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St. George's Bay - McAlpine's 1898

Seal Rocks

Blackburn, Jos. ;  fisherman 
Blackburn, John;  fisherman 
Benoit, James;  fisherman 
Benoit, John;  fisherman 
Benoit, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Benoit, Henry;  fisherman 
Benoit, Edward;  fisherman 
Benoit, Maxime;  fisherman 
Connolly, Thos. ;  farmer 
Delaney, Fredk. ;  fisherman 
Filliatre, Edw. ;  fisherman 
Filliatre, John F. ;  fisherman 
Joe, Paul;  fisherman 
Joe, Frank;  fisherman 
Joe, John;  fisherman 
Kenny, Patk. ;  fisherman 
Kendall, John;  fisherman 
Kendall, Arthur;  fisherman 
Marks, Chas. ;  farmer 
Morris, Wm. ;  mstr. marnr. 
Mercer, John;  miner 
Madore, Jas. ;  fisherman 
Messervy, Geo. ;  fisherman 
Power, Redmond;   fisherman 
Ryan, Michael;   fisherman 
Sullivan, Timothy;  fisherman 
Vincent, Saml. ;  fisherman 
Vincent, Andrew;  fisherman 
Vincent, Augustus;  fisherman 
Vincent, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Young, Fred;  fisherman 

The above data was transcribed by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and posted to the Internet in August 1998 by Stephen Baker.

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Bay St. George District