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1935 Census

Town of Searston

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 12 - 17
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
BRUCE, John AHeadm44
BRUCE, Anniewifem45
BRUCE, Leosons19
BRUCE, Waltersons17
BRUCE, Neilsons16
BRUCE, Hughiesons14
BRUCE, Alexandersons12
BRUCE, Tobiassons10
BRUCE, Rosaleendaus22
BRUCE, Stelladaus 9
BRUCE, Martinadaus 6
BRUCE, Bernicedaus"-"

KEATING, Williamheadm"-"
KEATING, Marywifem"-"
KEATING, Raymondsons20
KEATING, Richardsons15
KEATING, Mariondaus19
KEATING, Margaretdaus18
KEATING, Mildreddaus16
KEATING, Kathleendaus13
KEATING, Moyiadaus11

McDONALD, Johnheads38
McDONALD, Josephfatherm84
McDONALD, Marymotherm73
McDONALD, Carriesisters31

O'QUINN, MaryHeads55

YOUNG, John jrHeadm40
YOUNG, Sophiewifem44
YOUNG, John srfatherm74
YOUNG, Esthermotherm63

BRUCE, JosephHeadm59
BRUCE, Elizabethwifem58
BRUCE, Augustinsons25
BRUCE, Margaretdaus24
BRUCE, Anniedaus20

HYNES, JohnHeadm52
HYNES, Katherinewifem45
HYNES, Gerardsons18
HYNES, Jamessons17
HYNES, Leonardsons15
HYNES, Leosons13
HYNES, Bernardsons"-"
HYNES, Eileendaus"-"
HYNES, Theresadaus"-"
HYNES, Dorothydaus"_"
HYNES, Patriciadaus"-"

O'QUINN, HughieHeads"-"
O'QUINN, Josephfatherw78

O'QUINN, BertHeadm27
O'QUINN, Mary Jwifem29

BRUCE, John Hheadm77
BRUCE, Marywifem76

McLEAN, Williamheadm64
McLEAN, Dinahwifem65
GALE, Williamnephews23

CHIASSON, Patrickheadm43
CHIASSON, Charlessons21
CHIASSON, Simonsons19
CHIASSON, Geneivedaus16

CHIASSON, Michaelheadm49
CHIASSON, Marywifem48
CHIASSON, Theresaadopt-daus 9 or 19
CHIASSON, Bernard"-"s20
CHIASSON, Edwardsons17

McARTHUR, Josephheadm47
McARTHUR, Henriettawifem40
McARTHUR, Marydaus18
McARTHUR, Anastasiadaus16
McARTHUR, Lorettadaus15
McARTHUR, James Jadopt-sons7

GALE, FrankHeads28

McARTHUR, JamesHeads33

DOWNEY, Thomasheads49
DOWNEY, Sarahmotherw72
DOWNEY, Michaelbrothers42
DOWNEY, Johnbrothers"-"
DOWNEY, Alfredbrothers"-"
DOWNEY, Conbrothers"-"
DOWNEY, Esthersisters"-"
DOWNEY, Agnessisters"-"
(Note the last 2 entries were crossed off)

KERNO, Sarahheadw44
KERNO, Michaelsons13
KERNO, Marydaus14
KERNO, Kathleendaus13
KERNO, Elizabethdaus12

GALE, Johnheads32

McISAAC, Frankheadm34
McISAAC, Margaretwifem41
McISAAC, Colinsons 6
McISAAC, Regsons 4
McISAAC, Bertramsons 2
McISAAC, Evadaus11
McISAAC, Eileendaus10mo
BARNABLE, Margaretdomestics17

ROACH, Williamheadm78
ROACH, Adelinewifem67

O'QUINN, Catherineheadw52
O'QUINN, Franksons18
O'QUINN, Loyolasons12
O'QUINN, Jennydaus32
O'QUINN, Tessiedaus22
O'QUINN, Bridedaus20
O'QUINN, Mariedaus15
McISAAC, Regisgr-daus 3

MOORE, Williamheadm74
MOORE, Elizabethwifem69

CARTER, Johnheadm"-"
(Note this last entry was crossed off)
CARTER, Raymondsons"-"
CARTER, Williamsons"-"
CARTER, Maydaus"-"
CARTER, Ritawifem"-"
(Note this last entry was crossed off)

O'QUINN, John Mheadm"-"
O'QUINN, Rosewifem"-"
O'QUINN, Benedictsons7mo

BURNS, Mosesheadm56
BURNS, Catherinewifem43
BURNS, Carmeldaus22

McISAAC, Duncanheadm68
McISAAC, Evawifem66

SEARS, Rt.Rev. Mgrheads71
COLLIER, Anniehouse-keepers79
HILLARD, Elizabethhouse-servants57

O'QUINN, Samuelheadm67
O'QUINN, Odilewifem61
O'QUINN, Mesminsons38

GALE, Sandyheadm63
GALE, Marywifem59
GALE, Waltersons19
GALE, Petersons15

CHIASSON, Jamesheadw42
CHIASSON, Geraldsons16
CHIASSON, Williamsons11
CHIASSON, Catherinedaus15
CHIASSON, Ritadaus13
CHIASSON, Theresadaus10
CHIASSON, Marymotherw78
CHIASSON, Johnbrothers36

LUEDEE, Johnheadm79
LUEDEE, Margaretwifem"-"
LUEDEE, Thomasgr-sons 2
LUEDEE, Josephgr-sons11mo

LUEDEE, Albertheads"-"

O'QUINN, Fredheadm"-"
O'QUINN, Milliewifem"-"
O'QUINN, Lawerancesons"-"
O'QUINN, Josephsons"-"
O'QUINN, Johnsons12
O'QUINN, Robertsons 7
O'QUINN, Elizabethdaus18
O'QUINN, Gertrudedaus17
O'QUINN, Ritadaus14
O'QUINN, Anniedaus10
O'QUINN, Theresadaus 9
O'QUINN, Margaretdaus 5
O'QUINN, Berthadaus 4

CHIASSON, Simonheadw44
CHIASSON, Michaelsons10
CHIASSON, Marydaus 9
CHIASSON, Agnesdaus 8

CHIASSON, Josephheads36
CHIASSON, Anniemotherw66

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