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West Coast ~ Codroy District

1935 Census

Town of Codroy

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 37 - 54
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
LOMOND, Isaacheadm
LOMOND, Janewifem
LOMOND, Johnsons27
LOMOND, Davesons33
LOMOND, Georgesons20
LOMOND, Racheldaus18
GALE, Wilfredgr-sons14
GALE, Geraldgr-sons11

HARDING, Charlesheadm48
HARDING, Effiewifem40
SAMS, Kathleen

BRAGG, Kennethheadm32
BRAGG, Edithwifem32
BRAGG, Edjer Tsons 7
BRAGG, Henrysons 5
BRAGG, Miradaus 3
BRAGG, Mildreddaus 2
BRAGG, Vilioadaus 3 mo

PARSONS, AlfredHeadm38
PARSONS, Sadywifem38
PARSONS, Jacksons16
PARSONS, Albertsons12
PARSONS, Gordonsons10
PARSONS, Llewlynsons 9
PARSONS, Beatricedaus 6
PARSONS, Benjaminsons 4
PARSONS, Hildadaus18 mo

ANTHONY, Normanheadm36
ANTHONY, Charletwifem30
ANTHONY, Georginadaus16
ANTHONY, Edgarsons
ANTHONY, Leonadaus
ANTHONY, Lesliesons

KENDALL, Benjaminheadm
KENDALL, Juliawifem
KENDALL, Gordon ?sons
KENDALL, Reudinfatherw81

KENDALL, John Wheadm50
KENDALL, Susenwifem30
KENDALL, Levisons 6
KENDALL, Susanmothers75

HULAN, Williamheadm53
HULAN, Helenwifem50
HULAN, Jamessons16
HULAN, Emmamotherw75

FIANDER, Wallaceheads28
FIANDER, Ameliasisters24

PARSONS, Ambroseheadm43
PARSONS, Parsonswifem35
(Note this is the way it was written)
PARSONS, Jamessons15
PARSONS, Llewelyndaus10
PARSONS, Philisdaus 7
PARSONS, Clarencesons 3

MUGFORD, Jamesheadm35
MUGFORD, Leilawifem41
MUGFORD, Minne Cdaus14
HARDING, Jamesfather-in-lawm80
HARDING, Elizabethmother-in-lawm72

CARTER, Williamheadm35
CARTER, Cathrynwifem26
CARTER, Elladaus 8
CARTER, Dorothydaus 7
CARTER, Kathleendaus 5
CARTER, Veradaus 3
CARTER, Fredsons
CARTER, Cassiedaus11 mo

MOORE, Williamheadw

REID, Jamesheadm
REID, Idawifem
REID, Thomas Esons 9 mo

ANDERSON, Eliheadm64
ANDERSON, Janewifem61
ANDERSON, Robertsons24
ANDERSON, Paulsons19

MARKS, John Hheadm41
MARKS, Mildred Wwifem31
MARKS, Mary Cdaus11
MARKS, Angela Mdaus10
MARKS, Jack Asons 8
MARKS, Arthur Hsons 6
MARKS, Llewelynsons 2

BRAKE, William Jheadw77
TILLIS, Wallace W
HARDING, John Wbrothers62

BRAGG, Johnheadm67
BRAGG, Catherinewifem65
BRAGG, Ernestsonm34
BRAGG, Maryson's wifem28
BRAGG, Percygr-sons 4

KENDALL, Henryheadm48
KENDALL, Francaiswifem45
KENDALL, Waltersons15
KENDALL, Johnsons10
KENDALL, Ellendaus 8
KENDALL, Herbertsons 5
KENDALL, Elijesons 4
KENDALL, Ernestsons

KENDALL, William Theadw
KENDALL, Berthadaus
KENDALL, Noasons
KENDALL, Isaacsons

REID, Josephheadm
REID, Marywifem47
REID, Edithdaus18
REID, Mary Kdaus14
REID, Janedaus17
REID, Hellendaus12
REID, Monicadaus11
REID, Mikesons 9
REID, Elizabethdaus 7
REID, Georgesons 5
REID, Tersadaus 2

CARTER, John Wheadm77
CARTER, Mary Jwifem63
CARTER, John Wsonm25
CARTER, Ritason's-wifem22
CARTER, Charlessons 4
CARTER, James Hsons 1

MORE, Millieheadw50
MORE, Edwinsons24
MORE, Cassiedaus17
MORE, Winniedaus15

PATTEN, Charles Rheadm47
PATTEN, Annewifem29
PATTEN, Paulsons 9
PATTEN, Williamsons 7
PATTEN, Charlessons 6
PATTEN, Marydaus 4

ELLIS, John Wheadm54
ELLIS, Elizabethwifem42
ELLIS, Edith Mdaus
ELLIs, Georgesons
ELLIS, Beatricedaus
ELLIS, Emilinedaus

MORE, Abe Wheadm
MORE, Sarahwifem36
MORE, Moxeydaus16
MORE, Lenadaus14
MORE, Howardsons12
MORE, Williamsons 9
MORE, Herbertsons 7
MORE, Sylviadaus 3
MORE, Jamessons 1

GILLIS, Edwin Jheadm58
GILLIS, Margaretwifem65
GILLIS, Wallacesons25
GILLIS, Michaelsons19
GILLIS, Alfredsons17
GILLIS, Leliadaus21

YOUNG, Howard Aheadm32
YOUNG, Evelynwifem26
YOUNG, Viviandaus 6
YOUNG, Harveysons 4
YOUNG, Thalmadaus 2

YOUNG, Bertramheadm42
YOUNG, Ethelwifem36
YOUNG, Gordonsons15
YOUNG, Williamsons14
YOUNG, Cliffordsons13
YOUNG, Lorrainedaus 4

SAMMS, John Aheadm32
SAMMS, Charlottewifem34
SAMMS, Fredsons15
SAMMS, Mary Bdaus
ANDERSON, Levinaaunts
ANDERSON, Alecuncles

EVANS, Williamheadm
EVANS, Marywifem
EVANS, Ralphsons24
EVANS, Johnsons21
EVANS, Claradaus19
EVANS, Chesleysons16
EVANS, Raymondsons14
EVANS, Milliedaus12
EVANS, Terrancesons 9
EVANS, Georgesons 7
EVANS, Clarencesons 6
EVANS, Harrietmotherw83

YOUNG, George Wheadm63
YOUNG, Sarahwifem53
YOUNG, Franksons27
YOUNG, Fredsons26
YOUNG, Hildadaus20
YOUNG, Henrysons17
YOUNG, Bertsons 9

REID, John Bheadm41
REID, Ethelwifem39
REID, Jamessons 8
REID, Ruthdaus 6
REID, Evelyndaus 4
REID, Charlotteneices20

GALLOP, Aliceheadw72
SAMMS, Mabelcousinw32
SAMMS, Metaneices1-"
SAMMS, ReginaldNephews15
SAMMS, Elinephews1-"
SAMMS, Kathleenneices11
SAMMS, Evelynneices 8

PATRY, Alfredheadm
PATRY, Catherinewifem
PATRY, Anthonysons
PATRY, Edwin Joesons26
PATRY, Gustavesons24
PATRY, Gerardsons22
PATRY, Lauriersons18
PATRY, Georgesons13
PATRY, Lorettadaus20
PATRY, Margueritedaus15
PATRY, Dolorosedaus14

SAMMS, Georgeheadw47
SAMMS, Williamsons20
SAMMS, Leonadaus17
SAMMS, Ericsons16
SAMMS, Acenathdaus13
SAMMS, Gertrudedaus 9
SAMMS, Ronaldsons 7

SAMMS, Edithheadw40
SAMMS, Jamessons18
SAMMS, Williamsons16
SAMMS, Vincentsons11
SAMMS, Edwardsons 9
SAMMS, Johnsons 7
SAMMS, Howardsons 2
SAMMS, Noradaus15
SAMMS, Marydaus13
SAMMS, Margueritedaus11
SAMMS, Reginadaus 4

SAMMS, Fredheadm42
SAMMS, Marywifem4-"
SAMMS, Waltersons
SAMMS, Jessiedaus
SAMMS, Reginaldsons
SAMMS, Maxsons
SAMMS, Susiedaus
SAMMS, Eileendaus 7
SAMMS, Lucertiadaus 5

FRANK, Georgeheadw78

SAMMS, Philipheadm75
SAMMS, Janewifem74
SAMMS, Georgesons24

SAMMS, Jimheadw64
SAMMS, William Wsons13
SAMMS, Elizabethdaus10
SAMMS, Georgesons18

SAMMS, Gowardheadm44
SAMMS, Elsiewifem38
SAMMS, Johnsons15
SAMMS, Henrysons13
SAMMS, Ettadaus10
SAMMS, Myrtledaus 8
SAMMS, Genevievedaus 2

PARSONS, Williamheadm37
PARSONS, Lillianwifem36
PARSONS, Haroldsons10
PARSONS, Jamessons 8
PARSONS, Jane Ldaus 4
PARSONS, Charlessons 2

GALE, James Wheads27
GALE, Thomas Pbrothers24
GALE, Archibald Mbrothers18
PARSONS, Wm. Astep-fatherm6-"
PARSONS, Elizabethstep motherm6-"
GALE, Hazelneices
PARSONS, Willis Jstep-brothers

MacLELLAN, Maryheadm
MacLELLAN, Johnhusbandm
MacLELLAN, John Asons
MacLELLAN, Leosons24
MacLELLAN, Joesons20
MacLELLAN, Nathaielsons18
MacLELLAN, Angussons14
NOSEWORTHY, Janemotherw79

TIBBO, Henryheadw68

NOSEWORTHY, Williamheadm55
NOSEWORTHY, Alicewifem42
NOSEWORTHY, Marydaus16
NOSEWORTHY, Janedaus13
NOSEWORTHY, Johnsons12
NOSEWORTHY, Stephensons 9
NOSEWORTHY, Susiedaus 7
NOSEWORTHY, Jamessons 3
NOSEWORTHY, Charlessons 3

SAMMS, Firzmenheadm33
SAMMS, Margaretwifem27
SAMMS, Jacobsons 9
SAMMS, James Wsons 7
SAMMS, Georgesons 5

REID, Thomasheadm79
REID, Sarahwifem7-"
REID, Clementsonm3-"
REID, Anneson's-wifem2-"
REID, Elizabeth Wgr-daus
REID, Mildredgr-daus
REID, Henrygr-sons
REID, Cecxilgr-sons
REID, Thelmagr-daus

REID, Georgeheadm
REID, Lilianwifem
REID, William Tsons
REID, John Wsons1-"
REID, Freman Ysons 9
REID, Julia Ddaus 4
REID, James Wsons 3
TIBBO, Mabeldaus3-"
TIBBO, Johnsons 2-"
TIBBO, Dorothygr-daus11
TIBBO, Lloydgr-sons 9

JANES, Dorceyheadm5-"
JANES, Miriawifem4-"
JANES, Georgesons1-"
JANES, Arthursons1-"
JANES, Claradaus14
JANES, Waltersons12
JANES, Alicedaus11
JANES, Fredsons 8
JANES, Johnsons 6
JANES, Ralphsons 2

BRAKE, Mauriceheadm
BRAKE, Elizabethwifem
BRAKE, Williamsons

COLLIER, John Theadw5-"
COLLIER, William Jsons3-"
PARSONS, Marycousinw4-"
SAMMS, Bessiecousins
SAMMS, James

COLLIER, Henryheadm
COLLIER, Annewifem
COLLIER, Jimsons
COLLIER, Thomassons
COLLIER, Charlessons
COLLIER, Joesons
COLLIER, Cliffordsons
COLLIER, Lizziedaus
COLLIER, Pearldaus11
COLLIER, Susiedaus 5
COLLIER, Almadaus 3
COLLIER, ViviandauS 3
COLLIER, John Hfatherw84

COLLIER, Jamesheadm5-"
COLLIER, Leviniawifem47
COLLIER, James Wsons25
COLLIER, George Wsonm23
COLLIER, Roseson's-wifem2-"
COLLIER, James Fgr-sons 2
COLLIER, John Wgr-sons 6 mo
COLLIER, Sarah Jdaus1-"

BALL, Georgeheadm7-"
BALL, Emelinewifem74
BALL, Emelinegr-daus1-"

GALLOP, Georgeheadw54
GALLOP, Georgesons1-"

GALLOP, Morganheadm2-"
GALLOP, Levinawifem2-"
GALLOP, Marcelladaus
GALLOP, Mildreddaus
GALLOP, Bertsons
GALLOP, Daisydaus
GALLOP, Margaretmotherw

GALLOP, Wm. H.heads

KENDALL, Frankheadm
KENDALL, Adawifem

PARSONS, Ambroseheadm
PARSONS, Clarawifem
PARSONS, Archibaldsonm
PARSONS, Leathson's-wifem
PARSONS, John Egr-sons1-"

GILLIS, Johnheadm6-"
GILLIS, Marywifem5-"
GILLIS, Annedaus24
GILLIS, Claradaus23
GILLIS, Tersadaus18
GILLIS, Johnsons17
GILLIS, Vonericadaus15
GILLIS, Josephinedaus13
GILLIS, Joesons12
GILLIS, Bessiedaus2-"

BARTER, Frankheadm7-"
BARTER, Susiewifem5-"
BARTER, Clementsons2-"

FIANDER, Maxwellheadm3-"
FIANDER, Ettawifem2-"
FIANDER, Ellendaus3-"
FIANDER, Lucretiamotherw7-"

HISCOCK, Georgeheadm3-"
HISCOCK, Minniewifem2-"
HISCOCK, Williamsons 8
HISCOCK, Fredsons 6
HISCOCK, Williamfatherw8-"

MORE, Alexheadm4-"
MORE, Gertrudewifem3-"
MORE, Davidsons
MORE, Thomassons
MORE, Winnifreddaus
MORE, Lucydaus
MORE, Margaretdaus
MORE, Franksons
MORE, Michaelsons
MORE, Josephinemotherw

ANDERSON, Johnheadm67
ANDERSON, Milliewifem66
ANDERSON, Piussons22

ANDERSON, Fredheadm39
ANDERSON, Marywifem32
ANDERSON, John Wsons 9
ANDERSON, Joesons 8
ANDERSON, Annedaus 4
ANDERSON, Alfredsons 3
ANDERSON, Alexsons 2
ANDERSON, Tersadaus 4 mo

ANDERSON, Hughheadm56
ANDERSON, Susanwifem53

DALTON, Georgeheadm5-"
DALTON, Maggiewifem5-"
DALTON, Jamessons
DALTON, Blanchedaus
DALTON, Mary Jmotherw7-"

YOUNG, Jamesheadw6-"
YOUNG, Annedaus2-"

MacLELLAN, Williamheadm5-"
MacLELLAN, Annewifem4-"
MacLELLAN, Thomassons
MacLELLAN, Annedaus
MacLELLAN, Douglassons

HILLARD, Jamesheadm
HILLARD, Annewifem
HILLARD, Everistesons
HILLARD, Thomassons
HILLARD, John Tgr-sons

HILLARD, John Wheadm
HILLARD, Mathildawifem
HILLARD, Aganettiadaus17
HILLARD, Beatricedaus13
HILLARD, Elsiedaus10
HILLARD, Kathleendaus 7
HILLARD, Almadaus 3
HILLARD, Georgesons 2

HILLARD, George Eheadm32
HILLARD, Berthawifem23
HILLARD, Emanuelsons 2
HILLARD, James Csons 1

HILLARD, Solomonheadm25
HILLARD, Ethelwifem19

HILLARD, Thomasheadw62
HILLARD, Ryesonm3-"
HILLARD, Annieson's-wifem2-"

HILLARD, Jamesheadm34
HILLARD, Harrietwifem2-"
HILLARD, Waltersons 6
HILLARD, Annedaus 5
HILLARD, Dorrisdaus 2
HILLARD, Olive Mdaus 6 mo

BARTER, Edmondheadm6-"
BARTER, Janewifem4-"

FIANDER, Wilsonheadm5-"
FIANDER, Francaiswifem
FIANDER, Miriadaus
FIANDER, Willissons
FIANDER, Henrysons
FIANDER, Edwardsons
FIANDER, Rubinfatherw

COLLIER, Philipheadm
COLLIER, Eveglinewifem
COLLIER, Johnsons

MIESSEAU, George Theadm31
MIESSEAU, Marywifem22
MIESSEAU, Nina Mdaus 5 mo
MIESSEAU, Lydamotherw69

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