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West Coast - McAlpine's 1898

Bay St. George ~ South Side

Alexander, Peter;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Magloire;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Anthony;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Wm.;  fisherman 
Butt, Edward;  fisherman 
Butt, Samuel;  fisherman 
Butt, Nathaniel;  gen. dealer 
Butt, Alfred;  fisherman 
Butt, Solomon;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Wm. ;  mas. mar.
Blanchard, Chas. ;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Amedi;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Peter;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Sylv. ;  fisherman 
Blanchard, Amedis;  fisherman 
Cutler, Amos;  fisherman 
Cutler, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Cutler, Amos jr. ;  fisherman 
Cutler, Edw. ;  fisherman 
Delaney, Joseph;  fisherman 
Dotchon, Rev. W. H. ;  methodist 
Delaney, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Delaney, Laurence;  fisherman 
Fall, John sr. ;  carpenter 
Fall, John W.  ;  fisherman 
Fall, Samuel C. ;  fisherman 
Hayse, Thos. ;  gen. dealer 
Hogden, John;  fisherman 
Hann, Albert;  fisherman 
Hann, Jas. ;  fisherman 
Morris, Philip;  mailman 
Morris, John;  fisherman 
Morris, Abram;  fisherman 
Morris, Jas. ;  lob. packer 
McLane, Wm. ;  farmer
Madore, Laurence;  farmer
Madore, Chas. ;  farmer
Madore, Fred;  farmer
Madore, Joseph;  farmer
Pierreway, John;   fisherman 
Pierreway, Wm. ;   fisherman 
Paria, John;   fisherman 
Paria, Pascale;   fisherman 
Ryan, Tassian;   fisherman 
Renouf, Isaac;   fisherman 
Sheppard, Wm. ;   fisherman 
Sheppard, Joseph;   fisherman 
Sheppard, John;   fisherman 
Sheppard, Daizley;   fisherman 
White, Hubert;  fisherman 
White, Jos. ;  fisherman 
White, Amedie;  fisherman 
White, Tassian;  fisherman 
White, Sissian;  fisherman 
White, Joseph;  fisherman 
White, Jas. ;  fisherman 
White, Thos. ;  fisherman 
Young, Thomas ;  fisherman 
Young, Patrick;  fisherman 
Young, John;  fisherman

The above data was transcribed by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and posted to the Internet in August 1998 by Stephen Baker.

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Bay St. George District