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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Codroy District - Town of South Branch

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 22 - 27
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
McISAAC, Archie Aheadm"-"
McISAAC, Catherinewifem"-"
McISAAC Allensons"-"
McISAAC, Angussons"-"
McISAAC, Jamessons"-"
McISAAC, Danielsons"-"
McISAAC, Rolandsons11mo
McISAAC, Annastasiadaus16
McISAAC, Lucydaus1-"
McISAAC, Florencedaus"-"
SMITH, Johnheadm"-"
SMITH, Juliawifem"-"
SMITH, Archiesons"-"
SMITH, Georgesons"-"
SMITH, Charlessons"-"
SMITH, Gordonsons"-"
SMITH, Andrewsons"-"
SMITH, Elizabethdaus"-"
HAYES, Jamesheadm"-"
HAYES, Franceswifem"-"
HAYES, Jamessons"-"
HAYES, Mikesons"-"
HAYES, Patricksons"-"
HAYES, Junedaus"-"
HAYES, Geraldinedaus"-"
HAYES, Honoradaus"-"
HAYES, Francesdaus"-"
HAYES, Marydaus"-"
CORMIER, Johnheadm"-"
CORMIER, Elizabethwifem"-"
CORMIER, Williamsons"-"
CORMIER, Cecilsons"-"
CORMIER, Searssons"-"
CORMIER, Franksons"-"
CORMIER, Geraldsons"-"
CORMIER, Wilfredsons"-"
CORMIER, Martinsons"-"
CORMIER, Beatricedaus"-"
(Note this last entry was crossed off)
CORMIER, Margaretdaus"-"
McISAAC, Corneliusheads"-"
McISAAC, Alexander Dheadm6-"
McISAAC, Marywifem6-"
McISAAC, Danielsons3-"
McISAAC, Janedaus2-"
McISAAC, Searsad-sons2-"
GILLIAM, Emmanuel Jheadm3-"
GILLIAM, Marywifem2-"
GILLIAM, Emmanuelheadm7-"
GILLIAM, Mary Janewifem7-"
O'QUINN, Narcisheadm3-"
O'QUINN, Juliawifem3-"
O'QUINN, Hughiesons"-"
O'QUINN, Murdocksons"-"
O'QUINN, Jamessons"-"
O'QUINN, Johnsons"-"
O'QUINN, Anthonysons"-"
O'QUINN, Arthursons"-"
O'QUINN, Margaretdaus"-"
O'QUINN, Ellendaus"-"
O'QUINN, Josephinedaus"-"
O'QUINN, Mariedaus"-"
GALE, John Wheadm"-"
GALE, Theresawifem"-"
GALE, Marydaus"-"
GALE, Elsiedaus"-"
GALE, Helendaus"-"
GALE, John Jheadm"-"
GALE, Jessiewifem"-"
GALE, Edwardsons"-"
GALE, John Tomsons"-"
GALE, Paulsons"-"
GALE, Michaelsons"-"
GALE, Bernardsons"-"
GALE, Geraldsons"-"
GALE, Franksons"-"
GALE, Andrewsons"-"
GALE, Gordonsons"-"
McNEIL, Charlesheadm"-"
McNEIL, Elizabethwifem"-"
McNEIL, Charles Asons1mo
McNEIL, Marthadaus16
McNEIL, Pearldaus8
McNEIL, Dorrisdaus6
McNEIL, Irenedaus5
O'QUINN, Mederickheadm7-"
O'QUINN, Mathildawifem6-"
O'QUINN, Mathildadaus21
WALL, Michaelad-sons"-"
O'QUINN, Charlesheadm"-"
O'QUINN, Lorettawifem"-"
O'QUINN, Haroldsons"-"
O'QUINN, Arthurheadm"-"
O'QUINN, Anniewifem"-"
GALE, Jamesheads"-"
GALE, Ellenmotherw"-"
McARTHUR, Angusheadm"-"
McARTHUR, Selinawifem"-"
McARTHUR, Archiesons"-"
McARTHUR, Cyrilsons"-"
McARTHUR, Donaldsons"-"
McARTHUR, Annadaus"-"
McARTHUR, Marydaus"-"
McARTHUR, Janedaus"-"
McARTHUR, Margaretdaus10
McARTHUR, Sarahdaus 4
McARTHUR, Rosedaus 1
McISAAC, Josephheadm61
McISAAC, Eunicewifem4-"
GALLANT, Lloydead-sons18
ANDERSON, Elizabethad-daus1-"
McNEIL, Alexanderheads5-"
McNEIL, Johnheads3-"
McNEIL, Sharletmotherw68
ST.CROIX, Stanheadm3-"
ST.CROIX, Anniewifem33
ST.CROIX, Josephsons1-"
ST.CROIX, Petersons1-"
ST.CROIX, Franksons"-"
St.CROIX, Nicholassons 5
ST.CROIX, Fintansons 8mo
ST.CROIX, Margaretdaus"-"
ST.CROIX, Elizabethdaus"-"
O'QUINN, Williamheadm34
O'QUINN, Olivewifem2-"
O'QUINN, Gerardsons"-"
O'QUINN, Augustinsons"-"
O'QUINN, Terencesons"-"
O'QUINN, Eunicedaus"-"
O'QUINN, Olivedaus"-"
O'QUINN, Beatricedaus"-"
McISAAC, John Aheadm"-"
McISAAC, Anniewifem"-"
McISAAC, Thomassons"-"
McISAAC, Dorothydaus"-"
BRAKE, Williamheadm"-"
BRAKE, Elsiewifem"-"
BRAKE, Emildadaus 1
BRAKE, Zitadaus 6mo
O'QUINN, Peterheadm74
O'QUINN, Emmawifem60
O'QUINN, Johnsons22
O'QUINN, Annadaus16
O'QUINN, Georgeheadm24
O'QUINN, Agneswifem22
O'QUINN, Rolandsons 1
O'QUINN, Vincentsons 3mo
MUISE, Dennisheadm28
MUISE, Beatricewifem24
MUISE, Andrewsons 4
MUISE, Normansons 3
MUISE, Kennethsons 1
MUISE, Ellenoradaus 4mo
MUISE, Florencemotherw66
GARNIER, Louisheadm24
GARNIER, Emmawifem24
O'QUINN, P.Jheadm36
O'QUINN, Juliawifem34
O'QUINN, Thomassons 8
O'QUINN, Bernardsons 6
O'QUINN, Martinsons 4
O'QUINN, Augustinsons 2
O'QUINN, Ellenmother-in-laws65
McISAAC, Archieheadm32
McISAAC, Rosewifem2-"
BRAKE, Josephheadm"-"
BRAKE, Marywifem"-"
BRAKE, Cyrilsons"-"
BRAKE, Leonardsons"-"
BRAKE, Michaelsons"-"
BRAKE, Carolsons 6
BRAKE, Stanleysons 5
BRAKE, Kevinsons 2
BRAKE, Mathildadaus18
BRAKE, Reginadaus16
BRAKE, Dorothydaus15
BRAKE, Ritadaus 9
BRAKE, Geraldinedaus 7
BRAKE, Ignatiousdaus 4
BRAKE, Clophousgr-daus 1
McISAAC, Angus Cheadw3-"
McISAAC, Lorettadaus 6
McISAAC, Gemmadaus 4
McISAAC, Catherinemotherw6-".

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Codroy District