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Searston - St. Ann's Roman Catholic Cemetery Inscriptions

The cemetery is on the south side of the Codroy River in Searston near the mouth of the Codroy River in Searston. It was read, recorded and transcribed by BRENDA JANES, June 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.


Erected by Mederic Blanchard in memory of my beloved wife, 
Anne [Jeans] died May 20, 1925 aged 59 years and my daughter, 
Annie, died December 31, 1902 aged 6 years.

Erected by Charles in loving remembrance of his mother, Esther, 
died January 10, 1914. age unreadable.

Erected in loving memory of Magloire, 
died February 19, 1921. age unreadable.

Elizabeth departed this life May 17, 1908 aged 27 years.

Sacred to the memory of John, aged 52 years and his son, Edward, 
aged 27 years. Both drowned at sea on the 12th of March, 1901.

Julia departed this life July 31, 1906 aged 29 years.

In memory of Margaret, died May 20, 1925 aged 63 years.


In loving memory of Joseph, died May 15, 1969 aged 93 yrs.
his wife, Elizabeth, died December 13, 1949 aged 73 yrs.

In loving memory of John H, born Dec. 17, 1837
rest of headstone is missing.

Sarah Jane, died Jan. 7, 1903 aged 68 yrs.

In loving memory of John Henry, June 24, 1858-July 16, 1956

In loving memory of Mary Ann died August 16, 1945 
aged 87 years. Erected by her son John A.

In loving memory of Floria J., September 1 1888 - 
January 12, 1907

In loving memory of Frances, died 1928 aged 2 months and Leslie,
died 1931 aged 2 weeks. Beloved children of John and Annie.


In loving Memory of Moses F Burns husband of Mary C
died December 29th, 1973 aged 88yrs 11mths.


Erected by Gerard in loving memory of his mother, Elizabeth, 
died Sept.7, 1926 aged 33 years.

Erected by James in loving memory of his mother, Catherine, 
died Sept. 13, 1937 aged 75 years.

Sacred to the memory of of Patrick, died April 13, 1905 
aged 45 years.

[on same stone]
Patrick 1903-1908
Annie Frances 1915-1921
Patrick Joseph 1917-1921

In memory of Joseph, 1899-1974

Margaret, died June 25, 1932 aged 26 years.

Simon, August 15, 1892-February 20, 1975

Patrick 1899-1974

Elizabeth 1897-1921


In loving memory of Ann, born at Placentia 1852 and 
died at Searston 1944.


In loving memory of James, died January 16, 1932 aged 77 years.

Erected by Wm., in loving memory of his wife Judith who died 
October 15,1925 aged 74 years.

Erected by George and Alex in memory of their father, William, 
who died August 11, 1933 aged 89 years.

Joseph died July 14, 1906 aged 34 years.

Erected by George and Lucy in memory of Judy who died 
November 13, 1948 aged 87.

Erected by Mr. and Mrs. George Cormier in memory of their 
son Gerard, died September 8, 1951 aged 26 years.

Erected by George in loving memory of Alexander who died 
November 25, 1954.

In memory of William, beloved son of George and Lucy, 
died April 23, 1958 aged 35.


Michael, 1919-1977


Sacred to the memory of Sophique DeVaux died November 20, 
1913 aged 27 and Mary Jane DeVaux died November 1919 
aged 30 years.

In loving memory of father, Marcellin J. DeVeaux, died August 
18, 1935 aged 73 years and mother, Margaret P. [Doucette], 
died April 7, 1934 aged 68 years.

Genevieve M, DeVoe1912-1967

Martin J, DeVoe 1908-1983


Michael, 1895-1976


Erected to the memory of our dear father, James, beloved husband 
of Bridget died May 5, 1937 aged 98 years.

In memory of Bridget died November 6, 1923 aged 80

In fond and loving memory of Thomas B., beloved husband of Annie, 
died August 18, 1937 aged 63years.

Patricia Ann, February 5-April 12, 1945. Daughter of Ray and Leona.

In loving memory of Clement J, beloved husband of Lillian B., 
August 29, 1871-January 16, 1939.

Beloved mother, Lillian Blanche [Butler], January 22, 
1884-March 13, 1971.


Erected by Leo F., in loving memory of his sister, Genevieve M., 
who died November 20, 1908 aged 19 years.


In memory of Ellen [Harrington], beloved wife of Frederick, 
died July 9, 1947 aged 66 years.

Frederick, November 11,1862-January 6, 1952


In memory of William November 4, 1913-April 12, 1972

In memory of Peter, 1919-1964

In memory of John, October 19,1902-February 20,1971

In loving memory of Alexander Gale, died August 18,1944 
aged 72 years.

In memory of our beloved mother, Mary J., 1875-1968.

Walter J. 1915-1992

Erected by mother in loving memory of Joseph Leo, aged 9 years.
(no dates given)

In loving memory of our children, William, Martha, Hector 
Leo, Alexander and Paul. Erected by their father and Mother, 
Mary and Alexander Gale.


Baby Germaine October 9th, 1976-December 4th,1976


Erected by Edward J., in memory of his beloved wife, Sarah 
who died April 16, 1920 aged 34 years.


Paul, Nov. 7, 1895 - March 29,1985 CPL CAN ARMY WW1.


In memory of John A. Feb. 1883-May 1952

In memory of Leo Gerard - Nov. 1922-Nov. 1936

In memory of Mary Stella - Dec. 1920-Jan.1923

Catherine J. 1890-1982


Joseph Patrick - 1918-1973

John J  1855-1949

Margaret B.  1859-1946 


Baby boy, Jamie Francis June 14, 1989


Erected by his wife in loving memory of Charles, 
died January 17, 1937.

Erected by William T. in loving memory of our mother, 
Mrs. Charles Martin, died January 26, 1942 aged 74.

Erected by Margaret in loving memory of my beloved brother 
John C., died February 23, 1938 aged 23 years.

Father, Captain Daniel, died December 4, 1924 aged 65 years. 
Erected by his daughter Margaret.

Sacred to the memory of Matilda [Gale], beloved wife of 
Captain Daniel, died October 13, 1918 aged 38 years.

In loving memory of William T., beloved husband of Ann T., 
died December 20, 1949 aged 46 years.

In loving memory of Margaret [McIsaac], beloved wife of 
William T., February 11, 1905- July 3, 1938 aged 33 years. 
Erected by her husband and father.


Lewis 1913-1963

Ronald L. CD  Canadian Forces 429 647 183 M/CPL 
died Dec. 25, 1972 aged 32

Flora, 1880-1967
Murdoch, 1878-1961 Erected by Flora.

Henrietta, February 2, 1895-April 29, 1980
John Joseph, 1888-1966

Gordon Joseph, 1940-1964

Allan, 1884-1971

Erected by Margaret in memory of her beloved husband 
Alexander who died January 26, 1921 aged 49 years.


By John A., in memory of his loving wife Margaret [Mullan], 
who died October 13, 1901. Native of Mabou, CB.


In memory of John, 1897-1959. Erected by Walter and Leila.


In memory of our beloved sister, Lucy, August 1, 1894 - 
February 20, 1959


In memory of Willie, died December 14, 1920 
aged 22 years,3 months.

Erected by Arch D. in memory of his wife Mary, died January 3, 1935 
aged 65 years.
In loving memory of Archibald D., Upper Ferry, died October 17, 1952 
aged 88 years.

Stanley, 1880-1958

In memory of Bridget, beloved mother of Dan, died March 17, 
1970 aged 98 years.
In memory of Angus, beloved husband of Bridget, died 
November 4, 1930 aged 47 years.

In loving memory of Andrew D., died February 28, 1925 
aged 47 years.

In loving memory of Sarah [MacNeil], wife of Donald, 
ied May 22, 1918 aged 75 years and Donald, born at Maidart, 
Scotland in the year 1833, died October 2, 1918 aged 85 years. 
Erected by their sons, D. and A.

In memory of Catherine Anne, beloved wife of Angus, 
August 1895-December 1950.

Angus A, November 23, 1888-October 21, 1976

In memory of Carleton Joseph, beloved son of Duncan and Angela,
 September 5, 1935- December 20, 1949

In memory of Duncan Alexander, a beloved husband and father, 
March 6, 1912- July 18, 1970. Ever remembered, ever loved 
by wife Angela and family.

David James, 1942-1997. Ever remembered, ever loved by 
daughters, Kelly and Kim and wife Jackie.

Archie, October 26, 1906-October 19, 1977

Erected by Francis in memory of his father, Alexander, died 
December 17, 1910 aged 71 years.

Archie, 1913-1985

Stephen, 1876-1971

In loving memory of Francis J., 1885-1963


In memory of John, born at Broad Cove Cape Breton, died 
December 28, 1912 aged 84 years.

Erected by Frank, in memory of his beloved wife Marie, 
died November 1, 1924 aged 39 years.

Erected by Frank in loving memory of his mother, Matilda, 
died December 14, 1935 aged 89 years.

In loving memory of our parents, James, died June 22, 1936 
aged 62 years and Margaret [Gale], died November 24, 1932 
aged 58 years.  Erected by James and Sears.

In memory of Margaret Mary, beloved wife of Frank J., 1894-1963
In loving memory of Frank 1901-1969.
In memory of Colin, darling child of Frank and Margaret, 
died May 3, 1939 aged 10 years.

In fond and loving memory of Duncan, beloved husband of Eva, 
died October 20, 1942 aged 76 years.
In loving memory of Eva, died September 19, 1962. 
Wife of Duncan and mother of Frank.


Margaret, December 20, 1887-August 7, 1967

Erected by her children to the memory of their mother, 
Margaret, died October 28, 1927 aged 84 years.


In memory of Allan, 1880-1906

In memory of John, 1878-1940

In memory of Peter, 1877-1949


In fond and loving memory of William,beloved husband of Donatilla, 
died June 29, 1939 aged 69 years.
In memory of Donatilla, died March 8, 1961 aged 91 years.


In loving memory of Angus J., died June 22, 1941 aged 62 years.

In memory of James, died April 21, 1925 aged 76 years.


Our dear mother, Catherine, August 15, 1889-April 12, 1955

Loretta, 1920-1949

Erected by his brothers to the memory of Archie F., 
June 21, 1907- May 20, 1955.

Donald, 1870-1952
Mary Alice, 1874-1941
Erected by their children.

In memory of Leo, died May 5, 1915 aged 7 months and Leila, 
died April 9, 1923 aged 14 months.

In loving memory of father, Michael, 1873-1950 and mother, 
Mary, 1874-1956.

In memory of John Bernard, 1887-1968


James, 1879-1925
Judith, 1884-1913


Sacred to the memory of James who died June 23, 1923 aged 80 years.

In memory of Joseph, 1933-1961. Erected by his parents.


Dr. Brian J., 1918-1973

In loving memory of Brian Joyce, son of Brian and Joan, 
November 21, 1946 - September 6, 1951


Maimie [Hynes], beloved mother and grandmother, September 4, 
1903 - April 8, 1988.

Larry, beloved husband and father, died September8, 1979 
aged 78 years.

In loving memory of Ethel Fay, December 22, 1933-May 24, 1942. 
Erected by Paul and Lyda O'Gorman.

Elizabeth S.M. 1888-1953. Died August 28, 1953


Erected in memory of Mary Filomena, died Sept. 28, 1922 
aged 22 yrs
Dorothy, died Nov. 28, 1902 aged 9 months
Dorothy, died Jan. 19, 1904 aged 1 1/2 months
Elizabeth, died Nov.10, 1902 aged 3 yrs
Irene, died Nov. 19, 1902 aged 3 yrs.
(All on same headstone)

Erected by Alex and Kate in fond memory of their infant son 
Onisime 1910-1914
Alexander 1873-1923
Catherine 1883-1980

In loving memory of Marie F, died Jan. 29, 1985 aged 65 yrs.
Always remembered by her brothers and sisters.

Erected to the memory of Thomas, died Aug 13, 1929 aged 51 yrs.

Erected by his children in memory of Thomas, died Jan. 3, 1921
(age illegible)

In loving memory of Mildred, beloved wife of Fred died at Searston
March 8, 1955 aged 62 yrs.
Frederick R, Oct. 22, 1890 - June 2, 1977

In memory of Mesmin, died March 1, 1965 aged 68 yrs.

John Martin, 1905 - 1988
Rose [McNeil] 1918 - 1986

In loving memory of baby Lydowine, darling child of Maurice and 
Margaret died May 15, 1940 aged 11 months.

In memory of Mary [Patey], wife of Peter who died April 15, 
1939 aged 79 yrs.

In loving memory of Samuel 1867 - 1955 and Odell [Burnes] 
1874 - 1938 ( Odell also has a headstone alongside the double 
one, her name on that is Odille Burns, died Aug. 14, 1938)

Erected by Michael in memory of his beloved grandmother, 
Theresa who died Jan. 29, 1908 aged 84 yrs.

In memory of Rita 1904 - 1960


In memory of our darling baby, Genevieve Ann, died May 8, 
1954 aged 7 months.


Alexander 1967-1970


In memory of Catherine, died June 25, 1905 aged 45 years.


In loving memory of Cecilia, wife of Edward, 1923-1978


Erected by his loving wife in memory of William, 
died June 13, 1941 aged 84 years.
In loving memory of Adeline, died February 24, 1954 aged 86 years. 
Erected by Mr.and Mrs. John Chaisson.


Erected by William E. in memory of his mother Sophie who died 
June 8, 1916 aged 55 years.

Erected by Charles Martin in memory of Mrs. Dennis Ryan,
died October 6, 1919 aged 87 years.
Erected by Mrs. Charles Martin in memory of her father, Dennis, 
died January 17, 1919 aged 86 years.

In memory of Thomas F., died May 17, 1912 aged 36 years.


In loving memory of Annie [Doyle], died October 4, 1970 
aged 77 years.


In loving memory of Simon Schumpt, who died December 23rd, 
1927 aged 68yrs.Erected by John and Jennie.


Monica E., 1898-1970


John, a native of Margaree CB, died May 15, 1903 aged 64 years.


Frances, 1892-1980
Philip, beloved husband of Frances, died April 3, 1943 aged 56 years.
In memory of John W, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip White, 
died July 4, 1939 aged 22 years.
Martin J., died October 30, 1951 aged 31 years. Erected by his mother, 
Mrs. Frances White and his sister, Mrs. Mary K. Ryan.

Daniel L 1885-1956
Margaret died June 28, 1970 aged 79 years


In Loving Memory of,
Father, John 1860-1938
Mother, Ester 1870-1946
Erected by Mrs. Moses Burns

In Loving Memory of,
1895 John W 1972
1891 Sophie  1952
Erected by Mrs. Moses Burns

Erected by Capt. Paul, in memory of his wife, Annie, 
died September 13, 1920 aged 33 years.

Margaret Agnes, 1905-1979
Arthur Frederick, 1900- 1982

Lawrence, 1934-1964

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