisherman 
Morris, James;  fisherman 
Morris, Philip;  fisherman 
Morris, Abram;  fisherman 
Morris, John;  fisherman 
McNeil, Neil D. D. 
Perrior, John;  fisherman 
Perrior, Pascal;  fisherman 
Perreway, John;  fisherman 
Perrior, Charles;  fisherman 
Perrior, Benjamin;  fisherman 
Perrior, Frederick;  fisherman 
Ryan, Tassian;  fisherman 
Sulliavan, Timothy;  fisherman 
Sulliavan, William;  fisherman 
Sheppard, Joseph;  fisherman 
Sheppard, William;  fisherman 
Sheppard, John E. ;  fisherman 
Sheppard, Charles;  fisherman 
White, Thomas;  fisherman 
White, Tassian;  fisherman 
White, Samuel;  fisherman 
White, Hubert;  fisherman 
White, Campbell;  fisherman 
White, Joseph;  fisherman 
White, James;  fisherman 
White, Patrick;  fisherman 
White, Clement;  fisherman 
White, Frank;  fisherman 
White, John;  fisherman 
White, Anthony;  fisherman 
White, Kenneth;  fisherman 
White, William;  fisherman 
White, William A. ;  fisherman 
White, George;  fisherman 
White, Joseph;  fisherman 
Young, Thomas;  fisherman 
Young, Patrick;  fisherman 
Young, John;  fisherman 

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