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1935 Census

Town of Downey's

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 30 - 34
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
RYAN, Leo Wheadm
RYAN, Emilienewifem

DOWNEY, Joe Fheadm
DOWNEY, Marywifem
DOWNEY, Patrick Asons
DOWNEY, Geraldine Mdaus
COLSON, Edwarddoms

DOWNEY, William Pheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Agnes Mwifem2-"

GILLIS, Elizabethheadw7-"
McNEIL, Wallacedoms2-"

DOWNEY, James Wheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Tersa Jwifem3-"
DOWNEY, Edward Msons19
DOWNEY, Francais Adaus18
DOWNEY, Mary Adaus16
DOWNEY, Bernard Jsons15
DOWNEY, Cecilia Mdaus14
DOWNEY, Jeronesons12
DOWNEY, Tersadaus11
DOWNEY, Anthony Jsons 8
DOWNEY, Kathleen Mdaus 7
DOWNEY, Joe Fsons 4
DOWNEY, Anne Mdaus 2
DOWNEY, James Isons 1

GALE, Elizabethheadw45
GALE, Hugh Esons 24
GALE, Wallacesons18
GALE, Mike Jsons18
GALE, Raymondsons15
GALE, Angus Jsons14
GALE, Alphonsussons
GALE, Stella Tdaus 8
GALE, Margueritedaus
GALE, Cyrilsons

JENNINGS, Christinaheads
JENNINGS, Annemotherw
REED, Helenneices

JENNINGS, Paulheads5-"

DOLAN, Patrick Jheadm
DOLAN, Genevievewifem
DOLAN, James Patricksons

DOWNEY, Alban Jheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Rosewifem3-"
DOWNEY, Bertram Jsons15
DOWNEY, Kevin Vsons13
DOWNEY, Fintansons11
DOWNEY, Aloysiussons10
DOWNEY, Margaret Mdaus 8
DOWNEY, Walter Jsons 5
DOWNEY, Robert Msons 11 mo
DOWNEY, James Pfatherw74

DOWNEY, James Jheadm54
DOWNEY, Nelliewifem48
DOWNEY, Earl Jsons1-"
DOWNEY, Ritadaus13
DOWNEY, Anne Mdaus11
DOWNEY, Wilfredsons
DOWNEY, Annastasiadaus

CORNEALLY, Thomas Eheadm75
CORNEALLY, Elizabeth Mwifem6-"
YOUNG, Elizabeth Mdauw
YOUNG, Joan Jgr-daus

SEARS, Jeramiah Aheadm
SEARS, Monicawifem
SEARS, Thomassons
SEARS, Mary Ldaus
SEARS, Ritadaus
SEARS, Andrewsons
SEARS, Kathleendaus
SEARS, Clara
SEARS, Carmela
s 8
s 6

MARTIN, Michaelheadm32
MARTIN, Whilinimawifem2-"
GALE, Arthurdoms20
GALE, Wallacedoms19

DOWNEY, Gerardheads33
DOWNEY, Elizabethsisters29
DOWNEY, Thomasfatherm8-"
DOWNEY, Zeliamotherm6-"

BENOIT, Andrewheads4-"
BENOIT, Thomasfatherw8-"
GEORGE, Elizabethaunts9-"

DOWNEY, Michael Wheadm5-"
DOWNEY, Margaretwifem48
DOWNEY, Racheldaus28
DOWNEY, Dortheadaus24
(note this last entry was crossed off)
DOWNEY, Ednadaus18
DOWNEY, Hyacinthsons16
DOWNEY, Mary Ldaus15
DOWNEY, Josephinedaus14
DOWNEY, Lorettadaus13
DOWNEY, Primosons11

OREGAN, Bert Vheadm5-"
OREGAN, Annewifem4-"
OREGAN, Jamessons
OREGAN, Marydaus
OREGAN, Terrencesons
OREGAN, Arthursons
OREGAN, Augustinesons
OREGAN, Francaissons

McLELLAN, Alecheadw
McLELLAN, Sandysons2-"
McLELLAN, Gerard Asons20
McLELLAN, Elizabethdaus18
McLELLAN, Archiesons12

GALE, Danheads65
MURPHY, Sicilystep-motherw75

GALE, Patheadw48
GALE, Marydaus13
GALE, Patricksons11
GALE, Tersadaus 9
GALE, Miriadaus 7
GALE, Simonsons 5
GALE, Kathleendaus 3

HALL, Paulheads37

O'QUINN, Paul Wheadm41
O'QUINN, Lenawifem36
O'QUINN, Georgesons19
O'QUINN, Williesons17
O'QUINN, Marydaus16
O'QUINN, Thomassons14
O'QUINN, Elizabethdaus13
O'QUINN, Tersadaus11
O'QUINN, Paulinedaus 7
O'QUINN, Hectorsons 5
O'QUINN, Johnsons 4
O'QUINN, Martinsons 1
O'QUINN, Elizabethmotherw72
O'QUINN, Josephbrothers38

O'QUINN, Emmanuelheads
O'QUINN, Annemotherw
O'QUINN, Paulnephews

HALL, Mikeheadm
HALL, Margaretwifem
MYLES, Anastasiadaum25
MYLES, James Mgr-sons 9

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