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Misc. Vital Stats entries transcribed from PANL

The information was transcribed by Peggy Bennett While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors

Vital Statistics Baptisms

1873 I baptized Stephen born 20 September of Damas White & Mary Royer Sponsors: D-Cormier & Mrs.Margaret Doucette.......Thomas Sears.
1875 August 27 I baptized Ann Mary born June 6th of Damas LeBlanc & Mary Royer Sponsors: Ancemius Gallant & Sophie Alexander.....Thomas Sears.
1881 Emile Lafitte January 8th born October 15th son of Alexander Lafitte & Anne Royer Sponsors: Archie Campbell & Marguerite Doucett.......Joseph Verreneau.
1882-January 6th Telesphore LeBlanc son of Damas LeBlanc & Mary Royer Sponsers: Desire Alexander & Helene Gallant.......Joseph Verenneau.
1884- January 16th Joseph Lafitte son of Alexander Lafitte & Ann Royer Sponsers: _________ .
1886 - February 21st Raymond Lafitte born 19th of Alexander Lafitte & Ann Royer Sponsors: Raymond Bourgeois & Marguerite Poirrier.......B.Gullo.
1890 - August 16th Damas Lafitte born July 28th of Alexander Lafitte & Anne Royer Sponsers: Stephen White & Caroline Benoit..............M.O'Rourke.
1894 - March 18th Margaret Lafitte born November 10,1893 of Alexander Lafitte & Anne Royer Sponsors: Damas White & Mrs.Reuban Hynes.....M.O'Rourke.
1900-1901 Mrs.Reuban Hynes at Fox Island River in childbirth July 31st Frances Elizabeth age 42 years,wife of Reuban Hynes
{this is Reuban's first wife, he married the second time to Mary Ann Royer}.

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