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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Codroy District - Town of O'Regans

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 28 - 30
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
RYAN, Patrick Wheadm6-"
RYAN, Henriette Ewifem5-"
RYAN, Joe S.sons2-"
RYAN, Patrick Msons2-"
RYAN, Franksons1-"
RYAN, Richard Lsons1-"
RYAN, Marie Rdaus1-"
RYAN, John Dheadm6-"
RYAN, Dennis Wsonm3-"
RYAN, Mary Tson's wifem2-"
RYAN, Cyril Jgr-sons"-"
GILLIS, Janesisterw6-"
RYAN, Anniewifem6-"
FARRELL, Mike Pheadm5-"
FARRELL, Ameliawifem66
FARRELL, Rose Mdaus3-"
FARRELL, Jack Tsons3-"
FARRELL, Joesons3-"
MURRAY, Wallacewife's "-"s2-"
DOWNEY, Thomaswife's sisters7-"
(this is the way it was written,)Also Wallace Murray looked like wife's sister)
YOUNG, Tessadomestics1-"
RYAN, Sandyheadm"-"
RYAN, Lucywifem"-"
RYAN, Leonadaus"-"
RYAN, Adelinedaus"-"
RYAN, Williamsons"-"
RYAN, Waltersons"-"
RYAN, Gordonsons"-"
RYAN, Johnsons"-"
RYAN, Alexsons"-"
McINNIS, John Dheadw"-"
McINNIS, Sandy Bbrothers"-"
McINNIS Hughfatherm"-"
McINNIS, Marymotherm7-"
MURPHY, Maryneices1-"
MURPHY, Tersaneices"-"
WHITE, Philipheadm4-"
WHITE, Francaiswifem4-"
WHITE, Johnsons1-"
WHITE, Marydaus1-"
WHITE, Martin Jsons1-"
WHITE, Kathleendaus1-"
McISAAC, Neilheads2-"
McISAAC, Dan Jbrothers2-"
McISAAC, Sandybrothers1-"
McISAAC, Sarahsisters2-"
McISAAC, Bridgetmotherw6-"
McISAAC, John Duncles4-"
RYAN, Basil Jheadm6-"
RYAN, Ellenwifem7-"
RYAN, Nednephews2-"
McKINNON, Johnheads5-"
McKINNON, Peterbrothers6-"
McKINNON, Margaretsisters4-"
WHITE, Plsiede Jheadm5-"
(note this should be Placide)
WHITE, Kathleenwifem"-"
WHITE, Williamsons"-"
WHITE, John Psons"-"
WHITE, Mary Mdaus"-"
WHITE, Hugh Dsons"-"
WHITE, Ida Jdaus"-"
WHITE, Dorothy Adaus"-"
WHITE, Mathildadaus"-"
WHITE, Thomas Gsons"-"
DOWNEY, John Fheadm"-"
DOWNEY, Maudwifem"-"
DOWNEY, Franksons1-"
DOWNEY, Leosons1-"
DOWNEY, Raymondsons"-"
DOWNEY, Tersadaus 6
DOWNEY, Rosedaus 4
DOWNEY, Georgesons 3
DOWNEY, Edwardsons 2
DOWNEY, Augustinesons 10mo
DOWNEY, Annie Saunts8-"
RYAN, William Eheadm4-"
RYAN, Mary Kwifem3-"
RYAN, Edward Tsons"-"
RYAN, Mary A daus"-"
RYAN, Mike Asons"-"
RYAN, Ambrose Asons"-"
RYAN, Edwardfatherw7-"
RYAN, Joe Pheadm4-"
RYAN, Janewifem2-"
RYAN, Anniedaus 6
RYAN, Elizabethdaus 4
RYAN, Georgesons1-"
RYAN, Williamsons1-"
RYAN, Thomas Wheadm6-"
RYAN, Mary Awifem"-"
RYAN, Paul Tsons"-"
RYAN, Marydaus"-"
RYAN, Angeliadaus"-"

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Codroy District