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West Coast ~ 1935 Census

Codroy District - Town of Woodville

Microfilm M-8050 - Book 9 - Page ?
M-married; S-single; W-widow; REL-relation It was read, recorded and transcribed by MARY ST. CROIX , January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
FIANDER, Isaacheadm46
FIANDER, Ethelwifem39
FIANDER, Dorothydaus16
FIANDER, Georgesons12
FIANDER, Ruthdaus 9
FIANDER, Jack Bsons 7
FIANDER, Veradaus 5
FIANDER, Elizabethdaus 3
FIANDER, Howard Vsons 5
COLLIER, Charlottestep-motherw67
MARTIN, Elijahheadm48
MARTIN, Stellawifem34
MARTIN, Robertsons14
ANTHONY, Williamheadm63
ANTHONY, Charlottewifem6-"
ANTHONY, Johnsons13
ANTHONY, Williamsons1-"
ANTHONY, GeorgeHeadm"-"
ANTHONY, Pheobewifem"-"
ANTHONY, Malvinsons"-"
ANTHONY, Ronaldsons"-"
GALPIN, Anneheadw"-"
GALPIN, Arthursons20
GALPIN, Jamessons14
GALPIN, Blanchedaus13
GALPIN, John Sheadm40
GALPIN, Gertrudewifem29
GALPIN, Winnifreddaus 7
KENDALL, Williamheadm51
KENDALL, Mary Awifem47
KENDALL, James Wsons17
KENDALL, Pheobedaus15
KENDALL, Mary Kdaus10
PARSONS, Pheobemotherw92
KENDALL, Georgeheadm54
KENDALL, Marywifem56
KENDALL, Stephensons20
KENDALL, Gordongr-sons 9
KENDALL, John Wheadm40
KENDALL, Elizabethwifem39
KENDALL, Cecilsons15
KENDALL, Hectorsons13
KENDALL, Lenadaus 6
KENDALL, Gladysdaus 3
KENDALL, Ednadaus 2
MOORE, Williamfather-in-laww66
KENDALL, William Hheadm72
KENDALL, Sarah Annewifem68
GALPIN, Israelheadm65
GALPIN, Mary Awifem63
SAMMS, Benjaminstep-sons"-"
SAMMS, Pearlstep-daus"-"
COLLIER, James Wheadm"-"
COLLIER, Mary Jwifem"-"
HALL, Thomasheadm"-"
HALL, Marywifem43
HALL, Stephensons17
HALL, Onadaus15
HALL, Lornadaus12
HALL, Thomas Asons 8
HALL, Paulinedaus 6
HALL, Jalicdaus 3
HALL, Sarahmotherw65
KENDALL, John Rheadm62
KENDALL, Anne Awifem51
KENDALL, George Rsons22
KENDALL, John Wsons21
KENDALL, Archibaldsons17
KENDALL, Tara Rdaus15
KENDALL, Adia Bdaus13
KENDALL, Mildred Ddaus12
KENDALL, Josiahheadm35
KENDALL, Rachelwifem32
KENDALL, Elizabethdaus11
KENDALL, Charlessons 9
KENDALL, Malcolmsons 7
KENDALL, Ericsons 6
KENDALL, Catherinedaus 5
KENDALL, Unadaus 2
SAMMS, Benjaminheadm42
SAMMS, Rachelwifem34
SAMMS, Cyril Gsons10
SAMMS, Gideonsons 9
SAMMS, Rhodadaus 7
SAMMS, Georgesons 6
SAMMS, Rubysons 2

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Codroy District