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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Codroy District - Town of Downey's

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 30 - 34
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
RYAN, Leo Wheadm"-"
RYAN, Emilienewifem"-"
DOWNEY, Joe Fheadm"-"
DOWNEY, Marywifem"-"
DOWNEY, Patrick Asons"-"
DOWNEY, Geraldine Mdaus"-"
COLSON, Edwarddoms"-"
DOWNEY, William Pheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Agnes Mwifem2-"
GILLIS, Elizabethheadw7-"
McNEIL, Wallacedoms2-"
DOWNEY, James Wheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Tersa Jwifem3-"
DOWNEY, Edward Msons19
DOWNEY, Francais Adaus18
DOWNEY, Mary Adaus16
DOWNEY, Bernard Jsons15
DOWNEY, Cecilia Mdaus14
DOWNEY, Jeronesons12
DOWNEY, Tersadaus11
DOWNEY, Anthony Jsons 8
DOWNEY, Kathleen Mdaus 7
DOWNEY, Joe Fsons 4
DOWNEY, Anne Mdaus 2
DOWNEY, James Isons 1
GALE, Elizabethheadw45
GALE, Hugh Esons 24
GALE, Wallacesons18
GALE, Mike Jsons18
GALE, Raymondsons15
GALE, Angus Jsons14
GALE, Alphonsussons "-"
GALE, Stella Tdaus 8
GALE, Margueritedaus"-"
GALE, Cyrilsons"-"
JENNINGS, Christinaheads"-"
JENNINGS, Annemotherw"-"
REED, Helenneices"-"
JENNINGS, Paulheads5-"
DOLAN, Patrick Jheadm"-"
DOLAN, Genevievewifem"-"
DOLAN, James Patricksons"-"
DOWNEY, Alban Jheadm4-"
DOWNEY, Rosewifem3-"
DOWNEY, Bertram Jsons15
DOWNEY, Kevin Vsons13
DOWNEY, Fintansons11
DOWNEY, Aloysiussons10
DOWNEY, Margaret Mdaus 8
DOWNEY, Walter Jsons 5
DOWNEY, Robert Msons 11mo
DOWNEY, James Pfatherw74
DOWNEY, James Jheadm54
DOWNEY, Nelliewifem48
DOWNEY, Earl Jsons1-"
DOWNEY, Ritadaus13
DOWNEY, Anne Mdaus11
DOWNEY, Wilfredsons"-"
DOWNEY, Annastasiadaus"-"
CORNEALLY, Thomas Eheadm75
CORNEALLY, Elizabeth Mwifem6-"
YOUNG, Elizabeth Mdauw"-"
YOUNG, Joan Jgr-daus"-"
SEARS, Jeramiah Aheadm"-"
SEARS, Monicawifem"-"
SEARS, Thomassons"-"
SEARS, Mary Ldaus"-"
SEARS, Ritadaus"-"
SEARS, Andrewsons"-"
SEARS, Kathleendaus"-"
SEARS, Clara"-"s16
SEARS, Carmela"-"s 8
SEARS, John F"-"s 6
MARTIN, Michaelheadm32
MARTIN, Whilinimawifem2-"
GALE, Arthurdoms20
GALE, Wallacedoms19
DOWNEY, Gerardheads33
DOWNEY, Elizabethsisters29
DOWNEY, Thomasfatherm8-"
DOWNEY, Zeliamotherm6-"
BENOIT, Andrewheads4-"
BENOIT, Thomasfatherw8-"
GEORGE, Elizabethaunts9-"
DOWNEY, Michael Wheadm5-"
DOWNEY, Margaretwifem48
DOWNEY, Racheldaus28
DOWNEY, Dortheadaus24
(note this last entry was crossed off)
DOWNEY, Ednadaus18
DOWNEY, Hyacinthsons16
DOWNEY, Mary Ldaus15
DOWNEY, Josephinedaus14
DOWNEY, Lorettadaus13
DOWNEY, Primosons11
OREGAN, Bert Vheadm5-"
OREGAN, Annewifem4-"
OREGAN, Jamessons"-"
OREGAN, Marydaus"-"
OREGAN, Terrencesons"-"
OREGAN, Arthursons"-"
OREGAN, Augustinesons"-"
OREGAN, Francaissons"-"
McLELLAN, Alecheadw"-"
McLELLAN, Sandysons2-"
McLELLAN, Gerard Asons20
McLELLAN, Elizabethdaus18
McLELLAN, Archiesons12
GALE, Danheads65
MURPHY, Sicilystep-motherw75
GALE, Patheadw48
GALE, Marydaus13
GALE, Patricksons11
GALE, Tersadaus 9
GALE, Miriadaus 7
GALE, Simonsons 5
GALE, Kathleendaus 3
HALL, Paulheads37
O'QUINN, Paul Wheadm41
O'QUINN, Lenawifem36
O'QUINN, Georgesons19
O'QUINN, Williesons17
O'QUINN, Marydaus16
O'QUINN, Thomassons14
O'QUINN, Elizabethdaus13
O'QUINN, Tersadaus11
O'QUINN, Paulinedaus 7
O'QUINN, Hectorsons 5
O'QUINN, Johnsons 4
O'QUINN, Martinsons 1
O'QUINN, Elizabethmotherw72
O'QUINN, Josephbrothers38
O'QUINN, Emmanuelheads"-"
O'QUINN, Annemotherw"-"
O'QUINN, Paulnephews"-"
HALL, Mikeheadm"-"
HALL, Margaretwifem"-"
MYLES, Anastasiadaum25
MYLES, James Mgr-sons 9

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Codroy District