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1935 Census

Town of Tompkins

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page 8 - 12
It was read, recorded and transcribed by LAVERNE (PERRIER) CORMIER, November 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
McISAAC John AHeadm36
McISAAC Katewifem38
McISAAC Donaldbrothers29
McISAAC Thomasbrothers37
McISAAC Neilbrothers26
McISAAC Margaretmotherw66
McISAAC Richardbrothers23

WALL PatrickHeadm23
WALL Itawifem25
WALL Austinsons 1
WALL Mary Agnesdaus 6wks

WALL MichaelHeadm3?
WALL Veronicawifem?
WALL Martinbrother??
WALL Mary Ldaus?
WILCOTT Margaret???

POWER LaweranceHeadm26
POWER Elizabethwifem24
POWER Margaretdaus 2
POWER Marydaus 2mo

GALE JohnHeadm65
GALE Marywifem63
GALE Josephsons31
GALE Michaelsons27
GALE Jamessons21
BLACKMORE Juliedomestics18

O'QUINN HenryHeadw67
O'QUINN Williamsons31
O'QUINN Lawerancesons22
O'QUINN Thomassons21
O'QUINN Elizabethdaus27
HOSKINS Marydomestics19

WHITE GregoryHeadm57
WHITE Carolinewifem48
WHITE Richardsons25
WHITE Madeleinedaus24
MARCH Cecilianeices 2

WALL ThomasHeadw72
WALL Richardsons24
CAMPBELL Bridgethousekeeperw52

BENOIT JosephHeadm40
BENOIT Marywifem34
BENOIT Bertramsons 1wk or mo

McDONALD AllenHeadw36
McDONALD Archiebrothers38
McDONALD Johnbrothers?
McDONALD Katherinemotherw?

TOMPKINS MichaelHeadm?
TOMPKINS Bessiewifem?
TOMPKINS Donaldsons?
TOMPKINS Mylessons?
TOMPKINS Noniedaus24
TOMPKINS Kathleendaus22
TOMPKINS Geraldinedaus13
TOMPKINS Emmadaus11

McISAAC Anthony DHeads34
McISAAC Danielbrothers32
McISAAC Margaretmother w64

ENGLISH Patrickheadm45
ENGLISH Katherinewifem32
ENGLISH Patrick Asons17
ENGLISH Johnsons15
ENGLISH Allensons10
ENGLISH Rodericksons 5
ENGLISH Marydaus13
ENGLISH Theresadaus 3
ENGLISH Elsiedaus 2
ENGLISH Katherinedaus 7mo

McISAAC John ArchieHeadm72
McISAAC Margaret Mwifem48
McISAAC Bertsons30
McISAAC Martinsons24
McISAAC Albertsons17
McISAAC Evadaus?4

McISAAC JamesHeadm34
McISAAC Alicewifem23
McISAAC Michael Jsons 4
McISAAC Ambroisesons ?
McISAAC Ritadaus ?
McISAAC Mary Mdaus?

BENOIT WallaceHeadm?
BENOIT Clarawifem?
BENOIT Thomassons?
BENOIT Charlessons?
BENOIT Leoson s 1
BENOIT Geraldinedaus11

McDONALD NeilHeadm43
McDONALD Katherinewifem36
McDONALD Wilfredsons 8
McDONALD Gerardsons 5
McDONALD Angussons 2
McDONALD Dorothydaus13
McDONALD Georginadaus10
McDONALD Mathildadaus 7
McDONALD Veradaus 4
McDONALD Celestinedaus 9mo

McQUARRIE JosephHeadm45
McQUARRIE Marywifem43
McQUARRIE Johnsons12
McQUARRIE Josephsons 3
McQUARRIE Margaretdaus16
McQUARRIE Anniedaus11
McQUARRIE Theresadaus 8
McQUARRIE Rosedaus 5
McQUARRIE Claraadop-daus 3
McQUARRIE Ceciliadaus 7mo
McQUARRIE Ellenmotherw65
McQUARRIE Michaelbrothers29

DOUCETTE AlexanderHeadm37
DOUCETTE Florencewifem?
DOUCETTE Rolandsons?
DOUCETTE Paulsons?
DOUCETTE Clara Mdaus?
DOUCETTE Margaretdaus?
DOUCETTE Katherinedaus?

DOUCETTE WalterHeadm?
DOUCETTE Gertrudewifem?
DOUCETTE Williamsons 5mo
SKINNER Rosemaids18

DOUCETTE JohnHeads37
DOUCETTE Genevievemotherw75

CHIASSON PeterHeads42
CHIASSON Ceciliamotherw63
CHIASSON Conbrothers 26

TOMPKINS JamesHeadm53
TOMPKINS Ursulawifem51
TOMPKINS Richardsons23
TOMPKINS Franksons15
TOMPKINS Johnsons1 4
TOMPKINS Jamessons 9
TOMPKINS Stansons 8
TOMPKINS Marydaus24
TOMPKINS Margaretdaus21
TOMPKINS Patriciadaus19
TOMPKINS Judithmotherw83
LOMOND Mariedomestics19

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