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St. George's Bay - McAlpine's 1898


Alexander, Hy. ;  fisherman 
Alexander, Andr. ;  fisherman 
Berry, Patk. ;  fisherman 
Benoit, Luke;  fisherman 
Benoit, Constant;  fisherman 
Benoit, John;  fisherman 
Benoit, Luke sr. ;  fisherman 
Chesson, David; ;  fisherman 
Chesson, Reuben;  fisherman 
Cormier, Mchl. ;  fisherman 
Cormier, Demos;  fisherman 
Cormier, Patk. ;  fisherman 
Cormier, Euzebins;  fisherman 
Cormier, Chas. ;  fisherman 
Cormier, Reuben;  farmer
Dalton, Gar. ; ship cptr. 
Ducet, Julien sr. ;  farmer 
Duffney, Hy. ;  fisherman 
Ducet, John;  fisherman 
Ducet, Patk. ;  fisherman 
Ducet, Henry;  fisherman 
Ducet, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Duffney, John;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Eaneas, ;  fisherman 
Gaudit, John;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Victor;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Amedie;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Felix;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Frederick;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Octavius;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Maxim;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Paul;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Patrick;  fisherman 
Gaudit, Edward;  fisherman 
Galong, Stephen;  fisherman 
Galong, Felix;  fisherman 
Galong, Joseph;  fisherman 
Galong, Victor;  fisherman 
Gabriel, Albert;  fisherman 
Galong, Arsine;  farmer 
Hayes, Michael;  gen. dealer 
Hunt, Wm. ;  fisherman 
Kenny, Fredk. ;  fisherman 
Kenny, John;  fisherman 
Lany, Edward;  fisherman 
Lannon, Patk. ;  fisherman 
McLeod, John;  fisherman 
Madore, Adolphe;  fisherman 
Madore, Nicholas;  fisherman 
Madore, Maxime;  fisherman 
March, John;  fisherman 
March, Wm. ;  fisherman 
March, Louis;  fisherman 
McLane, Alexander;  fisherman 
March, John;  fisherman 
Neville, Joseph;  fisherman 
O'Quin, Amedie;  mas. marnr.
O'Quin, Victor;  clerk 
O'Quin, Tassian;  farmer 
O'Quin, Laurence;  farmer 
O'Quin, Joseph;  farmer 
O'Quin, Philip;  farmer 
O'Quin, Tassian jr. ;  fisherman 
O'Rorke, Rev. M. ; rom. Cath. 
Schamp, David;  fisherman 
Simon, Albert;  fisherman 
Veitch, John;  genl. dealer 
White, Wm. ;  fisherman 
White, Leo;  fisherman 
White, Isiah;  fisherman 
White, Simon;  fisherman 
White, Dominic;  fisherman 
White, Chas. ;  fisherman 
White, Stephen;  fisherman 
White, Dominic jr. ;  fisherman 
White, Maxim;  fisherman 
White, Chas. ;  fisherman 
White, Jos. Sr. ;  fisherman 
White, Angus;  fisherman 
White, Placid;  fisherman 
White, Jos. Jr. ;  fisherman 
White, Alex;  fisherman 
White, Ousin;  fisherman 
White, Anthony;  fisherman 
White, Wm. ;  fisherman 
White, Gabriel;  fisherman 
 White, Albert;  fisherman 
White, John sr. ;  fisherman 
White, John jr. ;  farmer 
White, Patk. ;  farmer 
White, Victor;  farmer 
White, Marceline;  farmer 
White, Peter;  farmer 
White, Collis;  carpenter 
White, Simon;  farmer 
White, Acnairs;  farmer 
White, John M. ;  fisherman

The above data was transcribed by Laverne (Perrier) Cormier and posted to the Internet in August 1998 by Stephen Baker.

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Bay St. George District