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West Coast ~ Codroy District

1935 Census

Town of Millville

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 35 - 37
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
GALE, Josephheadm74
GALE, Mathildawifem57
GALE, Johnsonw28
GALE, Archibald Hsons25
GALE, Andrew Csons23
GALE, Florencedaus15

GALE, John Mheads60
GALE, Susanasisters67
GALE, Edward Jnephews15
GALE, Marthaneices28
GALE, Elizabethneices17

GALE, Edwardheads27
GALE, Wallacebrothers19
GALE, Alexfatherm76
GALE, Susanmotherm63
GALE, Berniceneices16
GALE, Lucyneices 7

GALE, Georgeheadm25
GALE, Francaiswifem25
GALE, Teresinadaus11 mo
GALE, Augustinedoms21

MARTIN, John Cheads21
MARTIN, Isabellstep-motherw62

GALE, Isidoreheadm55
GALE, Marydaus18
GALE, Isidoresons
GALE, Lorettadaus
GALE, Leosons
GALE, Michaelsons
GALE, Aidensons
GALE, Josephsons
GALE, Mathewsons 7
GALE, Rosedaus 5
GALE, Annewifem48

GALE, Afra Gheadm39
GALE, Catherinewifem31
GALE, Gordonsons11
GALE, Dorothydaus10
GALE, Ritadaus 6
GALE, Gertrudedaus 4
GALE, Petersons 3
GALE, Robertsons 2

McARTHUR, Johnheadm61
McARTHUR, Louisewifem47
McARTHUR, Dansons21
McARTHUR, Alexsons12
McARTHUR, Mariedaus10

SMITH, Benedictheadm35
SMITH, Anne Lwifem22
SMITH, Margaretdaus 2
SMITH, Bridgetdaus 1

SMITH, Ercent Gheadw40
SMITH, John Jsons15
SMITH, Mary Edaus14
SMITH, Anne Mdaus13

SMITH, Septimusheadm71
SMITH, Harrietwifem6-"
SMITH, Georgesons2-"
SMITH, Franksons22
SMITH, Patrickgr-sons

GALE, Henryheadm
GALE, Agneswifem
GALE, Almadaus
GALE, Doreendaus
GALE, Berthaneices 9

HALL, Josephheadm57
HALL, Emmawifem40
HALL, Richard Tsons16
HALL, Marydaus18
HALL, Paulinedaus13
HALL, Catherinedaus11
HALL, Veronicadaus 7
MURPHY, Melita
s 7

HYNES, Richardheadw67
HYNES, Johnsons22

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