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1935 Census

Town of South Branch

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 22 - 27
It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
McISAAC, Archie Aheadm
McISAAC, Catherinewifem
McISAAC Allensons
McISAAC, Angussons
McISAAC, Jamessons
McISAAC, Danielsons
McISAAC, Rolandsons11mo
McISAAC, Annastasiadaus16
McISAAC, Lucydaus1-"
McISAAC, Florencedaus

SMITH, Johnheadm
SMITH, Juliawifem
SMITH, Archiesons
SMITH, Georgesons
SMITH, Charlessons
SMITH, Gordonsons
SMITH, Andrewsons
SMITH, Elizabethdaus

HAYES, Jamesheadm
HAYES, Franceswifem
HAYES, Jamessons
HAYES, Mikesons
HAYES, Patricksons
HAYES, Junedaus
HAYES, Geraldinedaus
HAYES, Honoradaus
HAYES, Francesdaus
HAYES, Marydaus

CORMIER, Johnheadm
CORMIER, Elizabethwifem
CORMIER, Williamsons
CORMIER, Cecilsons
CORMIER, Searssons
CORMIER, Franksons
CORMIER, Geraldsons
CORMIER, Wilfredsons
CORMIER, Martinsons
CORMIER, Beatricedaus
(Note this last entry was crossed off)
CORMIER, Margaretdaus

McISAAC, Corneliusheads

McISAAC, Alexander Dheadm6-"
McISAAC, Marywifem6-"
McISAAC, Danielsons3-"
McISAAC, Janedaus2-"
McISAAC, Searsad-sons2-"

GILLIAM, Emmanuel Jheadm3-"
GILLIAM, Marywifem2-"

GILLIAM, Emmanuelheadm7-"
GILLIAM, Mary Janewifem7-"

O'QUINN, Narcisheadm3-"
O'QUINN, Juliawifem3-"
O'QUINN, Hughiesons
O'QUINN, Murdocksons
O'QUINN, Jamessons
O'QUINN, Johnsons
O'QUINN, Anthonysons
O'QUINN, Arthursons
O'QUINN, Margaretdaus
O'QUINN, Ellendaus
O'QUINN, Josephinedaus
O'QUINN, Mariedaus

GALE, John Wheadm
GALE, Theresawifem
GALE, Marydaus
GALE, Elsiedaus
GALE, Helendaus

GALE, John Jheadm
GALE, Jessiewifem
GALE, Edwardsons
GALE, John Tomsons
GALE, Paulsons
GALE, Michaelsons
GALE, Bernardsons
GALE, Geraldsons
GALE, Franksons
GALE, Andrewsons
GALE, Gordonsons

McNEIL, Charlesheadm
McNEIL, Elizabethwifem
McNEIL, Charles Asons1mo
McNEIL, Marthadaus16
McNEIL, Pearldaus8
McNEIL, Dorrisdaus6
McNEIL, Irenedaus5

O'QUINN, Mederickheadm7-"
O'QUINN, Mathildawifem6-"
O'QUINN, Mathildadaus21
WALL, Michaelad-sons

O'QUINN, Charlesheadm
O'QUINN, Lorettawifem
O'QUINN, Haroldsons

O'QUINN, Arthurheadm
O'QUINN, Anniewifem

GALE, Jamesheads
GALE, Ellenmotherw

McARTHUR, Angusheadm
McARTHUR, Selinawifem
McARTHUR, Archiesons
McARTHUR, Cyrilsons
McARTHUR, Donaldsons
McARTHUR, Annadaus
McARTHUR, Marydaus
McARTHUR, Janedaus
McARTHUR, Margaretdaus10
McARTHUR, Sarahdaus 4
McARTHUR, Rosedaus 1

McISAAC, Josephheadm61
McISAAC, Eunicewifem4-"
GALLANT, Lloydead-sons18
ANDERSON, Elizabethad-daus1-"

McNEIL, Alexanderheads5-"

McNEIL, Johnheads3-"
McNEIL, Sharletmotherw68

ST.CROIX, Stanheadm3-"
ST.CROIX, Anniewifem33
ST.CROIX, Josephsons1-"
ST.CROIX, Petersons1-"
ST.CROIX, Franksons
St.CROIX, Nicholassons 5
ST.CROIX, Fintansons 8mo
ST.CROIX, Margaretdaus
ST.CROIX, Elizabethdaus

O'QUINN, Williamheadm34
O'QUINN, Olivewifem2-"
O'QUINN, Gerardsons
O'QUINN, Augustinsons
O'QUINN, Terencesons
O'QUINN, Eunicedaus
O'QUINN, Olivedaus
O'QUINN, Beatricedaus

McISAAC, John Aheadm
McISAAC, Anniewifem
McISAAC, Thomassons
McISAAC, Dorothydaus

BRAKE, Williamheadm
BRAKE, Elsiewifem
BRAKE, Emildadaus 1
BRAKE, Zitadaus 6mo

O'QUINN, Peterheadm74
O'QUINN, Emmawifem60
O'QUINN, Johnsons22
O'QUINN, Annadaus16

O'QUINN, Georgeheadm24
O'QUINN, Agneswifem22
O'QUINN, Rolandsons 1
O'QUINN, Vincentsons 3mo

MUISE, Dennisheadm28
MUISE, Beatricewifem24
MUISE, Andrewsons 4
MUISE, Normansons 3
MUISE, Kennethsons 1
MUISE, Ellenoradaus 4mo
MUISE, Florencemotherw66

GARNIER, Louisheadm24
GARNIER, Emmawifem24

O'QUINN, P.Jheadm36
O'QUINN, Juliawifem34
O'QUINN, Thomassons 8
O'QUINN, Bernardsons 6
O'QUINN, Martinsons 4
O'QUINN, Augustinsons 2
O'QUINN, Ellenmother-in-laws65

McISAAC, Archieheadm32
McISAAC, Rosewifem2-"

BRAKE, Josephheadm
BRAKE, Marywifem
BRAKE, Cyrilsons
BRAKE, Leonardsons
BRAKE, Michaelsons
BRAKE, Carolsons 6
BRAKE, Stanleysons 5
BRAKE, Kevinsons 2
BRAKE, Mathildadaus18
BRAKE, Reginadaus16
BRAKE, Dorothydaus15
BRAKE, Ritadaus 9
BRAKE, Geraldinedaus 7
BRAKE, Ignatiousdaus 4
BRAKE, Clophousgr-daus 1

McISAAC, Angus Cheadw3-"
McISAAC, Lorettadaus 6
McISAAC, Gemmadaus 4
McISAAC, Catherinemotherw6-".

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