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1935 Census

Town of O'Regans

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 28 - 30
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
RYAN, Patrick Wheadm6-"
RYAN, Henriette Ewifem5-"
RYAN, Joe S.sons2-"
RYAN, Patrick Msons2-"
RYAN, Franksons1-"
RYAN, Richard Lsons1-"
RYAN, Marie Rdaus1-"

RYAN, John Dheadm6-"
RYAN, Dennis Wsonm3-"
RYAN, Mary Tson's wifem2-"
RYAN, Cyril Jgr-sons
GILLIS, Janesisterw6-"
RYAN, Anniewifem6-"

FARRELL, Mike Pheadm5-"
FARRELL, Ameliawifem66
FARRELL, Rose Mdaus3-"
FARRELL, Jack Tsons3-"
FARRELL, Joesons3-"
MURRAY, Wallacewife's
DOWNEY, Thomaswife's sisters7-"
(this is the way it was written,)Also Wallace Murray looked like wife's sister)
YOUNG, Tessadomestics1-"

RYAN, Sandyheadm
RYAN, Lucywifem
RYAN, Leonadaus
RYAN, Adelinedaus
RYAN, Williamsons
RYAN, Waltersons
RYAN, Gordonsons
RYAN, Johnsons
RYAN, Alexsons

McINNIS, John Dheadw
McINNIS, Sandy Bbrothers
McINNIS Hughfatherm
McINNIS, Marymotherm7-"
MURPHY, Maryneices1-"
MURPHY, Tersaneices

WHITE, Philipheadm4-"
WHITE, Francaiswifem4-"
WHITE, Johnsons1-"
WHITE, Marydaus1-"
WHITE, Martin Jsons1-"
WHITE, Kathleendaus1-"

McISAAC, Neilheads2-"
McISAAC, Dan Jbrothers2-"
McISAAC, Sandybrothers1-"
McISAAC, Sarahsisters2-"
McISAAC, Bridgetmotherw6-"
McISAAC, John Duncles4-"

RYAN, Basil Jheadm6-"
RYAN, Ellenwifem7-"
RYAN, Nednephews2-"

McKINNON, Johnheads5-"
McKINNON, Peterbrothers6-"
McKINNON, Margaretsisters4-"

WHITE, Plsiede Jheadm5-"
(note this should be Placide)
WHITE, Kathleenwifem
WHITE, Williamsons
WHITE, John Psons
WHITE, Mary Mdaus
WHITE, Hugh Dsons
WHITE, Ida Jdaus
WHITE, Dorothy Adaus
WHITE, Mathildadaus
WHITE, Thomas Gsons

DOWNEY, John Fheadm
DOWNEY, Maudwifem
DOWNEY, Franksons1-"
DOWNEY, Leosons1-"
DOWNEY, Raymondsons
DOWNEY, Tersadaus6
DOWNEY, Rosedaus4
DOWNEY, Georgesons3
DOWNEY, Edwardsons2
DOWNEY, Augustinesons10mo
DOWNEY, Annie Saunts8-"

RYAN, William Eheadm4-"
RYAN, Mary Kwifem3-"
RYAN, Edward Tsons
RYAN, Mary A daus
RYAN, Mike Asons
RYAN, Ambrose Asons
RYAN, Edwardfatherw7-"

RYAN, Joe Pheadm4-"
RYAN, Janewifem2-"
RYAN, Anniedaus6
RYAN, Elizabethdaus4
RYAN, Georgesons1-"
RYAN, Williamsons1-"

RYAN, Thomas Wheadm6-"
RYAN, Mary Awifem
RYAN, Paul Tsons
RYAN, Marydaus
RYAN, Angeliadaus

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